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Unicorn, a type of angelic being..

Asmodel and unicorn

The spirit of the Unicorn,has been classified as a myth for a long time now. I am here to open this up as a part of truth.The Unicorn were descendants of a star race, who had merged with the horse species here on earth, as a part of a project made by the Angels, and the Atlans. One of the Angels, had formed the entire race of beings in the stars and had wanted to have some part in the creation process on Earth. His name, is Asmodel. He is not the only one though. There were a few others who came from his legion, and helped in making this hybrid. many magical beings were made on earth back then. Some think it silly, or fantasy, but why?  imagine going within the mind of every human here.. Their dreams, as warped as some may be, or even as fantastical as some are. Think of their worst nightmares, and fears. Think of, the combinations of things seen in life, mixing together in the unconscious part of the of the mind. Now, imagine every single one of those things, were unleashed into space. Well, the angels all had their own ideas, and imaginings, to add to the mix. The Creator of entirety, wanted to have all types of creations, and if you could make a whole universe, wouldn’t you? Look at Television for moment. Many channels exist with writers who make TV shows. Some are made of horror, sci-fi, romance, comedy, and all of those shows, have many types of characters and creations. Why does life have to be limited? Why does mankind have to be the supreme race? They don’t, and they aren’t.

Man in his ego through out the ages, had declared all spirits void, and non-existent, through the Church. They withheld the real truth form the public, and dictated and translated things how they wanted to everyone. Many had seen magical beings, and angels. many had seen Aliens, and unexplained beings. But they were silenced, either by death, or wealth. the Creator has filled his “Television” with many different types of creatures, worlds, and scenes. Unicorn are one of the beings who are real, and exist.. They exist here in the heart of Earth’s soul, the inner core layers of it’s spiritual layers.

Being able to change and transform through out experiences, (it would be boring to be the same all of the time in each life), many souls have had a chance to be a few other creatures, or many. Different characters in each lifetime they have had, they get a variety as they define their soul. Even now, many are still not even close int he building of their soul.. More experience is needed. Just like there are many species of animals, and insects, as well as many races of people, as above is so below,  the same goes for out there..

Unicorns are majestic, and having been made by an angelic being, he watches carefully over his kin. Asmodel watches and oversees everything the star beings and the Unicorn are doing. Here, and there. Omnipotent, Asmodel takes their prayers from their spiritual guides, and  helps them in any way needed. he is strong , loving and warm in spirit, but large, and his power is one that is delivered into the Unicorn through the transmission at creation from the star beings. Anyone who may have incarnated from a Unicorn will have very specific traits…


You have to first know Asmodel, and then go into the traits of the race of star beings connected to the ancestry of this celestial genealogy. Then you will discover the traits of a Unicorn Soul, human or still in spirit. Angel Asmodel, started as a virtue only. one day, he was upgraded to an Archangel, and in his promotion, he was able to create,and project his imagination into a realm of his own. He made a race of beings out there who are horses, but in humanoid forms. He also made Minotaur, as Asmodel himself can appear either as Unicorn or Minotaur, at his discretion. He is of his own race,but the Creator gave him full power to rule and create, so he appears as his creations. he did so first, before making them to try them out. You can read more about him here at, Angel Asmodel, where I spoke on him a bit..


The spirit of the Unicorn contains traits such as being extremely wise. They hold an all knowing wisdom. They hold within them magical powers such as being intuitive from their knowledge, and their heightened sense of clairsentience, is huge. These beings have such a powerful gut instinct, and are never wrong. This wisdom holds extreme magical powers too. They never go to the dark as their innocent soul would disintegrate if they did, unless they were created for it. There are, like any other energies in this world and its plane’s of existence,  contrast in duality. Some Unicorn were made for the darkness. But for the most part, many were created for the purity and light only. You will only seldom find a dark spirited Unicorn, and those are the most diabolical of all kinds of spirits, next tot he Demons. Well, they would be in that class anyhow. Asmodel had a cousin who was like him, in the same legion. His name (do not say it out loud please, it could conjure his energy and bring danger), is Amdusias. He is a wicked spirit, and when he fell from his legion, the leader confined him to his natural unicorn state. He was a gruesome figure, because his wickedness made him uglier and uglier, the worse he became.


Asmodel and Amdusias, are always at battle, as the terrible loathsome beings in Amdusias legion in the lower astral world,  always seem to persecute the pure and good spirited unicorn for their wisdom, as Amdusias can not obtain the pure wisdom of Source any longer. He has been cut off. But, the Unicorns still are taught by Asmodel and his Wise Ones. They hold many keys to sacred knowledge and Earth’s records.The do not have the full Universal akashic records, but they hold the Earth’s. Amdusias holds only the magic taught to him from before he well as magic held by the entities made on Earth, called the magical Jinn. His is a deep occultic wisdom, but it is dark, and brings with it a price to pay.


Asmodel instilled love unconditional to his race. They are never crude, mean, rude, hurtful, jealous, or competitive. They are humble, generous, sweet, and very quiet and shy. I will present more information in my upcoming YouTube video on Alura Cein Youtube channel on these souls. For now, just know that under angels, the Unicorn are the most giving, honest, loyal, humble, and magical beings around. They would never engage in any immoral behavior, and their sense are so keen, that they see right through people.


The Unicorn dwell with the other spiritual beings in their home in the realms. however, they do have a whole realm of their own, and if a soul has a connection to one, to will be present in their afterlife experience, if a pure place. In it, can be no negativity, darkness, or fear. Those energies will harm the Unicorn soul, and do so, even to those in human form, for a human experience in the reincarnation process. It is very interesting what an angel can do when gaining Creator status. And also, as we see in his brother, what one can do when abusing power. None the less, unicorn created by Asmodel are perfect beings without flaw or blemish. His brother’s, well, not so much.. Still good topics to learn on though, especially if you are an incarnated type, out of these souls.

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