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How they have fallen

How they have fallen….

Heavenly Father, my soul weeps

The devastation in the streets,

The wars in the Middle East…

It don’t cease.

We need peace.

As an angel, I seek retribution.

A permanent solution.

Revenge for the suffering, pain, confusion…. pollution.

Viewing it all, my mind hurts like a brain contusion,

it’s all a burdensome illusion,

And you sent me here to end the confusion.

Each day, I long for your return

But I know it’s us who need to recollect and discern.

The world without god makes the heart burn.

When will they surrender to the fact that they need to learn?

Be at one again after this disharmonious term?

What was the point of sending good here?

They merely just promote more evil instead, year after year.

Still I am strong without fear.

I stand firm and I won’t shed a tear.

Because, I know that those who have an ear, spirit they will hear.

And it’s only then that you can once again draw even more near.

The message is clear.

Still I tried to be more heavenly, saintly

No matter what, this world it won’t taint me.

As I keep trying and trying, they cannot restraint me.

Yet the obvious truth is that many can’t hear you and your voice here becomes even more faintly.

As you observe in the distance, this earthly resistance.

I came to this world with even yet more persistence.

I can, I will with your permittance….. help anyone that I can.

I’ll go the distance.

But afterwards I desire to go home.

To love unlike humans do, I feel alone.

I open my arms to the mission I was shown.

But it is you that I need and know while this still seems unfamiliar to me, so unknown.

And we shall be again, at one with the light.

I’m here, but other angels take part in the fight.

Here, even day seems dark as night.

The soul’s battle, a spiritual fight.

Oh how they have fallen.

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