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Trumpet Blast: The Casting of crowns

 Greetings, I have a brand new message from the Herald but it is one that takes a lot to really absorb and while I’m editing it so that he can be a little more gentle, I still think that much of its message is said in the same heavenly narrative, using parables in which they’ve done, time and time again. this is because those that are meant to understand the truth behind it, will. Those that can’t, won’t. The truth is not meant for everyone. 

In my experience throughout my mission of providing insight and prophecies for the public I have found that for many, they could not handle the truth. Either they were doing something in opposition to what they should’ve been doing and wanted to get mad at the heavens for making them feel as if they were being judged because of it, or they just didn’t want to stomach the harsh reality of what the world was becoming. Therefore I like to be careful anyway, just for the sake of other people’s feelings, knowing that many are sensitive and as a being of love, I do truly care.

I will finally add those new prophecies soon. I know that  I’ve been promising it for quite some time, but there have been new revelations that have come in and I certainly wanted to have enough to present a new herald and so I waited until I had a lot of information that I could then put into a larger presentation. Thank you to those of you who have been patient. These things do take time and I certainly want everything that I put out there to be accurate and discernible.

In the meantime, I wanted to add this new revelation here. It relates to the rather new and recent situation of the passing of the queen. Knowing how things seem to take place rather quickly these days, I didn’t want to miss out on putting my message out there to the public.

As many of you recall, I had mentioned in my previous predictions that the queen would be passing. Many people could speculate that it was a mere guess because she was in fact old. But the truth of the matter is, yes anybody that is between 80 years old to 100 is definitely getting toward that time of their life where they will be transitioning from it. However, I was pretty specific about what I put out there when I added that information to one of the previous heralds. After I had predicted the events of 2020, I went on to release new prophetic messages which included that there would be exchanges of power. This would include a new “winter King”  if you recall? I had stated that the Queen was going to pass not long after the events of 2020 but I then again mentioned it in one of my articles in 2021 toward the end of the year. When the new year came in 2022, I had told many people that the queen would be passing during the summer of this year. 

Well, here we are just exiting the summer of 2020 to end the monarch has just passed away. Right now her son has taken his rightful place on the throne. However, for many of you who are familiar with my articles and predictions can remember, I had clearly stated that it wouldn’t be her son that remained on the throne after all. I wanted to elaborate a little bit on that here, so that many can understand what I meant.

The throne will not remain in the hands of the queen’s son but instead will pass to his own son. This is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth, Prince William. He and his wife will take over the monarchy. According to the heavens, there was a situation that took place with Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, back in the 90s. Prince Charles was in love with another woman but could not legitimately be with her, or have her receive any legitimate titles, because the people already favored Princess Diana. There were also other stipulations that prevented Charles and Camilla from leading a life as Royals, simply because he had been having an affair with Camilla behind Diana‘s back for quite some time. Therefore the only way to rectify the situation would be to find a way to clear the way for Camilla, and making sure that no one else could be a potential obstacle. With a death, people would feel sympathy and compassion and have a little more understanding toward a widower wanting to move on and find comfort in the arms of another. With her death, other titles would be available and the reputation of Prince Charles and Camilla‘s relationship could be restored as well as allow them to move forward as if Camilla have been his rightful wife all along. While there were still some troubles in all of that, they have lived their lives side-by-side together since Diana‘s death. To have done so peacefully, meant that Charles would’ve had to give something up in order to have a favor done for him and to continue living as he truly pleased.

What many people don’t know is that the favor that he asked for was to be paid for with an exchange of him promising that if his mother lived far too long and he was well in his own elderly years by the time that she passed, that he would promise to pass the throne to his own son. However, in light of tradition and to have her son’s name established in the monarchy and remembered, she would allow him to take the throne for a short period of time. After that period of time would pass, he would either abdicate or there would be some other excuse as to why Prince William would be more suitable to take the role of leadership instead of him.

In either case, the heavens promise that Prince William will end up ascending to the throne and they promised this because it plays into the agenda for the new age that we are building into right now. Prince William is a Gemini and his wife is a Capricorn. This is of  a great significance in terms of the age that were truly in because both of their signs would represent the last age of men in the procession of the equinox. As above is so below after all. The ruling monarchies would need their signs to align with the new agenda and how the celestials represented it above them. This is also true for myself as the messenger of this new age, because I am also Capricorn and double Gemini.

With that being said you can probably expect to see Prince Charles as king for a little while but that this will surely change and the throne be given to his son. If not through his abdication, then the heavens say that to ensure that all things work as they are meant to, but he will probably end up passing away himself if he didn’t abdicate first.

I just thought that I would add this prediction here because the new leaders of the monarchy who are going to take over are very significant to the changes that are going to be made in the world all around us. There were also visions of the monarchy actually falling all together at some point in the future.

I did mention a lot of this in previous articles. If you don’t recall you can feel free to rummage through them and seek information for yourself. I just thought it was important to remind everyone since we were on the brink of one of those predictions just happened and more are getting ready to manifest and unfold to add to the story.

Thank you for reading this and be on the lookout for the full article with even more predictions to come.

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