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Archangel Michael 2019

While I have sought for my own place in the circumference of Earth, I have discovered that I have still made my way there. I am not the king there. The ways of the world do not glorify me. Even those who stand up in my very name! Asmodeus, truly I have something to say unto you and to those who wish to listen:

It is I, the Prince of peace who comes, with his rebuttle. I have heard your words Asmodeus, and while I know some of them to herald truth, I know that you come to only discourage. I come to let the people know that there is hope. We are still fighting the forces of darkness for you. but it is much like how it was in the story of King Saul, and the next king… David.
David was meant to rise against saw for taking his position as ruler. But his love and affections for Saul kept him back. So we had to send aggravated spirits to Saul in order for David to see that he was not as kindly as he made himself to seem. That would help David to see the truth underneath of Saul’s personality. Obviously, the traits that he displayed, had always been there, or else we would not had been able to trigger him. The truth is, where in beginning, sims did not exist at all. Spirit tempted them into man. But now, it is different. Men cannot be tempted to do anything, that is already not within him to do.

You see, David was meant to see that side of Saul come out so that he could take his stand. But still out of love he did not. And that is much like the earth is today. People see the truth about it, but in their hearts they cannot take a stand because of their love for it. They love the temptation, and they love the physical pleasure. So how can they take a stand to rise above something that they still crave and long for? My messenger here, has use this example before… But I use it again today. It is much like a bottomless pit, your world. If you were to shine a flashlight into a bottomless pit, the light would never reach the bottom. Instead, it would fade until it was not visible at all. Well that is how earth is nowadays. We shine our light strongly, always trying to help, but human beings cannot receive our light if there’s too much darkness within them. But yet human beings are angry with us? They are hateful towards God and heaven? Simply because we do not flip a switch and make everybody behave? It is not us who is in the wrong. It is not us who lacks to do nothing. In fact we try. The emissaries that we have there, are trying to restore love, peace, and goodwill. But it cannot be restored if others do not truly want it. On the surface they may feel or think that they do, because their lives have been hard and full of struggle. But in their heart deep down, they don’t really want it because it is their suffering in their struggles that give them enough excuse to act or behave in any which way that they please. And now it is promoted in your world that it is OK? How does anyone expect our return or for us to win this spiritual war, if no one is willing to turn their hearts inward instead of on outward things? It’s hypocrisy!

The truth is the truth. We cannot change it if no one likes it. It is what it is. And many people deny it because it is not to their liking. But the truth is that your world will be ruled by the horned God, yes. And then our king will return. This messenger has taught inside of her courses that there are three rulers working together. And that is because time has been made to speed up quicker, ushering in the New Age but a combination of the three. As a result, those agendas will blend in harmony with one another, but not for the good. If you look around you now, the agenda of the outpouring of waters is already mixing with the goat. And that is what everyone wanted all along. Or is it? Is it really? Or could it be thatThey were led to believe that that is what they wanted? Through all of the things of the world promotes around them? There is nothing wrong with enjoying one’s body. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with the herbs of your planet. There is nothing wrong with having a good time. But what is wrong, is when it is taken out of proportion and done and over indulgence. It leads towards over access coming over excess leads towards ones demise.

Soon we will be forgotten in your world. It has been a part of the greater plan all along to make people forget about us and to make us look as if we have abandoned human kind. More and more suffering that has been placed upon humanity, makes it look like less and less that we do anything about it. But that is not the truth. We are just made out of light. It is only through the physical body that physical change can come about. We can only work through those who volunteered to become a hand of God in action. We need to work through all of you. But the world has hardened peoples hearts against us. So how can we make any changes at all? They make it about glamour, wealth, fame, success, good looks…And people chase after those things with all that they are when they should be chasing after better changes that can be brought to the outer world around them for our sake.

It can only be through humanity that the world can change or that we can use them as soldiers to win the war. That was the plan all along, but you all have tricked mankind… have you not Asmodeus? You had made them believe that we were such a distant far away cry for help… that we were unreachable. That there was no hope and that all that they could turn to you would be the desires of their heart materialistically? And the “powers that be” there, were ready with more and more ads and commercials to get people to sit back and take their enjoyment in meaningless things, rather than truly seek that which is true in spiritual meaning. There are so many tricksters out there who are helping to promote this.

They believe that they will get their reward. But you were right about that. For them, it will be much like an employer who gets their laborers ready, but who does not pay them when the work is done. And when they cry out because they were wrong when the one day of salvation comes, we will not hear them because they were willing to trade in their loyalty for just a little money and a small bit of recognition. Woe to them. They may not believe us now… but it is true, that they will come to see that I am right later. There are many things to come.

You had stated many things that will come to be in the future concerning that world. And while I do not disagree, I find that it is difficult to believe that you had any other intention of making the people aware than to impose fear within their heart. People want to hear what they want to hear. They dodge the truth like a bullet, in order to pacify the lies they tell themselves within their hearts as they continue to be a part of the great delusion. We are not wrong. What is to come of that world? Yes you know, but I have many things to add, so that the people will not be confused when it should come to be.

Children will be affected by many different medical issues that will arise out of nowhere in the future. I can also tell you that, yes the earth will open up and quick. The princes of the authorities of air, confuse the airways. They make people believe that spirituality is about looks, ego… rather than information. They make people believe that it is about gaining fame, then about gaining soldiers to be a part of the better change that they had at one time themselves wished to see in the world. And because of the confusion, they will wreck devastation in the land.

There will be cyclone after cyclone, and there will be a hurricane after hurricane. At such a magnitude, that has never existed before. There will also be new diseases that arise, which have already been previously predicted by the messenger who records my words. Those who are wise would be even wiser to pay attention to the things that she has acted as a scribe in writing down for us. I am also letting everyone know that the horned God will try once again to continue his reign. His agenda is about sexual immorality, ambition, greed, perversion, addictions, and it is so, that these things are manifesting on an even larger worldwide scale as we speak. Like this messenger here has said in her teachings (heaven and hell), this is the wrong age of man. But it is a combination of three ages, and the reversals of what they should have been. Who can truly understand this? Not just the basic average human mind. Why do they claim to have awoken? To awaken means that they have seen what the truth is and that it has helped them to reunite with the light that is the spark of existence within them. And that spark of light, is from the divine, the holy, pure and true. It would have awoken them away from those traits… it would have at least caused them to desire to be some of the more righteous characteristic traits. But instead it has done the opposite. And you are right, they have somewhat opened their eyes but only to see a new way, and to follow it once again like blind sheep. Those that have the real truth, the agenda has pushed so far into the background so that their messages are unheard. Turned on. Hated. This happened to us all who have come, until our truth was distorted for ulterior motives of our futures. While those who would mislead humanity, are placed to the forefront in order to lead humanity astray. And this is what has happened time and time throughout the ages of man. And this age is more significant because it is the edge of the seat. And in more ways than one.

You will see, that the world becomes even more hostile. There will be more hostility towards religion while some return to it, after many having lost their faith entirely. The rest of the majority of the world will feel so hopeless, that they will feel numb inside. Others will only seek to be spiritual for the fame and the wealth that come with it. Others will trigger many through sexuality, to take their hard earned money. And some would deliberately take the spotlight from those you trying to do good, as a diversion. There is much jealousy and envy when I’m spirituality when there should be harmony. There were also be pestilence throughout the land, disaster, and it will be hard to grow food. People will find it difficult to find jobs and instead with their own businesses, still struggle to make ends meet. Everything will be based on the online platform. The idea of heaven will be a distant memory under the worship of many demons instead. and then no one shall believe in them either at all and all will look to science for answers to their questions and meaning of life. And it will continue to be.

The world will become even more of an illusion, as true appearances are doctored more and more… and the glam of online becomes the reality instead of real life. No one will recognize the person in the picture, in real time. It will not matter as long as fame is obtained. Also, no one will want to hear about doing good. They will only care about using power for selfish gain, turning a blind eye to the good because they will have given up.

You, Asmodeus were right, they were not concrete in their first love. Don’t the people realize that they are using celebrities, to distract them? And that is why most of the news revolves around those with fame. It is time now, to turn to those who believe in righteousness. It is important to for the masses to Obey the authorities because it maintains civil order. Even though, it is promoted through entertainment to break those laws, it is important for the people to always remember the most important laws above all, are those of spiritual nature.

We do not ask much of any of you “mankind”, just to follow a few simple rules that will only be for your own best interest. For an example… the virtues… To be someone who is Virtuous, will provide you in life with a great deal of happiness and joy. We know that it is hard to want to be saintly in a world where others do not seem to care much about you, and everyone is ready to set up one another. But it is through patience with mankind that you will find the most hope. Kindness will always help you come out on top in the end. Honesty will always ensure that you never look the fool. For all things done in the dark come to the light. Endurance will always help you to succeed. Faith will always make room in your life for our miracles and blessings. Charity will always help good things to come back around to you. And the most of all love, for loving one another, all will have more confidence, more belief, more hope, and there will no longer be a need to have to worry about what one has accomplished or what one looks like. Or will except and love one another instead. But there are others out there that fear that they cannot be perfect. So they give up and go to the Darkside instead. They keep trying to do what is right and they continue to try to find a darker way around things because they feel that the light has not helped them. Everyone is in their own path on the journey through the tree of life. It is up to them to make it to the next step. But how can they if they just merely give up? Don’t people understand that heaven can only work through all of you? And that is why the earth hurts and tries to rid itself of the cancer. The cancer that is in humanity because they no longer love one another, and they do not love us. They do not know how to work things out or communicate with each other when things go wrong, only turn to hate. And if you say that what I am saying is untrue then lost, you are.

I come to say “beware”. But even this message will have no effect. It will only touch those who already have their heart opened for a better way. But how many can that be? And that is why, in the book of Genesis when Abraham knew that Sodom and Gomorrah would be distinguished, he prayed if there were even just one good man left, if God could be merciful. Well, there are still good people left in your land of “Sodom and Gomorrah”. But more and more they are turning away. I say “remain strong”. People just don’t understand the concept of balance, and that is why they fear that they cannot be perfect. But perfection is not absolutely needed, only to try your best. We know that there are things in that world for people to enjoy and there is nothing wrong with that. As long as they’re not hurting themselves or one another. But even upon hurting themselves, they are hurting one another, for you are all interconnected into the collective. And people that are truly asleep, fail to recognize that. Not only will there be devastation in the disasters of your weather, but if you reflect back to what my Messenger Alura As predicted in her previous articles all over the Internet, that she has said there would be a disease to come this upcoming summer. And here it surely is. The measles outbreak is claiming children, and this will not be the last. There will be more to come. The volcanoes will spew their inner contents. The rivers will overflow. More animals will reach extinction. And there will be more disasters to come to third world countries. And yes, the war will come. But you did not realize that there has been one already happening. Write all around you wherever you are. You just order inside too much, to realize it. You’ll see. Children will be said to have committed horrendous crimes. And there will be more shootings at schools and religious organizations, even bigger corporations out of anger and hate. There will come a time when money will not even seem to be an important thing and all will be made equal. That will be fine to do this in future. And also there will be a star that comes and falls along with the vomiting of the sun. You cannot blame us. All of this is your own doing. For you did not care when you were warned before.

Why put your faith and trust in the system? It is that very system who is creating these disastrous problems?Think about it? For the people out there that promote dark crafts and for those who help to promote the agenda… don’t you realize that you are helping to assist others in killing people? That it is the system and not to we, who are responsible? There will be a lack of food to come soon. Be prepared. The lack of jobs, you’re hurting economy, pestilence and disease. Although, many of you may not be paying attention because you have been blinded by Glamour of other things to fall deeper asleep instead of being the awakened individual that you so promoted yourself to be with spirituality became trendy. Is that all that you are? Sheep who follows the shepherd a trend? Or will you finally rise up and take a stand? Don’t you know how ridiculous you were appear or sound now? Awakening means that you are now aware of the need for greater change, not to slip further back into the calamity or the cause of it. Return back to us and we can do our good works through you.

Be safe. Protect yourselves and your loved ones with all of your heart and soul. Raise your children up with an open heart that they can be a part of the global changes needed to come for us to be forever present in your world. I am a ruler. No matter how hard it gets there just remember that my kingdom is not of your world. And while you may have your fun there, remember that it is not permanent. But where you can go after through your good works and deeds, is eternal. And I will promise to you happiness and joy. And for those of you who suddenly lose hope, please keep hoping in us still. There are others out there in the world who are good, and try to be saintly. And while they may not always have a hunter percent of the truth, at least they are good deeds and works represent heaven. You have to join together with them as a community in order to build a platform of greater change. Open your heart and we can do our work even more still. I know that some of you were tired, and feel hopeless. I know that some of you feel that we are not present anymore at all. But we are. We’re always fighting, and we fight even harder because there are less and less to fight for us and so do the people that are few, we have to use them to fight and push even harder than we would have, had we had even more soldiers there. But do not this may, or we are always with you that we are with you more when you open your hearts to us each and every day.

Eventually we shall bring for you a beautiful end. There will be no more sadness, sickness nor disease. But many things must surely take place until then. Be steadfast in your belief and be strong.

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