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Meissa Starseeds?

Divine loving blessings, to all those truly touched with grace and purity . As warriors here, of love, I welcome you to this article with an open heart. It is a dark time out there, if you are awake…you can see.. For those who can not, I have tried, but sadly not many are ready to embrace the truth.  The Creator spoke to me… I will do it in another blog.
 I will do as those before have me done, and speak in parables.
The Meissa Starseeds…

I was asked to do a piece on Meissa Starseeds. The truth is, every ounce of light is a form of consciousness. Whether aware of itself or not. In Orion, there are many forms of light there. We know of many beings who come from the Orion Star System, and they have been here a long time. From the days of Lemuria.  A few races were there, I mentioned a few here and there in other articles. All of the articles come together though. Orion star children, Lyrans, and Sirians, all share a similar architecture as Egypt. That is because they were the ones who shared first with each other, and then here. Only each star system has a different rendition of the structures and different materials. But some of the greatest Orion Star beings to ever live here?  One had been  a chief of the Dogon one time, and another with the Mayans. The Orion and Sirius connection is one that had always been tight. They worked closely together, even in Egypt. truth is, if you have been here a long time, you all have crossed paths with one another somewhere, through the many families who started this all. many will have had lives in Egypt, Sumer, Atlantis, Lemuria, and England. That is because, if you are a starseed, you will have been passing int he lineages raised up by the star beings who originally came. Not everyone, but many. The bloodline is a big part of everything. I will do a piece on this later. Genetic programming is a big thing. However, it would be through the humans and the hybrids that it all came together. Like in ancient times, a Sirian who mated with someone and their late generations being in a particular area as they migrated to find a land of their own.. Egypt was huge for this. Even Moses, had been with them at first and broke off with their architecture and mathematical system for his own people who he raised into a nation, under the energy of..well I will save that for the course.

In this knowledge, Meissa is one of the star systems, that not had many starseeds come here, not really. They are serpentine in their makeup. They are greatly enlightened beings. Many may hear the word Serpent, and think that this is evil. No. Not all serpentine and dragon races are malevolent. Rather, some are of good will, and just really intimidating in their size, how their energy feels, and how they  know much. Their power and sight can be overwhelming. But they are serpentine. Meissa is the tiny star that exists at the top of the neck of Orion himself. From Earth view that is. It is actually a double star. The Lunar Mansion. It is quite exquisite.  I know that at one time they got the star confused with another, as from earth view the ones it was close to, together, made it look even brighter. So they called it the Shining One. It is too hot there for life to exist. It is a UV ray, and has an X-ray source.  Some of the stars in Orion are many times more illuminated than the sun. There are three planets. Although they tell you 2. However Meissa is about 1100 light years away and is a a spectral of invisible  light all around it as the UV branches onward, It transmutes into purple, blue, green, and so on till it turns into red here on Earth.. But all energy is intelligence, so who are the serpents that live there?
Well no matter how strong the light, it has a reality of its own in another dimension not visible to us. Just like Niburu. Silly people, they tried to say Niburu was an actual physical planet that one could see… It is, but not of this dimension. It gets closer and closer everyday, yet you will not notice. The habitat in Meissa is the same. It infuses invisible light, and in that another world. The serpents in Meissa are wise, old, and ancient. They have wisdom of Earth’s Creation, and of the dimensions. They do not play around. They have the knowledge, but will never tell you. because they hold it so scared they fear other holding onto it. The star race of Meissa, is one of great renown.
Traits of Otherdimensional, Meissa Beings
If they were here? Well, a soul brought from there to be born here.. would be quiet, secretive, and skeptical of this world in its strange ways.  They would seek spiritual organizations that taught what had a lot of the truth in them, and they would take it serious. They would be so firm in their belief, that the word conforming is not enough to explain their loyalty. The have love, and are kind, but are strong minded, and seekers of the truths that lay under it all, and they do not take the truths lightly. They will research, and look into all that they hear, as they will want to prove the information that they come across. They are skeptical otherwise, according to what they have been taught already and believe to be true. They have scientific minds. They would take jobs that challenge their minds, but in truth, nothing here would ever be enough. All that they want, is to experience this world and then return home. In their experiences, it would be highly organized. Marriage, tradition, spirituality, and interests. The males are powerful, with great sense sensuality. The women are passive, kind, and strong supporters of what their authorities say. They believe in leadership.  Not this world’s but something beyond it. They seem to answer to another otherworldly power. They have ways of channeling the other dimensions. But only to their powers, ones from their dimension.. And they are huge.  They are warriors, and would fight, knowing death is an ugly thing, they never life. However, if they felt they were threatened, their strategy is so calculated, and quiet, that no one would ever see it coming. And they take everything, as spiritual. Even war if it occurs. Everything that they do is in the name of their faith. This faith is brought form their realm here. However, again, that is rare… They would rather be home, than coming to a place that is considered behind them.
The Meissa have visited through out history, but you will not find claims of them such as the 300,000 people claiming to be Pleiadian. They would not announce it, and if they did, it would be because there was a huge cause to do so. Like saving people. Sort of how we angels do when we need people to see. We say what we are, but we know the person knows it in their soul, from how they “feel” us watching.. Even though powerful, the Meissa is really a humble energy in its truest form.