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What are angels?


What is an angel? It is many things. Some are deities, some are messengers, and some carry out the attributes of the Creator. They keep order in the heavens. The helped create the heavens.

As the Creator stretched forth the infinite light, all particles of light of all different sizes took their places in the heavens. Everyone made, and designated for their own position in the grand design. Angels, called messengers, are not just messengers. They too, are Creators, overseers of planets, Lords of the orders of the Universe, and law makers. They are judges, and jury, protectors, and defenders. Angels are the world of the heavenly pantheon. Without them, heaven would not exist. They are the rulers of creation and everything in it. The sons of the Creator, and the leaders of men.

Angels are higher dimensional beings, in the many layers and realities of the realms in the heavens. There are many heavens.. Inside each heaven, is yet another. The myriads and myriads of souls who reside in each one, are ruled by the angels. The angelic realm ends at 6D, spacing off mid 5th dimension, and then it ends, leading into the  realm of the fairies. The fairies work under the angels, and this is why they have wings made of the elements that they reside in. They are like angels themselves, working for the better good of mankind of the race of beings on the planet that they keep the elements for. Soul come from all over the Universe. Therefore, many caregivers will be responsible, but they should also be respected.

Angels have different ranks, species, and roles, to fulfill in the heavens and in realities that they have charge over. Many think that they cute, cuddly and loving. For the most part, they are. They do have some fearsome angels out there too though. Angels of Judgement, Lords of Karma, Angels who instill virtues, and angels who govern. The list could go on. This site is going to be all about the angels, fairies and more. To get rid of misconceptions, and lead towards greater learning.And, there is much to learn. My site Origins of Truth is for learning of the greater scheme of things. This one is dedicated to the souls who make up the scheme of things. Angels have much insight and wisdom, they know all, see all, and they work in many ways. In those ways, they will work down the hierarchy to reach the lower realms. Learning the types of angels is a good way to begin, and then learning each one accordingly, individually, will help give you more wisdom into the angels.

I always say, angels and spirit for that matter, do not look like most think. They can be scary, unknown and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Some are sweet, some are stern. Some will comfort you and some will expect you to appease them. They have strange appearances. Another thing is, the names on earth for them are used for symbolism by humans. In heaven they have a whole other language, and the names are not as they are here. You have be careful, as there are some called “Fallen Angels” made of light too, as all light is intelligence, and they will trick you into thinking they are the angels you are seeking. They will give you some truth and they run you into a wall with lies. The fallen are the ones who will appear as beautiful light beings human like and comforting. They aren’t going to jump out and say “Hey look at me I am evil”… No, they want you to think they are good, and true.


Good angels, chastise those they love to teach, they will show you truths you may not be able to cope with… This is all to awaken you, and to show you whats real, not what you want to be real. There is so much to learn. I see so many saying that they channel, but its dangerous for one, and for another, you have to have an extremely high vibration to reach an angel, unless they come to you. They come to their own who are living life in physical form, and they come to people devout in faith, and fearless due to their love of the creator. The real truth, can be devastating.. In this, we will learn all we can about angels, good and bad. Knowing the light only will not prepare you for the dark. You have to have an awareness of both, as there are both.. In this world too. Embark on this journey with me in my site.

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