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Trumpet blast: The great quake

For the Lord said: “And from the core of the great nation’s lone star, it will come to pass that the Earth will be rattled at such a great magnitude like never before that the body of the nation will feel it in all directions. As I have said, it will surely come to be so”.

And the great angel said: “ for everyone that ever questioned or marked, scorned, scoffed or laughed they will come to find how real this all is, all too quickly. It will come to be so that there will be a quaking so great and so forceful throughout the great nation, and the earth it’s self. The Earth will scream as a woman in great labor pains, but in despair she delivers a child stillborn. From the great West Coast to the East Coast, South and unto the North, it will be. Great waves will come to wash away the sins. And the earth as a sleeping giant who cannot get any rest, will toss and turn itself, shaking the bed that it lays in. For I looked and I saw, roads separated and demolished. Water filled the streets. I saw it in the great Golden State. But yes down in the Lonestar, it will come to be the epicenter in which these things will greatly come to pass. And when things are all said and done, there will be a great rebuilding. And many of these places will change in their positions. And this is a part of the great exchanges of power as previously foretold. As above, is so below. ~ Alariel

And these things took place all throughout the world, as more and more people were taken to their houses, for they did not want to come out of their houses any longer. And the people themselves were drenched with despair, anger and fury. And not knowing who to shout to, they battled it out with each other. No, they did not have the decency nor the respect to appreciate that they were they given the wisdom ahead of time. It will resemble the days in which the books of lamentations were written. Do not be mad at the messenger, for they are only giving you what you need to know ahead of time. And just the same, you cannot be mad at the message. This is all because they did not love the earth and they did not love each other. Instead of gold, people are now the value. Truly your lives, no longer belong to yourselves. You have become the golden nuggets or rather like the cattle. The more people that there are, the more value each country or state has. Only there is now, a great reset in that number happening so that they can establish great control and order and begin again.” ~ Archangel Michael

There are more visions that I am documenting as I go and so there will be more of these Trumpet Blasts to come.

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