Angel Sabathiel


This article is about our beloved angel Sabathiel. This angel is one who represents spiders. A very powerful angel, but not in archangel them self… this beloved messenger brings forth tidings of upset vibrations that need to be cleared or looked at.

Mostly, messages will come in a positive way. as maybe you are out and about, and you start to think of someone randomly, who has caused some stress in your life. You don’t feel badly about it, but you are just reflecting on it. This is helping you to gain the message from your interactions and your connection with them, but also that you do need to clear out your tie.

Usually, most people do not look at the lesson is that the people around them. They merely just associate the relationship with them, from the emotional connection only. However, there is much wisdom to be gained in every person that you meet. But when your time with them is done, you have to move on. And you cannot allow your interactions with them to have gone in vain. Even enemies have great significance.

Angel Sabathiel is the angel of reflective work upon those who are in your relative consciousness. That includes family, friends, peers, associates, teachers, coworkers, and even your enemies too. In this, you will find that it works just like a spider’s web. Usually, in a web there is either a matriarch or patriarch. That means that there is a mother or father spider who has created the web or the collective. This could be yourself or the leader of your family, school, your boss, or even the person that has introduced you to negative people who have become enemies, interweaving you into their connection of  friends. And so on.

So let’s say everybody is in the web together. Obviously, you have connections into the matrix all around you, connections to your family collective, and everything I’ve mentioned above. There are many networks! So let’s say that you and those around you are the insects that get caught in the web. You all could be in the web for positive intentions or negative. The web may have been created for positive intentions or negative. Nevertheless, there interconnecting lines in it. These are called soul ties.

There are others who are closer to some than others on that line in the web, but even the there’s who are at a distance, matter. So let’s say you were there just peacefully hanging out on your line in the web minding your own business. Then all of a sudden somebody comes and lands on that line, or was already there. Still, they have a ton of bad karma that’s now starting to shake things up a bit. You may not even know it, but you’re both sharing the same line, so it does affect you. Imagine that the line starts to get so shaky that now everybody on it including yourself, can’t really hang on too much anymore. The vibrations are too intense. Like two men walking a tight rope, if the other guy at the other end started jumping around, the other person on the other end of the tight rope is going to fall off. It works the same way in the greater web, of everyone that you are connected to around you. Any upset vibrations in that entire web are going to affect everybody altogether. The web it’s self will collect the energy accordingly, just like any other web. When dew is outside, dew collects all over the web.


Sabathiel is the angel over those who are keeping the webs. And this is on either side of the spectrum. That’s why he has been known as a fallen angel, and also as a good one, to many different people. In truth, he is known as a Malakim. It is a species of Angel, who is  neutral. They’re in the middle of both sides of the fence. This angelic soul, rules over the spiders who are weaving the webs so to speak. Anybody who has created a collective of people through friendship, and also family, is considered to be the spider so to speak. Usually, that will be the strongest person that everybody goes to for help, advice, and to know what to do. Spiders often sit back and just observe what’s going on in the web until they know the exact moment to creep in silently and take action. it truly depends upon whether that spider intends on eating whoever’s on the web or not LOL. Let’s just pretend for a minute that there is no eating here LOL.

For the sake of the example, let’s say this is a vegetarian spider, who just wants to keep everybody in the web safely. Everybody on the web means everything to them. This is a collective of everybody that has ever meant anything to this individual. However, if there is somebody in the web upsetting it, either they’re going to shake things up so much that they and the nearest person to them, fall off. Or the spider needs to go and throw one of them self. Because eventually, the vibrations are going to travel through the web and upset everybody on it no matter their distance in it. Although, the vibration won’t be as strong as it travels through the Web itself. Vibrations tend to slow down the further out that they go from the source. But, it will still have some affect on everyone. That’s why some people who are closest to others, experience what the person is going through directly with them. While others may just empathically receive it. This is why sometimes you may randomly think of somebody and come to find out that they were having a hard time. All the while, you may be having some bad luck too, not knowing that it was because of the other person’s bad luck. The point is, this angel is responsible for looking out for everyone to make sure the vibrations don’t hurt anybody or cause issues. They protect and nurture those with them but, of course this could be used as a negative as well, if the spider is weaving the web for their own narcissistic intentions. he watches for alliances that are formed in webs too. This way he can observe the networks that support the different areas in soul tie connections, groups, and family too.

We will leave that for another time. Sabathiel rules spiders and vibrations, as well as the lines or ties that bind. As a messenger in this area and field, he tries to provide warnings to others, that may be getting ready to feel some intense vibrations from something happening with in the collective. Don’t forget that the heavens are also a collective too, in the connections of the Celestial bodies. The upset energy could also come from the planets and stars.

This angel connects to the number eight, and even though we already have a ruler over this number, he works within that Legion. Therefore, everyone in that legion will also represent this value, for the leader who exists to exercise it. Eight is an equalizer. This means that the number it’s Self actually represents being balanced but if someone tips a little bit to one side or the other in the yin yang, then it’s got the power to either create or destroy. Back to the spider example, if someone is upsetting the web, they have to be eliminated or the whole web will shake, everyone on it will be effected, and eventually…the web itself will tear and fall apart. Sabathiel looks after collectives, their ties, and acts as the spider himself, observing until assistance is needed. With number eight involved, this is about having control, either to have better structure and order, as well as organization… or to put a stop on something, bringing it to a halt. It works perfectly with our example. Spidey senses tingle, and Sabathiel comes to the rescue alerting everyone involved, that ther eis an issue, but in different ways.


Sabathiel has worked for me, in many times that he has warned me of interferences in the planets, and in shifts of energy that I warned those in my own groups about. My family, my friends, and my fans. Spiders have angelic traits believe it or not. Sabathiel and many angels see in all directions, and can spot an enemy through vibrations on their web before the interference even strikes. They will remain still, do nothing, like angels do, until its time. They won’t call anyone out. They will merely attack off of their web, until danger is cleared. Angels defend the heavens the same way, and no one even sees it coming.

Sabathiel is an angel of retribution too. I actually respect this angelic being very much due to things I have observed in him. He is masculine, as he has no time for the soft feminine quality, except when he is being nurturing.  Sabathiel appears as a spider, and also sometimes delivers messages in using empathy if the person is in tune with theirs enough. this angel is associated with the planet Saturn. However, he is stationed in the one of the seven heavens of Earth for a time until his rule is over. That will happen when the ruling angels here, pass their rulership onto the next group, in the turning of the age.

Always remember, that Sabathiel is an angel of retribution, warning, protection, connection, communication, structure, authority, stabilization, and balance. If you ever need his help, call out to him, but be prepared to clear some things in your life if you do.

Sabathiel will also relays his message in a person seeing the number eight alot and in sequences. He appears in gold and red spheres as well.