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Another race of beings in Andromeda go by the name of The Mirachians. These are a beautiful race of people who look very human like but have the antlers of a deer. My first encounter with them was prior to earth. There was a meeting among the Pleiadian Council, the Higher Authorities (Gods/Angels), The Cetians, and Andromedans. There are so many races just in those places alone, that it would probably be a lot better for me to be more specific in who attended that meeting rather than just be vague.However I haven’t gotten around to introducing all of the star races just yet and so I will leave it as it is. Amongst those from Andromeda, the Mirachians are very humble and graceful race of people. They are known to be extremely kind and giving. However, as it seems there is so much to learn about what drives beings over the edge and into emotions like anger. Eventually after being threatened so many times by those located in Draco, they were told that they might find a new place to live without fear… it being that Earth at that time was just starting out in it’s collection of creations to join in the new residence.I am so everyone met for that meeting that day to find out who was going to head out to earth amongst the three locations and a little bit of everybody decided that they would go. What they didn’t know was that they would eventually be locked into earth, never to return home to their loved ones back in the stars. Many of them did not want to abide by the reincarnation laws since human life was hard and heavy. Instead, they stayed on the other side of the spiritual wall, or better yet spiritual veil. In the realms in between or just a little beyond, many of them either home. Needless to say, many of these people were actually seen and visited by humans throughout history and often referred to as being demons. However, everybody knows the word demon really just means “genius”.

Nevertheless, I think people take things far out of context and then I realize that not all spirits on the other side or negative. There are ones that are very mutual and seek to help other people, that are interdimensional having come from someplace far off in the stars. But I think the main question here should be; “What are really are the stars?” Are the stars what people really think? Hardly not. Still interesting enough, we find ourselves pondering over communications found from those verifying their existence over there. Let us first examine the Mirachians.

Mirachian is pronounced (meer-aiysh-sheeyan). The name is what they call themselves on an earth base level due to the name of the main area in the stars in which they come from called Mirach. This is a star that is located near Andromeda. A beautiful place that is mainly one that you can find located in the starry summer skies next to Cassiopeia, and Perseus. The large constellation of Pegasus is also located close by.

These beings have antlers because it is their natural defense system from when they evolved. There used to be another enemy race that had tusks and antlers both, and as a result they were hard to come up against. That race eventually got eliminated with the help of other beings who came in to assist them and so overtime… the antlers throughout each generation growing smaller and smaller. They are a benevolent race and came to enjoy Earth in it’s beginning stages.It wasn’t long before they realized that the idea of earth’s paradise like promise to all beings invited there, had been ultimately a failed promise at that. Many cried wanting to go home or wishing that they had remained there. Others tried their best to adapt to incarnation through the human life cycles. However, it wasn’t something that they could get comfortable with and so they decided to stay there on the other side instead.

Those that are still out there in their home origins, are known as the “Galactic guidance” Council. Many races often stop on their home planet in the middle of interplanetary travel where it has become much like something that you would have seen out of Jupiter Rising’s movie where they stopped at a midway point that seemed very much like in advance mall in city where they had varieties of beings coming and going, to check in with their star command should anything happen to their ships or even to touch base with other planets if they would need some kind of clearance to enter into it. However, while their Attire used to be that of a very natural base, their planners form of cotton in the form of a very light tunic, it is now evolved into a latex like to make that hug them according to their body form and type, to protect them from the different diseases that might come from other planets. It’s not that they are naturally diseases to those other places, but they might act as a disease when coming into their planet itself. That is simply because it is not native or original to their atmosphere. Many of them have even been known to guide sailors on earth according to the brightness of their star.  

The only reason why they are considered to be spirits is because they are not physical. Otherwise I am not sure what you would call them other than interdimensional at this point which most spirits are aren’t they? Those who are here behind the veil can be called upon for help in matters such as needing guidance and understanding in any subject you may be struggling in. Souls that come from that origin are those who are always trying to offer advice to others. They seem to always have the greatest directions in how to get somewhere too. They also love being in the woods. A lot of them are loners but they don’t mind gathering with others for the sake of coming together for special events or in helping other people where a team or group is required to do so, rather than just one helper. They’re also spectacular at using the stars as a navigation system.

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