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Orion Starseeds

Most of the Orion Starseeds came to Earth in between the 1960’s and 1990’s. They were the ones who were paving the way for the youngsters on this planet, the human souls who had no direction. They were the supporters of the out of control teens, wayward friends, down on your luck family members. They were always quietly sitting in the background waiting to give advice that would be taken, and when they did give the advice, it seldom was ever followed. Orions, the advisers, and mentors in life. What is happening for you all now?
I know as little kids you all probably would lay out in the grass during summer and look up at the night sky. Your eyes would always go to that huge constellation in the sky directly, Orion and his belt. I have been all over the Universe, but my eyes still gravitate toward Orion. There is something very mysterious about it. You always had that feeling of belonging somewhere out there, and had a desire to go home. You are the ones who went through life giving your all, and attracted others to you in life who were ready and willing to take it. You always bent over backwards, and someone was always there to give you kick down the rest of the way. Often enough, you felt like doormats.
Now it seems you that are on the rise. You kept your otherworldly feelings and thoughts to yourself all of this time, but now you are finally being recognized, and accepted. All of that magic that you kept hidden within yourself? Well, you are ready to come out of the closet. Everyone always thought you were the kindest person that they had ever met, but they still felt like you were a mystery, like you kept a secret, and now they know what it is. You are the embodiment of a light worker. You had been doing it all along, in all of the help you gave others who were down, in all of the times you dropped what you were doing to give someone a hand. Every time, you went against your own better judgement because you felt like it would make someone else happy, even when it made you yourself miserable. This light work in you, has caused you to go without much material things in life to call your own. Now, you can finally say that you own something! The light! 
Your light work may have gone un-noticed then, but those that you have helped are looking back on it now and realizing, the one thing they had been searching for themselves, had been right there in front of them the whole time. And all along, the answers were within you. Your wisdom is why you were sent here. Your love for others was the drive, and your selflessness has been a model for all who were too selfish to see. The Orion Star child, whose eyes that hold such sadness but reflect such inner wisdom. You never let anyone see who you truly are, and you only allow the righteous aspect of yourself to shine through into the darkness of this cold and selfish world.
You are the Angels in the night time sky, and your heavenly family is so proud. What happens for you now? You reap the rewards. All of the pain and suffering that others have caused you now, seems to be like a story read in an all too pretended book. Life will have always had it’s struggles and there will always be those types of people to look out for, but it becomes easier. You now find that you don’t have to sit in the background, and be the quiet one with the all-knowing wisdom that does not speak for no one will listen. Instead, you can be the center of the sun. They will all look to you lead the rest of the way. Even when you did provide insight, everyone thought that they had the answers already, and your words were quickly dismissed. They will remember the guidance, and even although it wasn’t taken then, the fact that it was given… sticks in their minds. Your life saving words will echo in their ears as they come to find the fool’s journey caused themt ostumble off of the cliff afterall. You lived through the aggrivation, and the struggle of simply existing here, where you never seemed to belong, where you always tried to slip easily pass by in this life. It is coming close to it’s end, and your departure home leaves nearer than you think. You job has been well done. Now you can let go of the heart ache and pain that your loving and accepting nature has brought you. You are free from them. Now someone else leads the way in your shoes, proud of that light that you shared. Hence, when you thought they didn’t hear it, they clung to every word. Those words may not have been used at the time, but they were noted and they were cherished. The seeds of wisdom were planeted and now they will be used by the next in line, to finish what you came to start. 
Dear Orion Starseed, ancient in your days, you were appreciated more than you thought, because as you held this secret dear to your heart of who you are, someone else was looking up to you oh star light, and your love somehow broke them free. This is the same love that the creator God gives, and you brought it here with you. We know that you judged us, but never stood against us. We know that you loved at a distance to protect your golden heart, but you loved fully. We know you sacrificed much and gained so little. What happens for you dear starseed? Your legacy will live on as you continue this journey in a place where you truly belong, living the rest of this earthly life in the peace that you always deserved, being heard now, and the words applied. It was not a waste of Light, in all of what you have done for everyone, and now the results appear. Yes, this life may have been hard to live it only for everyone else, but now everyone will live for you. If some simply won’t, they will be lead to eventually. This is because your light has spread like the the great explosion of the Universe.
Orion Starseed, let your magic flow, let you wisdom rest, and let your heart open, there will be hurt no more. They are calling you home, to the divine temple of light within.
As more and more awaken, the Orion Starseeds mission completes.  I want to say thank you to all of you Orion Starseeds who have paved the way for all of us! Especially to one starseed in particular from Orion, my father….