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Embracing the Origins

I AM now wanting to use this space to encourage my fellow brethren to finally release this density for good, and now embrace your origins fully. If you are fully awake to who you truly are, you will live by it.
Many believe that it is enough to title themselves and say “Love and Light”. But that does not make someone a Pleiadian or otherwise. In fact, it does not matter where your origins are from..If you act Earthly, then you are Earthly. One must fully open themselves up, to receive the higher self. I feel that a lot of people still do not understand what that is yet.
The higher self is the real you, your story and journey and all that there is within it. A larger consciousness, who wanted to have an experience here, and there, and anywhere they wanted. If the vessel was too large to house the full consciousness, it sent enough to live in an avatar. Here, the avatar would be the physical body. In this world, your avatar has been greatly mislead by others who want to trap a portion of the soul here for their means and ends. So they make the avatar believe it is only one. They  teach that the soul is within you, and that when you die it goes home. This is not true! This is just a portion of the soul here. Some call higher self, the Christ Self, as the word Christ means anointed. Does everyone have a Christ self? I feel that they do, but they disconnected with it, and become an entity all on their own. They can forever break the bond with their higher self, if they refuse its will and path so much, and if they become so greatly involved with this plane that they get lost in the ego self that is built by the influences all around them. However, there are those who are 4th and 5th dimensional in their higher selves, like all of you starseeds. There are even some whocould connect with a higher plane. Then, there is my family, the angels. We live in the dimensions above those.
Many do not see this, and think that the only ting that matters is  the portion of the soul here. That is a misconception. Having the wrong view is one of the reasons why they have not developed further in their awakening and still act very earthly. You have to embrace the entirety of the higher self. Activate the DNA that is the higher self’s program, and then live by it. Abide by the laws of the upper realms. That is the way. Embrace the origins.
How does one embrace the origins? You have to calm the mind constantly with meditation until you learn to live that way, each second of the day while in motion. Then, when your mind is finally trained, you walk around allowing the higher self to drive the human body vehicle. Let go the of views and attitudes that you have here, and allow yourself to live according to the place your higher self comes from.
What are some of the laws of the upper realms? Many will be similar, but some dimensions have their own. It is up to you to attune to them and find out. However, many will mainly be the same:
The Laws are:
1. Deny yourself, let go of you and live for others. In doing that, you do embrace your true self because others are another portion of the Creator living here. We could all connect and have an inner connection if more people would do this.
2. Mind over Matter. This means you have to recognize that everything in life is a result of your thought projection. Start projecting your dreams into the reality around you.
3. Everything is energy, energy is conscious. Live by that and you will see that all is living and full of thoughts and emotions. Knowing that, you can feel the amazement and wonder in the world and see the real magic.
4.There is no black and white. Another law of the upper realms is to live The Middle way. Do not see duality but instead see how everything comes together somehow.
Those are the four most important laws of the higher dimensions that can help you to start living by your origins, no matter where your soul originates from. In all, to be the higher self you will have to activate the higher self. You can have this done through DNA Activation of the Etheric DNA Templates. Once you have done that, it will delete the “you” that this world made you believe that you are, and then the higher self will step in to take over. You will be able to have the powers, and the knowing, that the higher self has. You can be like the Advanced Spirit that you truly are, as a Starseed, Blueprinter, or Angelic. ,That is how you can be what you say that you are. Rather than living with the ego by calling yourself this or that, and not proving true to it. Following the laws and activating your DNA helps you to finally actually be it. Embrace the laws, embrace the origins, and activate the Higher self, and you will be the higher self at last, instead of just the avatar. 
Some have trouble recollecting their origins and activating the DNA. If you have trouble visit the links below. In conclusion, no matter what you discover about the origins of your higher self, it will not make much of a difference until you have embraced it, activated it, and then start to live as it. Otherwise, you will still be very Earthbound in your thoughts, emotions and actions until then. It would not make much sense to say one is this or that and not have the traits, or abilities that are entitled to them, by becoming their higher self. Many wonder, “if I am an Angel, if I am a starseed, etc, then why am I not psychic, or a healer?” The reason is because the higher self and origin has not been fully embraced. By following the advice in this article, you can finally have all of that. This includes the ability to live longer, look younger, have psychic power, heal people and things, as well as having all knowing wisdom, and truth. This is how to get to get it.