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Trumpet Blast: Updates & A New Insight

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Trumpet Blast: Updates & New Insight!


Salutations, to all of you beautiful souls who have come across this new entry. I truly hope that every one of you has felt the love of the heavens during these very difficult times in the world.

I just recently posted a new herald but I didn’t add nearly as many future predictions in it as I usually do. 

However, I did add some. 

I even went on to elaborate on some of the things happening currently in the world. If you have already read it, then you’ll see that I also went on to expand a bit on previous predictions that were made in the past. 

Right now, I am using this opportunity to do something similar by providing a “trumpet blast” so that I can inform everyone of a few important things. Before I go into anything, I wanted to take a minute to say something important.

Always with the humblest intent…

Firstly, let me start by saying that many of you may have already taken notice that I often point out where my predictions have come true. I know that for some who haven’t gotten rid of the judgmental part of shadow self yet, that it may be a bit misleading to them when they see me doing that. I understand where people may get the wrong impression, but I wanted to set the record straight once and for all. 

I have a few reasons why I point out where my predictions have come true. The first reason is that it’s been overwhelming to figure out how my work has been so suppressed. Even though it is, I would never dream of giving up.

Still, it’s been a little bleak even for the people that do faithfully follow my sites. I have noticed that over time that many people have stopped sharing. For those who have tried, it’s been frustrating for them at times. I’ve had some of my followers tell me that when they’ve tried to share one of my links, it got ignored. It’s not because people were deliberately ignoring the links though.

When a person is put on an “invisibility filter”, (as Elon Musk calls it) what happens is as soon as anything is posted in regard to them, the platforms that are programmed to filter their stuff will automatically hide it. People will share it and it’ll be visible to the person who shared it, but it won’t show up in their feed for others to see it. It’ll still be there, but the system will make it less of a priority for visibility. Therefore, it’s not completely banned, but it becomes more like a “ghost”. It has discouraged others from sharing my articles that’s for sure. Since the lack of visibility has discouraged others, I have opted for sharing the information myself. I truly feel that the predictions are worthy of being seen. Therefore, I at least try to get the information out to the public. Even if it never gets seen, I know in my heart that I did the best that I could.

Another reason that I’m so adamant about pointing out when the predictions have occurred, is because I want people to truly embrace the creator. For many people these days it’s been very hard for them to continue having faith. People have many questions regarding the events that are happening today, things that have deeply affected them, and so much more. There are so many factors that are playing into the agenda’s great plan of bringing mankind down. My students will remember what I taught about this in my courses when referencing the Pentagram. Not only this, but religion and so many other things have utterly destroyed the concept of existence, the afterlife, and the creator. Many people thought that it would be best for them to walk away from all of that. That included even leaving behind the belief in a creator at all.

 I truly want to help people to find that face again. The only way to do that is to show them that someone actually on earth can do something so much more than any other human really could when it comes to seeing the future and other things. Perhaps, when they hear that the heavens have provided a warning about something in advance for their benefit and safety, when it comes true it may reestablish some belief or faith.

The most important reason of all as to why I continue to show where the predictions have happened is out of my love for the creator, and for all of you. I truly have shared so much of my relationship with the heavens, through my teachings, and my visions, that to be honest with you was more than what I ever really wanted to share. That’s only because I truly appreciate and respect the friendship that I have with the heavens that I’m very protective over it. 

If sharing the teachings and prophetic messages that I receive from the heavens meant that people would grow and be safe, then that’s exactly what I’ll strive to do. Therefore, out of my love for the creator, my greater hope is that people can once again try to draw close to the heavens, to provide proof of divine existence, to be an example of the love that comes from it, and in hopes that my effort in making all of that known as much as I can to the public, then I will continue to share all that I have. 

Perhaps it’ll help all of the people that are already with me to continue with me strongly, and provide a good chance that others will come along someday. 

Therefore, every time something takes place that aligns with those predictions, I’m gonna be the first person to share it to show my own belief in it. Hopefully, this will at least show the heavens that, even though I’m the one putting the information out there for them, I am their number one fan above anything else. I hope many of you can now understand my intentions, and that they are always only ever purely motivated. I’m sure others assumed that I was turning into a real narcissist there for a long time lol. Never that. I truly want you to know that I am never in any way trying to act boastful. I just want to spread this news with all of my heart.

Now that I’ve spoken my peace in regard to all of that, let’s move on to the subjects that I wanted to talk about today.

I want to start by pointing out where some of the predictions that were made last year in 2021, have come true here this year, in 2022. This will lead me to the subject that I feel is extremely important to touch base on because it came from the very same article that provided all of these predictions. please have a look.

Some of 2021’s predictions, Their Fulfillment, and An Important Prediction Happening Now!

Let’s refer back to the Angelic Herald of July 2021. I have included links for recent news articles, in case you want to verify the information found in this entry. Just simply click the highlighted word to be taken to the site associated with it. 

In the July 2021 Herald, I spoke of an outbreak of solar flares, and there have been so many this year! The prediction has been happening and will continue to! Look at this link to see what NASA says will happen this year and onward. I have also mentioned how there will be lots of these solar flares that will eventually knock out a lot of power. Let’s also consider that power outages have been happening. It was also just discovered that there is a crack in earth’s magnetic field and a huge magnetic storm headed this way. It’s looking as if those power outages are going to be increasing even more. However, the website that confirms that also claims that the magnetic storm is fairly mild. I don’t agree with it. I certainly feel that with the solar flares and magnetic storm, it’s going to be a pretty challenging road ahead for many.

I didn’t just predict that the power outages will occur only because of the solar flares though. I spoke of them regarding many events that I foresaw would take place.

Power outages have been happening because of the weather. For some, it’s a winter storm, for others, it’s warfare as what’s happening in Ukraine, and for some, it’s all from an earthquake. I put out predictions last year in another article talking about how Texas was going to have an earthquake and then there would be a series of them. I put out a reminder article just recently on December 7 about it again, and just a few days later an earthquake hit Texas. It was the second earthquake in Texas in a month! Who says the heavens aren’t real? I hope that the doubt that anyone has had in me or heaven is now disappearing.

To add, another one hit California a few days later, causing power outages. It’s amazing how on-point the predictions are. I just put out that article talking about how earthquakes are really going to start taking place more and more after Texas had some, and then two earthquakes not only hit Texas but now California too… Right after the article? Thank you heaven!

It mentioned the death of a monarch and Queen Elizabeth’s passing happened only the next year. Then, it mentioned a purge. If you notice, it said in prediction #29 that more looting would take place and the purge would happen but scheduled officially. That means it would be a thing, but not an official annual event like the movie. The next year, we had Illinois reveal that they were “purging” by allowing lower bail for criminal acts. Backing that up, #24 added that some crimes would be made less severe, which is what Illinois’ new law has made possible.

In prediction #6, it stated that weather issues would leave people without power or shelter. Verify here, here, and here which are just a few examples.  

I also mentioned in #4 that there would be an asteroid that would pose a real threat. No, not one of those fake reports, but a real close call with an asteroid that could potentially make this Earth a thing of the past. That also came the very next year with the discovery of one of the biggest asteroids ever detected. It was so large that it was put into the category of what astronomers call a “planet killer”. 

There have been a lot of things that have happened off of this list of predictions alone, made back in 2021., and again in all of the reminders that were posted this year too.

With that in mind, I thought that it would be important to elaborate a little bit on one of them especially, one that has started to come true this year. This is in regard to the zombie-like virus that I mentioned in prediction #18.

Zombie Virus 

In previous articles, I’ve made it a priority to especially remind everyone about the viruses. When SARS-CoV-2 started spreading, I brought the truth. It was a laboratory-modified disease that was used as a weapon. It was unleashed in less obvious ways and began in China. But its true origins? Many outside of this circle would never have the ability to wrap their mind around the sheer corruption involved in the takeover of this deadly disease. 

In truth, the virus was not new per se’. It was always out there. 

There is a very small hint in the newest article that I just recently posted. I’ll go into it a little bit more later on down the line though

 ~ Angelic Herald: The Quaking of The System 

(December 7, 2022)

The first version of the disease came out in 2009, as H1N1. People easily assume that it originated in China because it affected China before any other place. That’s so typical…

Another thing is, people will easily believe what they’re told by the government. It’s that simple. 

There’s a bit of truth that many people have probably not put to mind. However, I will reveal that truth when the appointed time comes and in the meantime, there’s something a little bit more important to talk about here. It involves another virus. That is now sweeping through a lot of areas. It’s called Necrotizing fasciitis.

I have already spoken about how lung infections would be an ongoing issue for many. When the novel coronavirus became a concern for the public, I told everyone that it would affect the elderly more than anyone else. There was a very deep spiritual reason for that. However, I did come out with an article later, speaking about how they would start targeting children.

In any case, the idea is that everything is happening as it was foretold, and part of July 2021’s predictions was that there would be a zombie-like virus, I’m not talking about zombies from the television show called “The Walking Dead” either. I’m talking about Flesh eating disease that gives you skin like a zombie, and it will go to a whole other level of being modified to create aggression. For now it’s infecting a lot of children. They say that in UK, it really spread. Now it’s over here in the United States. This is a devastating thing because it kills children.  This particular virus is caused by saying that. That is found in strep. 

I was telling some of my local people not long ago that there were gonna be some viruses that greatly affected children and then RSV came out. I knew how serious it was going to be and so I was extremely overprotective with my two little ones. When the coronavirus was spreading about, I didn’t make them wear masks as much, but when it came to the new predictions that I had received about RSV, I started making them wear a mask. 

They also had to sanitize their hands consistently, and they weren’t allowed to go to public places where other children gather.A relative of mine came over to babysit for me while I had a local event to attend. I was doing a group reading for a baby shower. I gave strict instructions for their care and told my relative not to take them to any playground. I guess they got sick of staying in the house with the toddlers and decided to take them to a play area anyway. Because of that, both of them got sick. 

I just healed both of my toddlers and they’re doing much better now. Nevertheless, when it comes to this flesh, eating disease, this is something that we all have to be extra careful with. For you and your children, take extreme measures to prevent it. Just wanted to give everyone a few tips on how they can stay safe.

  1. Do not take your children to any areas where other children play or gather. It doesn’t have to be forever, but keeping them away from areas where other children are, will be the very best for your kids. Children often get a runny nose when they’re sick, and they’ll just simply wipe it with their bare hands and go off and play without watching or even telling their parents. It’s not their fault, but just to be safe, you’re going to want to avoid putting your child and environment, where illness and germs may be easily spread like that. Playgrounds and play areas are also huge for collecting germs because many of these viruses are airborne. Play areas, especially found in doors, trap particles of the viruses in the air within the building and the play equipment.
  2. Be sure to sanitize their hands and make them wash after using the bathroom as well as before meals. Bring a long hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.
  3. If you have to take your kids out, make sure you put an extra shirt underneath of their main attire. It protects the chest.
  4. Make your children wear a mask, if you can. They are very cute masks that children would look at as being for underwear, if you just look them up. I bought Alexander a little face mask that looks like the mouth of a dinosaur, and little Elora (Adree) wears a unicorn mask. I make them wear cloth masks when we go out, but if we are in a place where I know other kids will be, even just for a short period of time… I make them wear a plastic face shield.
  5. Don’t overdo it on supplements. Give your children vitamin C on top of a regular multivitamin, as well as plenty of water and sugar-free Gatorade, Pedialyte, or any form of electrolytes. Too many supplements can harm your child system believe it or not, but a multivitamin and vitamin C will help boost their immune system. Keeping them hydrated will also help them produce healthy white cells to fight any potential viruses.
  6. Make sure to wipe down any toys or utensils that they use each day, with a Clorox bleach wipe.

Those tips are going to help you a great deal, and are good for you to also follow. Here are some additional tips to help you and your family as well. I follow these tips myself.

  1. Be sure to sanitize your house daily by keeping it clean.
  2. Wipe down all of the knobs and door handles in your home with a bleach wipe at the end of every day. That includes light switches, remotes, cell phones etc.
  3. Never allow yourself or your children to wear the same clothing twice, if you’ve already worn it outside. Some people like to re-wear a pair of jeans that they wore out, if they didn’t get dirty. These days, you just simply can’t do that. By going outside, you are bringing in all kinds of germs, especially during these times. Make sure to wash your clothes before you wear them again.
  4. Don’t go to overly populated places.
  5. Be sure to exercise and keep your children extremely active as well too.
  6. Buy an air purifier machine for your home.
  7. maintain a healthy diet of the most fruits and vegetables.
  8. If anyone comes into your home from outside, make them remove their shoes and sanitize their hands.
  9. Don’t let anyone use your cellular devices or headphones. Believe it or not but respiratory viruses often affect the ear, nose, and throat areas. You can definitely get sick if the person has a virus and it’s spread into an ear infection. If anyone does use your headphones for cell phone, just be sure to sanitize them afterwards.
  10. Switch your shower schedule and take a bath at dinner time if you won’t be going out again. This way any germs that you’ve picked up throughout the day, are washed off when you come home and are about to spend more time in the house. However, if you’re going to be going out again, simply take your shower before bed. Never go to bed with any germs from outside on your body or clothing. 
  11. Be sure to wash your bedsheets and pillows weekly. For many people, they only wash them once a month. However, if somebody in your home is sick and isn’t showing any symptoms of it, the germs will get on their pillow in bed linens while they’re sleeping and then, it could spread to anyone else who lays down there. Additionally, if you’ll be coming for healing from me, you’re not going to want to get the healing and then have the person lay back down on the same bed sheets afterwards. It may cause them to get the virus again. 
  12. Keep your bathroom extremely sanitized. Germs often gather in bathrooms more than anything.
  13. When brushing your teeth, make sure that you use steaming hot water to rinse out your toothbrushes. This will kill any bacteria or germs from illness that may have gotten on the toothbrush. This helps to prevent illness as well, or to prevent you from getting sick again once you feel better.

These tips certainly help in keeping you healthy. You can use these tips for you and your family and it’ll help you to prevent bringing in bacteria and germs that cause these viruses. Remember that coronavirus especially, is one that not only affects people but also animals. It’s good to also keep an eye on your pets to make sure that they haven’t gotten sick either. When it comes to flesh, eating bacteria, a lot of these tips will help you to avoid it all together. I truly have love for every person out there on the planet today and I especially have a soft spot for children. They are the beauty and innocence still left in the world. As a parent, I wouldn’t want to see you worry over your little ones. I certainly wouldn’t want anything to happen to your babies either.

Winter Storm Warning & Power Outages

By now, many of you should have had back up supplies on hand. I made a list sometime ago on another blog where I advised everyone on what they should probably start stocking up on throughout the years. That was in 2016.

I knew at that time that once the presidential election took place, that it was only a matter of time from that point forward, that apocalyptic signs would start to occur. Nevertheless, for all of those things that were said to come, it’s really important that you have those supplies on hand for many of the events. If the weather goes haywire, there’s an earthquake, or you live in a region where there’s water, you’re going to want to have extra supplies so that you can be safe and prepared. If you don’t visit the link, the list included batteries, matches, flashlights, extra food, and first aid kits. For me, I also went out and bought fire resistant blankets, a first aid kit,  sutures, rations, high calorie meal replacement bars, gallons of water, and gas masks (just to be safe). I also got a lot of other things but I don’t want to spend time listing all of it right now. There is something more important to talk about in regards to the events of today. The supplies definitely matter though.

As many of you know, there’s often propaganda that tries to get people hyped up enough that they go out and spend extra money by fear mongering. Just recently it was said on the news that there will be a horrific winter storm that may leave thousands of people without power. When we see Ukraine is having trouble with power outages, and then look at how a lot of other places were affected with power outages…It really does go to show that all of the previous predictions that I’ve made about power outages happening, are true. There are more happening today than ever before. There are many reasons why. Solar, flares, natural disasters, harsh weather conditions, and even issues that are created by men. 

This time, there’s definitely more than meets the eye with what will occur with the winter storm warning during the holidays. 

There have been so many  times in the past when a storm was predicted to come, and everyone would scurry to the stores, buying supplies and food until the shelves were empty and bare. Yes, how many times did those storms actually really take place to where everyone needed to act as if they were in a state of emergency? Well, a lot of times it wasn’t as serious as it was said that it would be. On top of that, there have been so many times that different news stories were deliberately played over and over again in order to distract the public from other things that they should have been informed about. Instead, those selected stories were used to cause a diversion. 

Is the winter storm real? You can ask the folks in Illinois, they’ll tell you that they’re definitely getting snow. That’s not the idea. The truth behind it is that while it’s a real storm, it’s a sign. Then again, that depends upon which definition of real we’re talking about here. 

Is the winter storm real in the sense that it is a natural occurrence? Or, is it real in the sense that it’s really happening but was created by artificial means? HAARP is definitely behind this one. For many, they don’t believe that the facility has the ability to alter the weather. However, when we go back to the days of the Vietnam war, they had the technology even back then where they could seed the clouds and create rain. If that was a reality then, imagine how much more is possible now that technology has had half a century to advance even more! Usually when there is a weather or natural disaster, the heavens will always tell me whether it is something that was created by nature, or if it was man-made. In this case, my visions informed me that this storm is definitely man made. Why is it being done?

Going back to what I said earlier, news stories have always been a way for the government to use the media in order to distract the public from things that are going on that they don’t want them to know about. If people are more worried about the holiday season, and the storm on top of it, that’s definitely a distraction by itself. But when you add the fact that people might have to be without power and then add the rush of having to go out to buy supplies just in case, it definitely keeps them busy.

This is happening, because of what I’m about to predict, and it’ll take place over the holiday. This is  in regards to the war in Ukraine.

Please keep in mind that I still have to be somewhat careful in what I post, especially because of who is in office at this time. I was cautious about saying too much when it came to the last president. Yet with this one, it’s a little bit different. It’s a little more dangerous.

While it seems that the American president isn’t quite “all there” (God bless him), it’s the people that are working through him while using him as a face front who are the ones that we have to worry about. It’s true that he has many ties as well. However, he’s definitely suffering from dementia, and that lessens the power. It’s the administration that he came from and still works for, who is our true threat. We’ll, it’s everyone associated, even the president himself in a lot of ways. 

I hated the racism and womanizing of the former president, but I try to see good in everyone and everything. I am balanced. I don’t allow my personal emotions to get in the way of my righteous judgment. Even though there were a lot of horrible points to feel about our former president, he did have some valid things to say when it came to bettering the country. The same goes with our current president. He made a lot possible for the LGBTQ communities. He made it so that no one could discriminate against them by withholding health care or therapies that they need. I respect that. 

But the truth is, both our deceptive and self-serving individuals who have really gotten involved in a lot of things that as leaders, they shouldn’t have. What’s going on today regarding the presidency, and the many things happening all over the world, it’s sheer corruption. People are told what to think, and believe in. If enough propaganda goes behind something, it’ll get most of society hyped up. They’ll see not only what they’re told to, but what they want to see from that point forward as well. That’s why it’s very difficult for anyone to really grasp the truth of what’s happening today. 

In that case, I’m going to hold off a little longer before I really break things down in regards to all of that, and I’ll just go into the prediction. Yes I do, keep in mind that there’s something hidden beneath the surface of everything I’m saying here. I hope that anyone out there that has been taught well by me, can catch on. Let’s take a look at the prediction.

There will be a “Trojan horse” in regards to the war in Ukraine. Something big will happen over Christmas. The war between Russia and Ukraine will escalate by means of a disguised and unexpected blind sided attack. Russia will be blamed for it. Yet it won’t be Russia’s doing. However, I think that people should expect something to happen over the holidays. It’s evident that there’s no end in sight for this war yet, not anytime soon.

Like I’ve said, I don’t side with any political party. I don’t support the current system. While I do follow the laws to be a law abiding citizen, I still don’t pledge my allegiance to any nation or any side of the democracy. That’s because I’ve always known that the government has always been corrupt . And that’s why I feel that it would be in everybody’s best interest if I continue in my efforts of trying to put out information that is beyond the surface of things. This would help everyone to have a deeper insight as to what’s going on in the world around them. I really feel that spirituality and politics certainly don’t mix. However, when it comes to heavenly prophecies about such things, I have to mix them together because things that people need to know may relate to politics or government, world issues, natural disasters, etc. 

Regarding this? I’m not certain as to whether anyone will come to find out what happened after it has happened, because I feel that they’re going to try to cover it up. The power in the storm car to create a distraction so that people won’t be paying attention to it as much. All that I know is that there will be a step taken to escalate the war to a new height. I can’t be too specific.

If anyone remembers from my previous blogs, it was already mentioned that eventually there will come a time where others involve themselves in a larger war on a worldwide scale. Since Iran and Russia are tied, the US and Israel will then also have ties. This will lead them to battle. By that time, it will involve other countries that side with one or the other. Eventually, it’ll take them to a mutual fighting ground in a specific location that many won’t think to recognize. 

Overall, what happens will be a deciding factor in what direction the world goes in from there. There are a lot of signs when it comes to the story of itself and the location said it’s affecting the most. HAARP is located in Alaska and if you look at the screenshots below, a lot of the stormy weather seems to be brewing up around that region. It goes over the United States, and it’s even hitting the UK, and around Korea. These areas are the ones that are mainly involved in what’s happening. Even the Middle East is experiencing sun, unpleasant weather. And all of it is cycling back in and around the globe. We even have a few tropical storms going on, on top of earthquakes that seem to be taking place one after the other.

Prophecy, Prophecies, world issues, war in Ukraine, virus, flesh eating bacteria, winter storm Elliot, asteroids, earthquakes, angels, end times
United States
Prophecy, Prophecies, world issues, war in Ukraine, virus, flesh eating bacteria, winter storm Elliot, asteroids, earthquakes, angels, end times
Alaska into Russia
Prophecy, Prophecies, world issues, war in Ukraine, virus, flesh eating bacteria, winter storm Elliot, asteroids, earthquakes, angels, end times
Prophecy, Prophecies, world issues, war in Ukraine, virus, flesh eating bacteria, winter storm Elliot, asteroids, earthquakes, angels, end times
Russia, UK, Middle East

Last but not least, the government has been using energy weapons. I’ve been talking about this since as early as 2013. Many people thought that it was just a conspiracy theory. However, I knew that it wasn’t. Back in 2020 and 2021, not only did biochemical biological warfare begin in the form of upgraded viruses, but the government also launched energy attacks in certain locations, especially closer toward government areas. Just recently, an energy weapon was unleashed in the United States, Russia, and Ukraine. This has happened twice this year alone. The most recent date was December 19. I’m not going to go into who sent what, to who. But it’s very important to realize that these energy levels are extremely damaging to your spiritual energy. Therefore, it’s even more damaging to your physical health. 

I’ve seen symptoms, even in my own family, for those who have had their protection wear off. The unconditional quality of my nature was moved with sympathy and compassion when I was told about the symptoms that they were experiencing, and the symptoms that I saw with my own eyes myself. I was very happy that I kept up with doing full. Spirit body cleanse is on them, but I had to redo them just recently to make sure that everything was in order. I highly recommend that while you safeguard yourself from viruses and many other things, you follow the advice in my other blog on keeping your spiritual energy healthy. I understand that there are a lot of people out there that can’t provide the spiritual cleansing that they may need for themselves or their family members, and the tips in the blog while not as sufficient as the clearings are… They most certainly can help. I hope that you use the tips!

Please make sure that you take good care of your children throughout time because of all of the viruses. Stay 100% prepared for any potential disasters to take place and be sure to keep yourself prepared for the winter weather ahead. If possible, stay up-to-date with everything happening with Ukraine, etc. You will also notice a lot of other countries start getting tied into all of this. Have faith. This information is being given not to bring anyone down, but to protect those who read it. Stay strong and keep moving toward your successes and enlightenment! I’ll keep you all in my prayers always, and I truly do hope that if you have any questions or need anything you’ll come to me.

Have a happy holiday regardless! Your family and your life are both precious blessings. Value them.

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