Angelic Herald: June 4, 2020- The Two Witnesses

Harken unto the voice of the angels. How many listened so far? This is all so real and every message that we bring is one that proves true. Now listen as more is revealed:

I am Angel Alariel, also known on Earth as Alura Cein. Many of you working with me had seen the number sequence 444, many times. This is why: Alura in numeric addition adds up to 8. 8 is a sum of 4+4. Alura equals 4+4. Cein equals 4 alone. Therefore, 444. Four in numerology represents hard work, mind, body, spirit, and emotion which altogether symbolize the Goddess. The divine feminine. The divine feminine brings creation together, in order to become fertile and produce. She carries the seed that bares the fruit. It was said: ” By their fruits you will know them”. And the fruits that I have produced are ones of love, better change, wisdom, and virtue. I produced prophecies according to the future and for each person individually, which have always come true. My “eye” has brought insight from other divine beings or from within my own divinity. However, the wisdom and ability to see into the forbidden and unknown has always been only in the name of “The One”. It has always been in the name of everyone’s potential happiness, and purification into transcendence. It has always been to prepare and safeguard those who can still love, and in that love…still seek.

I come this time to speak for the nations and the planet. Not regarding its leaders, but instead it’s people.

“People I know you hurt, I know your pain. I know you miss the former days of nostalgia. I do too. When I was a little girl I would go running home from sleep overs in fear of losing my parents due to the order of things being changed. I did this even when I slept at my aunts house only just right across the street. At the age of 18, I saw a vision on the train with my friend where my eyes rolled to the back of my head and I dropped in front of 50 passengers, at the magnitude of what I saw. I saw the four horsemen of the apocalypse but the meaning of this was not the same as religious leader had interpreted it. I saw that it meant not the end but a change. I saw that this also meant chaos during the change. No. It wasn’t the end, but the last age of man and their leaders in spirit form, and an end to their rule. The world would be in chaos.

I lost my own Earth father in October of 2019 and two months later, after the ball dropped for the new year of 2020, I cried. While others toasted champagne, I cried in knowing that the predictions that were made all of my life, and then repeated again in 2019 anew for the Angelic Herald were about to happen. My friends and family asked me what was wrong. Feeling badly in being just about to ruin their night… I told them.

Right now, as of May 31, 2020 the pandemic and civil unrest that I warned everyone about, takes place. The protesting itself was organized. It is said to be in the name of George Floyd who was wrongfully killed by an officer. But honestly, such a large multi-city event would not had happened so quickly had there not been any help or motivation. Also, the leaders, and the police both seem to do minimal. “I can’t breathe” is not only pertaining to Mr.Floyd’s last words but to the virus that leaves many without the ability to breathe. Think ventilators? People are hurting inside and they find that they are struggling and now in a lot of ways to bring themselves together call a plate for their lives on unemployment and now I’m trying to keep their homes that recently were protected by the laws if they couldn’t pay rent. Now, that protection has been taken away. I know how badly it hurts them and I can feel the pain in the air.

How great it would be could people finally have their lives back to normal. But many will have to re-define what that sense of normalcy is. It is a very hard time in the world today but it doesn’t have to be. If you are feeling down in the chaos, just keep in mind that the people need to stand up for their rights and without violence… it’s good that they do so. For those of you like me, remaining behind the secure doors of your own and within the safe perimeter of your own yard… make this your peaceful sanctuary. Make it as you would dream so that you can live in your home almost as if living in your own fairytale.

To feel good at this time:

1. Cook! Make tasty dishes. Enjoying good food and with a few people that you love can bring something to look forward to.

2. Exercise. Go for evening walks. Early morning bike rides. Yoga before full sunset or meditation at the golden hour. It will make you feel invigorated.

3. Take hikes in nature. Don’t just stick to the trail! Explore! The woods have treasures in nature to find.

4. Do charity work.

5. Find inspiration from your angels as to what to do.

6. Get some coaching! It helps to have support and motivating encouragement.

7. Pray, do little meaningful rituals when things are too much.

8. Have faith. There will be long terms effects but aren’t all permanent. Although things will be chaotic for awhile but if you need help learning how to work around limits, how to deal with the new consciousness people have taken on, coaching could be the answer. My courses open the mind and explain mysteries of what’s happening today. I have taught people how to work around it. But positive affirmations help, staying busy and doing good things for your mind, body, and soul will make a difference.

To prophesy….

The two witnesses have already had their time! The prophet John first saw this and was told that the court of God’s temple would be given to the nations. This means that the essence of Holy Spirit would be held from the people. Indeed it has, since many say that they feel its absence and many are declaring that they now disbelieve. John was also told that the holy city would be trampled by the nations for 42 months. During that period for 1,260 days (or 42 months, or 3½ years), two witnesses would be granted authority to prophesy. They are described as two olive trees and two lampstands who stand before the Lord of the earth. You see it says Earth?

The lord of the Earth. But many saw it said lord and thought of Heavenly Father, when it shows that this is a ruler of this material world. Both witnesses are able to devour their enemies with fire that flows out of their mouths. Also, they have power over the sky and waters and are able to strike the earth with plague. The beast overcomes them and then the two witnesses are resurrected.

This is all symbolic. Power over the sky, waters means that they have power over the “streaming” internet, WiFi. Which is how they are able to devour their enemies by fire…. their angry words. In other words the beasts takes them down. Things said, are not to be as they are said exactly.

Look to see great devastation in the world but more so in the United States. Now is a time to prepare yourselves for a change of things in the dynamic of society. The racial prejudice will change. You will see a great shift in how society treats one another from the opposite view. In the meantime, we see one of the beasts fueling the violence as he speaks in condoning reckless behavior and pulls strings for laws to be pulled back to protect those who riot. The two witnesses is painted as a monster. The wolves in sheep’s clothing indeed. It has been listed before and now to add:

1. Be aware of the coming false prophet. They will be mixed with spiritual and racial notions that lead to more lawlessness although some may make sense, they are worded to. Don’t fall into the deception.

2. The two witnesses will taken down by the beast indirectly through society but he will rise again and its true he won’t go without a fight even though his life is in danger and eventually his life will be taken. The there are two beasts one with 7 heads and another with 10 heads and then lady mysteries (the occult) who rides one.

3. The economy gets a bigger hit, more homelessness, and poverty.

4. Hunger games state of life- rich and poor are divided.

5. War! Foreign and war among society, white supremacy groups get involved!

6. Oil is jeopardized

7. Major weather disasters! Weather will slow protests but there will be hurricanes of extreme like the other Herald predicted and a huge Earthquake.

8. Spread of Covid 19 at huge magnitude. Think biblical 144,000.

The USA will have a nazi like country. And other predictions will come true from the other heralds. Be prepared with back up supplies. It’s all under the two witnesses.