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Traits of the Rhocancrian Starseed- The Diamond Starseed

Rhocanrian Starseed- The Diamond People
There are so many different galaxies and star systems out there, that it isn’t limited to the Pleiadians, and Arcturians in Star Seeds. There are so many others to cover, and everyone has done the major star seeds so much… that we have the same information circling around and around. It’s time to come out of the Star seed closet, and give the information about the many others. This way, everyone has a chance of finding themselves, and living in a more complete and fulfilling way.
Let’s start with the Rhocancrian Souls. These souls come from the planet 55 Cancri, in the Cancer Star System.  Their planetary composition is made up of mainly diamond. They also have a binary star system with two suns,  a yellow dwarf star and a red dwarf star. This light energy in it’s own consciousness bounces off of the diamond core of the planet, infusing it with a consciousness that is more than enlightened. The vibration there is 7D, which is why no beings were seen there by satalite. I also did a video on this, to introduce it on YouTube. The  Rhocancrian Traits may help in self discovery. 
The civilization there is highly advanced and consists of tall structures made of diamond energy vibrating at a high state that it looks like a glittery city. I have channeled many beings from Canri and they have always been extremely loving. It was almost like being in the pressence of angels. On Cancri, there exists no sin, no hate, no greed, and no lies. It is a planet full of acceptance,unconditional love and truth. Everyone’s job is to learn. That’s all. Some minor jobs on the planet are working with elders in other star systems, and protecting the planet. But, it is mainly a place to rest, and become enlightened. Another world like it, would be Apollonia, as it also is a soul vacation of sorts too, like Rhocancria.
When Rhocancrians appear to humans, they look like flashes of pure white light. It gives off the appearance of white glitter bursting in the air. They speak from the heart, which is the center of their entire existence.  They saw the trouble on Earth and immediately offered assistance. However, the other Galactic Counsel members wanted to send everyone in groups throughout time, so that people could get used to the higher vibrations being on Earth. A few were sent here and there, but many were scheduled to arrive between now and the end of the shift to finish it off by providing the remainder of the missing knowledge.
Souls who come from Rhocancria are:
Highly intelligent- all knowing.
They have interests in science,ancient civilizations, and space.
They are hurt by rejection but manage other feelings well.
They seem expressionless but are truly full of love on the inside.
They desire peace and harmony.
They dislike drama, and DO NOT harbor negative feelings like jealousy,greed,vanity, competition,dishonesty,anger,or hate.
They only feel love at all times which is why most people reject them. Humans do not know how to process this kind of love yet.
They are born with 2-3 psychic abilities as tools to help humans.
They see in 5D from birth.
They have to learn from subject to subject in life, until they find their mission.
They are very serene in their personality.
They can heal anything.
Seek Truth all of their lives
Keep the peace
They will have an interest in Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and Lemuria because it reminds them of home on their planet.
They are very quiet,and innocent.
They will have interests in Ceremonial Magic,Energy Work, and the supernatural.
They will want to have all wisdom in one lifetime.
They won’t fit in at jobs or school because others pick up on the high vibration right away and immediately reject them.
They get past trauma well, and expect others to be able to as well which makes them look cold on the exterior but it is just that they know that whatever it is will pass, and it is more important to be positive.
They only see the good others, are never judge.
They will also seem to be on a search for their twin flames all of their lives and won’t settle for less and when they do find them, they marry for life.
They are born with more missions than the other starseeds because the have that 7D vibration to do them.
They will seek and seek until they have discovered their purpose leading to them having many jobs or whims on going to school for different subjects.
They are ultra sensitive to emotional pain but not to physical pain and will have a high tolerance to medicine.
Rhocancrians also love the night time on Earth more than the day.
Most will have a ,Red,Yellow,White,Silver, Gold, or Indigo Aura.
Rhocancrian Souls are born with all of those traits. They do not come later on in life on later on in the awakening process. Those traits always seem to be there for the Rhocancrian to build even more onto.They truly are a marvelous species.
The people in Rhocancria are usually between 5’3 to 5’5 tall, and their skin looks like Edward Cullen in the movie “Twilight” if you have ever seen it. The skin is pale white and sparkles when light hits it. The have a turqiouse blue colored eyes, and usually any color hair. But when appearing to humans, like I stated above, they will look like a flash of bright white light that glitters in the air and disappears.
With the many beings that I have channeled and also worked with, I was told by them that their main mission is to help others to find the divine light within, and to discover true love in one another and themselves. They are also sent to help humankind to connect back to source. They are very Angel-Like, but what makes them different from Angels is that they have no etheric wings, and they are not part of the higher Angelic Hierarchy. Other than that, they are quite similar.
So, there you go. A Starseed that has not been revealed yet, and I was the first one to do it. I can’t wait to see the reaction when those who did not connect to the other star seed traits, finally connect to this one and find happiness and solace, in the fact they have discovered something about themselves.
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