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9/ 10/ 2018 Weekly Reading

Divine blessings! Another wonderful reading for this week ahead! Enjoy!


This week the High Priestess leads the way. She represents faith in her feminine power, as she is the counterpart to The Magician, who just left our graces last week. With the High Priestess appearing, that means that your intuition is going to be pretty sharp. You have a lot of Goddess energy to draw off of, in order to make your paths straight, successful, and happy. But don’t let the High Priestess underestimate you. For every positive, there is a negative. Sometimes, those represented by the High Priestess card, can have some tricks up their sleeves just like The Magician. Tricky, seductive, and enchanting, she will try to lure in anyone whom she feels, can provide some advantage for her. Her manipulative ways could be used for a positive reason though.

She represents all three feminine aspects of the moon. The maiden, the mother, and the crone. This means that you can look within yourself this week, as to where you are now, but also look backwards into your younger years in the past, in order to find the strength that you will need in the future. That is because, if you are fighting to build something for yourself, sometimes you have to draw the life experience and wisdom from being on a journey through your life, and then to use the magic that is found in the wisdom, to make it and succeed. Even for change!

The Moon represents the subconscious and fears that a person may have. The High Priestess with the Moon, tries to get you to reflect on maybe some comfort zones that still need to be overcome. It also asks you, as to what may be in your subconscious mind that is holding you back from tapping into your own inner goddess power. The Moon is the darker side of the tree of life, so it asks you to maybe dig into that part of yourself and learn more about who you are, and how that plays a role in where you’re going. Be careful though, sometimes The Moon has it’s deceptive side too, and has the ability to cast self deception and illusion. Perhaps, all of the self deception is what you need to get past, in order to finally move forward? Look deeper to the inner self. The answers are there. Don’t deny your intuition either. Your spirit guides are always sending confirmations in life, and The High Priestess with The Moon together, are both saying that you will be sensitive this week and need to pay careful close attention, and not misjudge your intuitive notions. Don’t go all counter intuitive that is! Emotions when heightened during intreospection work, can really upset what you are picking up on, giving you an illusion of the truth, rather than the truth itself.  Trust what you receive, but analyze this based on what you can within the depths of your mind from life experience.

The Page of the Pentacles, represents where you are headed on your path in your journey. Are you willing to learn from your past mistakes or the mistakes of others around you? Are you ready to put down self-deception and the mask of illusion that sometimes people have a tendency to wear, when they cannot come face-to-face with the depth of their subconscious mind or themselves? Are you afraid of what you know you have to do? Or, do you fear that you won’t succeed? Maybe, you need to find out why? Is there legitimate reason to fear? You need the Hidden Truth.

If you can be honest with yourself by digging into your feminine power and the subconscious both, it can help you to find the answers that you need, to move forward. The Page of Pentacles is all about learning and development. But unlike the other Pages in the deck, the Page of Pentacles realizes that he does not know everything, and that’s what makes him have a higher rate of success for later.

In other words, seek higher advising if you feel stuck, or have the inability to move forward on your path. Once you start to learn what it is that you have placed on your own path as a blockage by digging into the back of the mind and the past, then you can become like the Page of Pentacles yourself, ready for full apprenticeship in life that leads towards a strong foundation of success later on. Seek your inner innocence and bring back the enthusiasm that you once had on your path, in order to make a huge turnaround after all of the energies that seemed to put everybody in a bad place. Now is the time to use the positive energy for the higher good. Believe in yourself, do the right thing, and go inward. Solutions are found in those things, but if things are still unclear, ask for help. You need to learn, and that’s okay. Knowing that you have come a far way, but still have some to go, is the first step towards really heading out for the destination in your journey. Above all be true to yourself.

This week all three cards are saying to nurture, reflect, and be honest. Let your experience guide you towards the future. Everything is mirror in life, and you can learn especially from using your intuition with the reflection of The Moon on the waters of life. Then this leads to the perfect path of the initiate, and later on towards mastery.

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