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Trumpet blast: To come August 4, 2021

To enforce the shots, more and more children will be reported as infected with the virus, lockdowns will continue to spread, and for those who are in lockdown who haven’t gotten the shots even still by then… power outages will be experienced. Doesn’t America see that everything that’s happening today is very very wrong? I have a lot of respect for my authorities and law givers. But at the same time I don’t think that it’s really right that a lot of peoples rights are being taken from them. Even freedom of speech. You can’t even post certain things on the Internet now as they have algorithms to detect things that they don’t like, even if it is in fact it is a persons opinion. Are we not entitled to our opinions? I believe that there should be some thing that notifies the reader of the post that it’s not verified information so that people know that it’s not proven but they can still determine whether they choose to believe it or not. It’s ridiculous that we have all of these censors placed on us and now people are enforcing that people have to get a shot even though many people out there have already gotten it. Wouldn’t they be safe against those that don’t have it? Think… if the majority have already gotten the shot then why is it that they feel intimidated by those that haven’t? But yet those without it are getting their luxuries and freedoms of exploring the social world in the market places and restaurants etc, taken from them?

Not only does but wasn’t prophesied in prior times that people would not be able to leave their houses, buy goods etc. without the mark? I don’t think people fully have a true understanding of what it actually means. The people aren’t stupid and there are a lot of people out there that are already kind of figuring things through. They’re going to turn the power off on the people that are in their houses, and they will do just about anything even the new reports of illnesses spreading through children. Did they not say that children didn’t seem to be open to the illness? They’re contradicting themselves upon many things. Shot is worth a lot of money and is bringing in a lot of revenue. But yet why are they in forcing it so greatly? What else is going on behind the scenes that society is in aware of? Warfare. They were in the holy land will begin and all the while there will be people out there dining in having a good time while others are forced in their homes without. There will be so much poverty and financial struggle that the world itself will turn upside down. On top of that, more homelessness, more increase in crimes and then no one will be safe. The weather itself will also plummet extreme conditions and destruction in areas that are already affected economically.

There are so many things happening all around all of you and there’s going to be a great need for people to be more aware. things are going to escalate into a state of chaos and disorder even more so than before if you are protesting and riots have not ended but yet will peak. There will be more violence and crime. Bloodthirst is on its way. Terrible crimes so horrific will be abroad. And I repeat, that the West Coast will experience great devastation.

Ready yourselves for supplies. An American revolution, a worldwide dissolution. Listen to the previous “Angelic Herald” prophecies.

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