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Trumpet Blast: The leash

Harken unto the voice of the angels. How many listened so far? This is all so real and every message that we bring is one that proves true. Now listen as more is revealed:

I am Angel Alariel, also known on Earth as Alura Cein. Many of you working with me had seen the number sequence 444, many times. This is why: Alura in numeric addition adds up to 8. 8 is a sum of 4+4. Alura equals 4+4. Cein equals 4 alone. Therefore, 444. Four in numerology represents hard work, mind, body, spirit, and emotion which altogether symbolize the Goddess. The divine feminine. The divine feminine brings creation together, in order to become fertile and produce. She carries the seed that bares the fruit. It was said: ” By their fruits you will know them”. And the fruits that I have produced are ones of love, better change, wisdom, and virtue. I produced prophecies according to the future and for each person individually, which have always come true. My “eye” has brought insight from other divine beings or from within my own divinity. However, the wisdom and ability to see into the forbidden and unknown has always been only in the name of “The One”. It has always been in the name of everyone’s potential happiness, and purification into transcendence. It has always been to prepare and safeguard those who can still love, and in that love…still seek.

I come this time. No one else. In what I see, I speak for my nation and our planet. Not regarding its leaders, but instead it’s people. With this pandemic happening, it is big in focus. I see:

As seen in:

April 8th, 2020

Repeating what I have predicted many times before about tracking, as well as what I said in my recent video on my spiritual services website, they are going to have a way to track individuals who are immune to the illness. This is no prediction now though, as I am just repeating a prediction from the past. I repeat it because it is now occurring. Who would be immune to an illness that is created by the worldly powers? Those who do not have a blood type that is traceable back to ancient times, that’s who. The Rh negative blood. The 1% families especially of those who are of the meek bloodlines. They are doing this to locate and track us through the world. In addition to also be able to see who may be immune to further actions that the new order will take later. Are we immune to a lot of things because of otherworldly blood? Indeed! This will be to control the masses and track those who can’t be controlled. A lot of people say that this is speculation and indeed it may be, but if you just predicted it then it will be something that comes to manifest and should that be the case, what is one to do? How are you to live or travel if you do not submit? This indeed is a topic we should go into further later on, but for now let us first understand that there are many things coming toward us in the predictions unraveling. And we must always keep up to date in providing insight. Others have to be informed? How can I not be true when everything I’m predicting is happening or being spoken about just weeks after I disclose it in heavenly vision? Believe… Look! There will be unrest and the states having protests and COVID outbreaks are in areas mainly supported by the democratic parties. It’s all a huge weapon and honestly, no matter which party is selected as president the world will still change and have an order of chaos until a new foundation can be established. Expect more riots to come.

Is this the leash of the masters we were told was coming so long ago? Is this the mark? Will it be in the expected way or something hidden and cloaked?

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