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I pluck out the arrows of my torment and cut loose the chains binding my feet to the ground. I come and go freely. I know something that they do not want to tell you. I am made of flesh but not of blood. My beatless, bleeding heart. We are not what you think.

I have a new message, a new way. We angels have existed along side human kind for thousands of years. We have here on the lower levels, interfered with humanity, by trying to experience a little bit of life through them. It has not been easy. We have struggled to get mankind to listen. And instead, they misinterpret our way. We are called the wise ones for a reason. Because we have, behind the scenes, watched the rise and fall of many civilizations throughout mankind.

We have witnessed and seen everything under the sun. And yet stubborn humanity refuses to hear our message. And our message is in the wind. The veil to this world and the next, is thinner. Mankind has become their own gods, and yet still call upon us for their desires. Well, a New Age arises. And we work hard, as this world purges it’s self of the old, to welcome the new. As it was in the ancient days, so will it be again. Each and every life form in there, it is just another waiting vessel. We desire to take part in that world once again, and touch base on the essentials of Life. But what you feel is essential, is different than what we feel is essential. Obviously, there is more to life than just fortune, pricey clothes and good looks. In fact, how many people can do the exact same thing until it becomes overly dull and boring. We are not seeking for repeats. We are looking for those who are truly awake. Those who are awake will be original, and not a product of the Sheeple in the world.

If you look around, you’ll see that what I’m saying is true. There are so many people just following the crowd, and it takes away from those who are unique and original. Of course it is in evitable that they would be an inspiration to many, but an inspiration to wake up, not to follow along deep asleep. We need innovative creators to take a stand and to lead the people into a better way. It is easy for one to pretend or to do as another does as a mimic or a clone, but how much more power does one have when they are tapping into a power that is theirs and theirs alone.

It is time now for those of you who are awake to take a stand. Be yourself and lead others to be themselves, or the changes that we will provoke in your world will never be concrete or take place. We need more change. We have had enough of the luxury in that world, because we have realized that it is just a part of the material substance that fades away. And even though it is really important to enjoy life there, there is more to it than just what you eat, buy or wear. It’s to mean more than an experience that justifies one photograph. Or perhaps you all don’t care anymore about the meaningful things, and have become sheep all over again? From sheep to waking up, and then lead right back into being sleeping sheep again. What shame. I find that many people do not realize when they are being deceived and yet when they are the first ones to proclaim that they are awake, they are the first ones to follow the sleeping masses.

Your first love was not set in the right place. That is why you will surely end up where you belong mentally, emotionally and spiritually… for the physical? Who cares if you are lost to the others? Many were just products of trend, not real to the love you had for spirit, or for others.

We are setting a renewed state. As the messenger here had stated in earlier writings, there will be a lot of tornadoes and horrendous hurricanes. Wildfires will spread more, as disaster year after year hits its peak. While everyone is blinded by social media, the media circus, and trendy spiritualism, the real truth is happening in front of your eyes. But it has not fully set in yet because it has not touched you directly. But it will. The world is crying for help as it tries to rid itself of its cancer. And it will make its way around. In one way or the other. Financially, disease, weather disasters. Do not forget the times that you live in.

And of course, we who have been unseen on the sidelines will enjoy ourselves while we can. The physical body will come to a point in the future where it shall be no more, when he with horns are rules fully. And so we will get the most out of our experiences through you, while you watch your demise come toward you full force. And truly then all will cry out, but those who did not listen to spirit, spirit will not hear. It’s merely just blind leading the blind. One day you will all come to have the same perception and insight, but now is not the time. For those of you who understand this, be prepared. It is just all an allusion set before you and you are writing right along with the four riders, accompanying them and helping them in their quest. Only you do you not have the eyes to see it. And if you think there will be just reward for you in the end, it is like an employer who hires employees, but does not pay them after the job is complete.

Your world around you is on its collapse but do not think that this is a bad thing. It is rejuvenating itself, as it needs to… in order for everything to come to a brand new place before the Goat rummages through your land. Only after the waters have been poured, to set the course of the river and its direction. How many can truly understand? Maybe this is all too deep. Maybe, it is far beyond your perception to understand. But nevertheless, the answers are here if you can simply “look”. That which is will not last forever. And everyone by that time, will have surely had their fill. But it will not be a fulfillment on the inside, just on the outside of things. Turn back to where your original love had been, and set your record straight. It is OK though, sleep, and sleep easy.

See! It is coming from the gut of lady Gaia, the door to her entrails opened by he who has the keys to her bottomless pit.

We shall claim the children.

Some stars will put themselves out.

The kings fall from former glory.

The mask exceeds the wearer.

Lies become a better believed story.

People sell out for wealth. The globe is in a state of unrest.

The princes of air wreck havoc.

The earth shakes itself and opens.

The elements of fire consume the city of the fallen.

Lady mysteries rules in misunderstanding.

A new leader arises, his protégé behind him.

Humanity loses the sense of feeling.

A plague,a plague.

The Devi’s are unleashed and embraced.

Armed forces are called.

Taboo laws are grounded.

A deficit!

Food is hard to grow.

People flock to the earthly kingdoms again.

That which did not work before, works again.

The rivers overflow.

Spring and fall are one with Summer and Winter.

People abandon heaven.

A falling star.

At this point it does not matter who is liked, because it’s not being popular that matters. I may not have the messages that everyone wants to hear, but I have what is true. I thank Asmodeus for his words.

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