Angelic Herald: The Battle

Distraction and The Onset Continued…

The virus was used as a way to break down the economic systems, not only of one nation but of all of them. Protests were also paid for, to cause great chaos and distraction. This was to show the breaking down of the old system of things. Pretty soon people will find that food becomes scarce. Has everybody struggles with employment and financial issues, food itself will be starting to also rise in price while other items start to slowly disappear. Vegetation is also having a hard time in growing or staying fresh. This is because of the toxicity of the rainwater in which we predicted, would be poisoned. It’s in the oceans in the lakes, and there will be even more to come. It is a time where people need to be most ready for what happens next, as all of this was not only a distraction for some thing under the scenes, but the onset of something else.

Abominable Agenda: The New Generation

How is it that all of these things that we have foretold, have come to pass… If we are not indeed real? It is apparent that we must be real in existence if all of the things that we have sent in messages to earth, has come to pass. You will certainly need to resume searching through the other Heralds, to see these predictions more clearly manifesting. We predicted that there would be a huge revealing in regards to someone well known that would be responsible for criminal acts. This happened multiple times since we predicted it. That is because what we say doesn’t only pertain to one thing happening in that light, but many. Just as Metatron said previously before us, we speak on many levels in many meanings. One thing can mean multiple things. And so as you watch you will come to find that there will still yet be the release of information regarding those that are well known and things that they have done that are unthinkable. Gabriel once said that while the system allows things that were of abomination before, to be released more and more in media and a monks of people, that those who secretly desired those immoral acts, would start to participate openly, revealing the real criminals now that the crimes were said to be OK. We predicted that there would be more talk of incest and pedophilia, and look, there is more and more propaganda coming about on television, and even subliminally added to Halloween decorations. Who could think of harming children? Only those that participated in such deeds! It is abominable! How could anyone seek to justify the disruption of an innocent soul through taking them into such an adult act before they are even mature? Why can’t children just remain as children, until they are at an age where they are ready to grow up? Their hormones aren’t even fully expanded nor are their bodies fully developed. Parents will have such anger and aggression towards this with their very own children being at risk. If anyone should ever try to come onto their child, just because it is legal, you will see many fathers and mothers act out even in murder. You will find that as a result. We are not about holding you to every old tradition, not even to religion, nor holiday. We are not about in forcing people to believe anything other than what their heart truly leads them to, if they are given accurate advice and teaching. Still, there has to remain boundaries on earth as to what is OK, and what is not. It has been left to the people to determine this and that is why this is the age of the reversed pentagram.

This will be the sign that you see popping up all over because it is truly representative of the fall of man. It is the symbol of man’s defiance of the gods of the heavens. And that is taking place during the age which has not fully been revealed but yet hidden, the age of the horned one.

The agenda, Spirits, and your children

The agenda’s system is the inheritance of the generations as the former generation is very rapidly passing away. Others who remain, are stuck adopting it without question because they live in a state of delusion. Look at the children for an example! We had Alura prophesy the children and teens would take on the leviathan and Jezebel spirits. In that, we see it in the behavior of kids today. Parents ask yourself, haven’t your children rapidly taking on the identity of someone you don’t recognize? Aren’t your children becoming sexually interested too soon and all of a sudden? Aren’t your children rebelling and talking back in anger and aggression, where they hadn’t done so just a year or two ago? Haven’t your children started to rebel and disobey more so even as early as the age of 11 or 12 now… Whereas, when you were younger it started more so into your later teens?

As we have said many times before, spirit cannot interfere with the physical world because we are made out of another body. Therefore to even interact, we need your mind and your hands. But many will not be open to it, because just as we were moving in to do some thing in order to help humanity, we were quickly closed out due to a cloud of dark consciousness created by 5G.

It was a perfect hidden excuse to create a whole new web of energy that crosshatch through their wireless waves. It wasn’t only just used for cell phones. As a dark consciousness was going up all around the world but yet not spoken of publicly, the web started to create its power. That generated energy that caused dark consciousness. Yes it is true that the 5G was an artificial intelligence that controlled your own consciousness. Your own consciousness being made of electricity itself, then being affected by the wireless electricity in the air from the 5G. It made it so that many started to not only feel effects but be wide open. When you’re not aware as much, Spirits are able to use that as an opening to interfere. Alongside of that, new spiritual practices years ago were introduced. Not only did they urge you to meditate to open your mind, but also explore practices that they knew very well, attracted spirits of the lower vibration. But all the while, the 5G and other resources that not only control the weather but also explore the God particle…were responsible for creating rips and tears in the veil.

The children’s consciousness being so young, open enough already and vulnerable, acted as an opening for spirits to take on an even younger physical life for themselves to walk into. Having these type of spirits interfering with their way of thinking, caused anger, and immoral behavior. amazing enough is that all of this had already been a plan from so very long ago. With the children being so open, spiritually influenced, it would make it easier for the agenda to work its way through them to create a new generation. It would even work in terms of the child pedophilia, because their children themselves will be influenced spiritually to go along with it.

Truly I saying to you, anyone harming any of the innocent, will come to a great judgment.

Parents and Reflections

A quick note to the parents, many are coping with trying to protect their child/children and get them back to themselves again. But they will have such a hard time in doing so. Still, you will never take the advice that is needed in order to save your child from a future demise which will be created by their actions. You are too distracted and when you are not, your mind is suddenly forced into a state of tiredness. Why do you fear your children so much that you don’t want to take leadership? Put them into their proper place and restrict them from having access to the same electronics that put ideas into their mind and carry the same consciousness that opens it up enough to a spiritual interferences.

The sleeping- Wake up

 What of that sudden tiredness, the same one that you yourself don’t even know where it comes from. Think about that? Why hasn’t anybody questioned as to why they feel suddenly fatigued out of nowhere? Yes for those who are getting revelations, it is explainable. What about the a really average people? Why are they experiencing symptoms of being completely drained and falling asleep, where those they may have had a great deal of energy just a few minutes prior? It’s coming from the dark consciousness created by 5G, the spiritual interferences, and the toxins in the air that create sleepiness. Even the flu that was unleashed, had properties do it along with the biological weapon that was sprayed into the air… That would create tiredness. What will you do now? How will you come to fight against the powers? It will be very difficult because many who try to fight back by getting themselves motivated for a better change…will just suddenly be reset into going along with things the next day. You will need constant reminding and motivation with positivity and love… To even begin to fix things. how much lower can the 3-D world become? As harsh as the energies are, people who suck in the repetitive loop of purgatory with the same day, a day in and day out. You must awaken yourself quick! don’t give into the powers by syncing with them. Instead stick to your spiritual journey, pray and try the best that you can to remain aware so that you can fight against the things that are used on those who are unaware. Get insight from your angels, we will give you guidance and advice. You mustn’t allow them to take you backwards and your consciousness and spirit, while taking you forward into an abominable agenda. That’s right! The spirits are not only influencing children, but everyone…. even though the young are more susceptible. Be sure to always look within yourself and ask yourself through reflection, as to whether you are the person that you were so happily becoming before? Are you better or worse than you were years ago? Awareness of the self will help in going forward with positive changes that are needed in order to combat these awful things. 

The Predictions

The last of Metatron’s Riddle

People listen now, you know nothing of what darkness is nor the light. Instead you reside within the spaces that are created by shadows, the gray.  and still you know nothing of that either. You are either one extreme or the other but never truly living in the in between except to only reside there. If you could really see the world built around you and what is hidden underneath of the surface of its illusion, would you even care? Those whose eyes have been made open, can see the falling of man’s grace. It is as the plan had shown. “He” who set the agenda in motion. He is called by many names. He is Belial, marked by the unicursal Star. It is this One who is responsible for much of what is happening today.

At this point there is too much danger lurking, that we cannot speak openly or directly. But let he who has an ear, listen. There is a great theater act that is being put on as entertainment for the public and for a king. The king himself had it written long before his time. It was actually staged for him long ago, and it was appointed that he put on this play, only during his time. Gathering together all of the actors who were already appointed to be in this theatrical display, readied themselves for the part of a lifetime. At first it was the jester who was given a Kings crown in his play alone, to portray the king. He often wondered to himself what it would be like to take the position as king permanently, rather being the jester. The final act called for the two jesters, a marionette, and a princess. But this time it would be different. Between the jester and marionette, whoever did the best job in entertaining the true king, would receive the gift of crown to wear at the end. And so the jester and the stringed marionette both went up against each other as enemies in a battle… where they had to joust with each other as the final act of the play. One, rode on a horse with a beautifully positioned red saddle. The other rode a blue one. They stuck their jousts up high in the air, a flag the same color as their saddle, attached to the tip of their jousting rods. The jester said aloud: “How can a marionette be King? He doesn’t move without someone manning his strings? Some days he will dance as marionettes do, and other days he will rest on shelf put away. You can’t trust a stringed doll, if you can’t see who really pulls the strings. A marionette thinks not for himself!”

Riding head to head, they lifted their jousts high but no one knew that each had added more padding under their armor and hid a sharpened glaive at the end of their pole. Cheaters the both of them! But wasn’t it just an act? The King owned the theatre, and all of the players were employed by him were they not? Even both of these competitors? Indeed!

An interruption! A distraction! And just at that moment they had struck each other with a devastating blow, sending each other flying off of their steeds. Only one could win the prize of acting as King for the King himself… who was in hiding. Both fell, but neither injured? Who could tell? All the while, the play had been merely a distraction so that the King’s subjects wouldn’t know that their richly appearing kingdom was so poor that neighboring kingdoms were at each other’s neck. It made everyone a peasant, and the coins that the people had been earning, fake. Valueless coal painted silver and gold. The Play hid that there was a plague, purposely spread about. The king hid that they wanted to reconstruct his kingdom at its fall, into a playground for all. He hid his dark nature behind his charm and smile. He used the jester to blame it all on, since most of the truth was coming out under the jester being disguised as a King. But yes, the jester may had acted like a clown but he was in fact no fool! He too, had taken advantage of his prestigious position. He too had done many bad things. Yet unlike the others, he still had pity and knew that his wealth was based on the health of the people. He had long before, started slowly sending messengers to leak parts of the truth.

It never mattered who actually won the joust. A winner was always chosen. The jester had exclaimed he wasn’t going anywhere at all… or at least not easily. Announcing the winner struck the kingdom even outside of the theatre in distress. Violence, unrest, and even proposed danger to both the marionette and jester came to erupt.

The winner blazed in a fury of fire, as his horse lifted him with his nose to fling him back into his saddle. They trotted in great pride. He merged with his horse, both becoming one, and fire beneath their feet as they galloped. Yet they and the loser could not stop arguing. The winner sat on his horse and even as the kingdom around him saw violence and some destruction… he remained smiling. Proud he had won the crown. Would be stay on the throne though? Or would the princess eventually step in?

The people slowly submitted into the new way under the King, and then later welcomed the princess’s leadership. The public slipped into a sleepiness, as if they were not present but in a dream. This allowed the king and his theatre of players to make the theatre and kingdom into an empire of shadows. And that was it. The plague worsened first. The people became poorer. They became more destructive. And, yet carried on in a daze as if they were sleep walking.

I am that I am, Archangelic Divine, Barbiel.

The sum of it…. what to do…

Many of the predictions are going to coincide with ones that were previously made in other Heralds. The predictions that we made weren’t just referring to only one incident, but to many that will come, increasing throughout time. Right now the main focus is that we are awaiting see the outbreak of trials that will occur because of the exchange of power, and the deepening tribulation that will continue.

Explore the previous heralds as they still unfold. As to what to do, everybody should brace themselves for all of these predictions above and the ones hidden in the riddle too. Make sure that they have the appropriate emergency tools in their homes. This will not change the outcome of what happens in the future according to the earth and how it responds. We angels here in the heavens can clearly see that there will be an uproar on the earth and showing it through horrendous weather. It will not be the last heard of the jester. But the people will see that they made the wrong choice in the long run. Or did they? Each, the jester and the marionette both… Were playing for the same side just in opposite ends of the jousting arena. Therefore, in truth the king did not lose either way. It didn’t matter whether it was the jester or the marionette, or the princess. All were playing a role in distracting the public from the things that they really needed to be prepared for. Such as such a huge overwhelming time of poisonous toxicity of life. This applies not only in society, but in the health of the planet and of the people. Eventually, it will shift into a time where we will see so many changes. Be vigilant .

End Note From Alura

The 2020 elections are going to be pretty wild Ha? Nevertheless, you have to live your life to the fullest. Just because there are so many issues and problems out there in the world, you can’t allow that to bring you down as it has. You must get out there in the world and explore it. While other things are being affected negatively, you can only contribute your time, charity donations, or effort to help but don’t invest your entire spirit and emotions into it so that you feel down and lack the motivation that you need to keep going forward. You are an amazing soul dear reader and you must always nourish your soul with what’s good. Stay positive, only we can change the world together.

Update and slight interpretation found here: The Battle continued…