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Eiharean Starseeds- Gliese

Now that I am covering a lot of the star races, I have come to noticed that there are so many left, that have not been revealed. Recently, I have traveled many different star systems for wisdom. I know that many do not want to accept these new places, because they are not in the trends.The race that I had channeled last night, and who I am extremely aware of, due to my visit there when an angel, in the heavens, is a race of people called the Eihareans.  they come from a triple star system, that Earthlings call, Gliese.

This is a beautiful planetary star system, with many in habitable planet. more of a spiritual nature, but others physical, just like it is here on earth. The race of people that I had channels, live in the world of ice. Just like our physical vehicles here, are made up of the elements of our world, these beings are also made up of the elements of theirs. Helium is their main element, within the air, but the precipitation there, and the cold climate, has made it all freeze in forms of ice and frozen gas. Very focused upon using their strengths, these beings represent the use of the mind, they claim, their frozen nature, so fluid like, in the air, is much like frozen waves of the emotions. They say, water moves alot , and even here, is responsible for the feelings within. Their being frozen, shows, that they may be a bit numb. This is true. I experienced the numbness. Angels reside in the airways, like they do here on this earth too. Most of them, very emotional, so beings from that world, have both logic and emotion, having mastered the art of using both when needed. Using one at a time, but when needed, they can switch them on at the same time, to have an enlightened perspective.

Hiliara is the name of the being I channeled. She states that humans (and yes..they are aware of earthlings) that they have either too much one or the other, and never enough of both. She hopes mankind here, and be more like them. She was an actual incarnated angel of the planet. Having worked in the higher atmosphere, she incarnated into this icy, gassy world, to have a first hand experience, and use her intelligence to advance the world, as was done on Earth too. As one of them, I know.. She was kind, fluid, with streams of gas swirling around her, and then her image, hardened by the flexible icy material she was made of. Very stretchy, and rubbery, cold, and cuttingly freezing body of hers, as her hand reached out to touch me. I was traveling interdimensionally, to meet with her. As I have a client whom has had a lifetime there, and I wanted to refreshen my memories of this place.

She asked how her souls were doing, many out there, some down here, all of whom she misses. Being that she was an angelic ruler of that world, and manifested into the reality, many still keep her at the top, as their leader. She gave me some wonderful tips, too incomprehensible to relay here.

In all, her landscape was made of the same, as she seemed to blend in with ground, but the beautiful gases in the sky, made a borealis of purple and blue, while her Sun shone beautifully blue in the horizon. I also saw three moons, and a huge castle made the same. Loving, but careful. Affectionate, but cautious. They are giving, but protective of what is theirs. They are understanding, but the truths that she gives, can be as cutting as any sharp icicle. Piercing, but true. Love is behind the wisdom, but delivered direct, plummeting into your very soul, like a sharpened blade, that was laying out in the snow for sometime.

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In the meantime, just know… that no matter how numb you may be from your struggles, suffering, and hurts, that there is always a way to melt the ice (so to speak), and reinstate your emotions, using them in a way that is protective, but constructive.