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Starseed Traits and Types

There are many websites and videos that contain the traits of the starseeds as a guide for everyone who is seeking to go on, but this wouldn’t be a complete Starseed Guide if I didn’t include them for those of you out there that haven’t seen my YouTube channel Alura Cein’s YouTube Channel.  I want to eventually include all of the Starseed soul traits here in my blog. This way everyone has a starting point in their self discovery. Now, please keep in mind, the information in these articles is based on my first hand knowledge, while there may be another blogger who is copying my articles and changing the wording a little bit, this is all my own information and protected under copyright.

What is a starseed?
There are all types of souls. Some created just for Earth and the human body, and some created elsewhere having had lived there for awhile and then sent to live in the human body and have the human experience. We all know that God has a vast Universe with many Galaxies, so it would ignorant to even consider that we are alone in this Universe. Star seeds are the souls of beings from other galaxies and Star systems, that were born here on Earth after years of extensive training on whatever planet they came from. A soul that is used to a higher vibration could not simply just come here. It would incredibly uncomfortable and metaphysically imcompatable. Therefore, that soul will go down in vibration from it’s experiences on other planets until it finally gets here.  However, it will still carry it’s experiences, thoughts, emotions, and original program in it’s ketheric template of it’s light body. This ketheric template becomes the outer layer of the aura housing the light bodies program (akashic records). It is the ketheric template that I tap into in order to perform readings on the soul’s origin, and journey.  There are many types of souls that house certain programs from wherever it is they came from. There is a main purpose or mission for every one of these Star Seed souls.

Types of Starseeds:
Pleiadians- From The Pleiades Star Cluster
Arcturians-Bootes Star System
Lyrans- Lyra Star System
Orion Souls- A Planet in the Orion COnstellation
Vegans- Alpha Lyra
Appollonian Souls- Alpha Centauri
Cetian Souls- Tau Ceti
Andromedan- Andromeda
Caspian Race- Cassiopeia Constellation
Reticulans- Zeta Reticuli
Sirians- Satais Star System
Capricas- Capricorn Star System
Draconians/Reptilians- Draco Star System
Rhocancrian- 55 Cancri in Cancer Star System
There are thousands, if not millions of others. They are still yet to be disclosed, which I will come to deliver myself because I believe in giving all of the information instead of some. Other groups will only give the basic star seed type, I plan to give the all to you over time.
Basic Guidleline of Starseed Traits
So, now you know of the term. Could you be a star seed yourself?
Characteristics of a Starseed:
1. Longing to go home but not know where home is
2.Love of sky gazing
3. Attracted to science,Math or Ancient History
4. Strange Spiritual Experiences in life
5. Higher than average IQ
6.Belief in Science Fictional Things/ Supernatural Things
7. Longing for freedom and equality in the world
8. Ability to feel, see or hear energy
9. Strange Static in your vision
10. Highly empathic
11. Strangely intuitive
12. A feeling like you are being watch by an unseen entity
13. Strange dreams of being abducted or traveling out of body
14. Ability to feel others opinions
15. Feeling isolated from others in life
16. Easy to pick up on knowledge
17. Seeker of truth
18. Love of wisdom
19. Feelings of being different or special in life
20. Against the confining conventions of old society
Those are just some of the most common star seed traits. It is more of a guide to start you in your search, as there are many characteristics to each particular group. I will do more articles on all of the Star Seed Soul Personalities to help you better find direction. In the meantime, check out my YouTube link in the top of this article and see the traits for yourself. You never know what you will discover about who you truly are!