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Welcome back! As was stated in the last volume of the Angelic Herald, I am acting as an open channel. This is where I stay open in total trance, to be able to receive new messages from above. It isn’t easy considering that I do have a family too. Much thanks to the person recording and documenting the info.

During trance this evening, Archangel Michael came to me with more insight into things that are present and things to come.

Firstly, don’t expect this coronavirus to blow over quickly. It is surrounding normal life and is creating a foundation in which Marshall law is invoked to push people inside. While doing so, businesses flop, the economy flops, as was stated in former predictions. This also makes it so that new laws and order can be established. Before that happens, there will be disorder and civil unrest, as was formerly predicted in the angelic heralds prior to this one. People will get violent and those on welfare and at poverty levels already will do whatever it takes to feed their families. This means robberies, protests, looting, and violence. The military will play a key role.

WiFi and internet issues will arise, accompanied by trouble in the cyber world. Strange occurrences will take place resembling plagues in the Bible, with famine, weather disasters, earthquakes, fires, flooding and pestilence like locusts, flies etc. Most politics that you see or hear about are a sham. There will also be a new disease or one that spawns from this one leading to boils and aggressive behavior. War within your own people and war between nations will arise. You will want to stay indoors by that time. You are so noticed that it has been and will continue to be cloudy a lot of the time especially more so toward nighttime hours. Our beloved prince of peace desires to return to us but they do not want this to be seen as he will come through the folds of the heavens. Beneath that, in the airways there will also be other visitors, who are there already, waiting for the most vulnerable time to make their presence known.

More elderly shall pass and as things settle more toward the Fall months of 2020, that is when the rest of what was described will had already started taking place. Some things will resemble the former holocaust with hospital tents, shortages in goods, camps setup for survival but not what they are made to appear as. With trouble finding resources as a result of businesses shutdown and online issues you will be forced to rely on assistance but regret it. The natural disasters will cut into funding making it harder to help in other necessities as was said in other predictions as well. He came through to remind us of this and to say that now these things have been initiated. The coasts should especially beware, and he indicated trouble with the water.

Remember that if you are prepared, and you listen and spread the news, many people and yourself can remain safe and up-to-date with situation. If you don’t focus on the virus then you will most certainly stay healthy. Even though the virus itself exists, there is something else hidden under the surface in which the virus itself is being used as a face front. So yes there will be many who get sick and even die but it is not at the magnitude in which it is displayed. The trade wars mentioned in a previous Herald, got a little bit out of hand in which the countries who were worrying against one another needed a way to cancel out their debts and use the weapon instead. Breaking down another country’s economy, definitely makes it so that the economic status around the world can be renewed because it affects not one economy but many.

Thank you for reading this. While some of it is repetitive, it is important to keep these things in mind. Protect your children above all things. 

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