Angelic Herald: The Clock Strikes

I am the messenger and once Saint, Mary Magdalene. At one time, I was a sinner. Howbeit, I had found forgiveness in the heavens. The people of this world can too. It was upon seeing the teachings and prophecies of our Master teacher that I devoted my life to the pathway of enlightenment. While many misunderstood some of his words or re-interpreted them, myself being there personally had shown me so many things that no one could have dreamed of before. I learned that I have the ability to understand heaven unlike many others who submit to earthly-based teachings. After he taught me so much about how to reach the light, I learned how to heal myself. My learning wisdom the first time, made me think that I new everything. I had even known secrets of things that many others did not, but that was not the half of it. When I went deeper and deeper in understanding of how to master life here in this world, it was almost as if my eyes that I had thought were open already had some sort of veil removed from them. It was remarkable and I was never the same. Many can reach this altered state as well but it is in human nature that when the masses are down, that others quickly follow. Because of everything happening in your world today, many people are abandoning faith and blaming God. But how can God be blamed for the actions of people? They cannot hear his voice can they? They do not hear his words in order to listen to him on a daily basis do they? No, they do not. They only have an old book that is very good for mystical understanding but can only help in daily life so far.

Especially, with the changing of times humans need guidance and direction all of the time. It’s hard for them to break from the control that goes into their minds through technological devices that are used against them. The very devices that they use for their leisure and to stay in contact with what’s going on in the world, are the very things that are being used to watch and control them. It is not new, news.

All that it takes, is to try to see with the understanding that are being taught to those who are embracing those teachings. It is not the fault of the heavens that your world is in the condition it is in. Humans are living like robots. Many do not realize it because they live with feelings, thoughts they think they are their own, but the truth is that they are very much controlled because they go along with the times. Even their emotions change as a result. People are growing colder in your world and abandoning the idea of faith, compassion, and sympathy.

For everything that is taking place, you can blame every piece of trash you ever thought that you innocently threw on the ground. You can blame every water bottle that you threw, or every single gum wrapper or cigarette butt. Yes, those who didn’t recycle, used aerosols, or burned trash… must take accountability. Even in transportation. We do know that it is important for you to have the ability to get from one place to the other. But it has been at the expense of your planet. You can put blame upon the major corporations thatpump toxic fuels and smoke into the air. It is a truth that no one wants to face or accept their part in. Instead, humans are so programmed that once it is put out there in to the public socially that God may be the cause of things instead, they quickly adopt that reasoning because they cannot live with themselves nor do those who control the masses want to be blamed.

They know that people are looking for someone to blame instead and so they easily guide and direct them to point their fingers up to the heavens and get everyone to angrily shake their fists. Soon your world will be with out the idea of belief and faith, as the beast is prowling for take over. Besides that, human powers want to be God themselves. And their leaders become an “IT” as they seek a way to get in, in ways they could never before. Taking a design from powers above even them, they construct their vices. You see, one thing that God could do that the beast could not, was exist permanently in humankind. So he seeks to do so in other ways. God is in everything and around everything naturally. The only way for the beast to do so, is to do so artificially. 

Let me to enlighten you, as I once was. Your world will see that God is real as there will be an event that takes place that no one can inevitably deny. The beast will try to cover it which is partly why mankind is being permanently pushed into their homes. This way, while your minds are locked into the trappings of your world’s “eye”, you will miss out on that event. Those that see it though, will be in regret that they had forsaken God and everything that God is. Love, compassion, selflessness and understanding.

You know enough now to make it through the upcoming events. If not, be sure not to be fooled by the reinstatement of your freedom in life seemingly being back to normal. Right now, in order to try to prevent chaos in society it is being projected, that it is in the best interest for everyone to return back to their jobs. In the USA, the leader wants no blame either way. He does want everyone to come down on him in their anger for keeping life at a standstill nor does he wish to be angrily attacked for letting society move forward. He is wise only in this. And so, leaves it up to the people and the leader of their jurisdiction. But what he does not know is that it does not really matter. Humans in their own right, always seek to point the finger. This is how they have been with God for a very long time. He has left them alone as they wish, and they made mistakes in which they angrily turned against him. Another time that God has also provided assistance in which the people were not grateful and still turned around and angrily blamed him for their misuse of his help or provided necessities. There is a no win, when it comes to leadership. In the meantime, the recession will still exist in the world and the “plague” will become inflamed, settle, and become inflamed again. The first inflammation will create more chaos as people are angered that their lives were jeopardized even at their own desire to return to what they know of “normal” life. As it was predicted previously by the angels, funds would not, could not be spread and would run out. Those unemployed will be more angry while more and more seniors, criminals, and low income families will see death or utter hardship. Nothing has changed in what was said by those who came before me.

During all of this, what will you be doing? Some will be perfectly content, blessed by having and while not having the greatest of fun they will still be in a good state of living. Many of those people will blindly turn a cheek to those out there in the world who are struggling. Some who have it better than others, will see an opportunity to help her. Many who are in the pits of their rock bottom, will finally become fed up to want to seek a greater means. How many will just sit in their homes and wait? How many were thinking only of their self? Is this not a time to ponder how to rally together? Is this not a time to first turn inward and then take what you gained from that to the outer world? ~ Mary, the Saint

A word from Metatron

Much of what you see is a facade, an illusion. Especially, with the plague. The numbers are distorted as the timer on getting their new system is ticking. Believe me there was an illness, a biologically engineered plague sent to one country as a weapon that backfired on the enemies who sent it. But yet the numbers of illnesses are made up. The plague then used for commercial uses which is why celebrities were brought into it. The nation allowed mass hysteria to cause panic which anyone claiming symptoms was illegitimately added as a number for their ability to shut down the economy except major cooperations as the private business owners were suffered to shut down. Someone gets paid from it all, and there will come a time when there will be a time where communism rears it’s ugly grad again. Figures of social media mask the truth, they don’t censor what’s false, they censor the truth. Leaders grapple at the chance to use the enforced stay at home laws to stop elections to continue to lead. What Mary has said is true. Human powers are at fault. They take away your rights more and more every year and now, even faster.

To remove any spiritual thought or believe from a persons personal profile on their own social media that was given and promised them for use, is violation of their freedom of speech and a violation of their religious beliefs and their right to it. Now they are violating your rights of freedom to step out of your home. Imposing fear from the people. Indeed others have gotten sick. And yes it is of the communities mentioned. Jails, elderly, and even those considered low income. But this was all for the sake of adding financial gain back into the system for those running it. Not for you. And this is why it was predicted that there would not be enough funds for emergency or disaster relief. And that is exactly why that prediction came true and the fact that no one is getting the help they are promised.

Now is the time to enlighten your mind, strength in your soul, and remove your self from the programmed masses, by your understanding within your consciousness… which is your soul. It is time as a people to start fighting back.. Restore love and hope. Be optimistic and help those truly unwell and even those who are stricken by poverty and homelessness at this time. The numbers of people dying may not be true to the reports but there are many and it should be not at all. Let my words take to your heart before the events to come, begin to also take place as it was foretold by my kin and Alura. The clock is not only ticking for the powers there but for you as well. The house arrest that they have you all on is not just to cover the forming of the system but if is to hide war, disaster, our presence there, the presence of others, and the fact that your resources are poisoned. As the truth comes out more, the internet that you use will begin to have issue. Power will have issues. And the chaos we spoke of will begin. Open yourselves to “The One” again. Let the source in and fight through change. The beast is headed your way, a new way, new monetary means, a new social class setup, a new political formation, will become the order of things and it’s only a matter of time before the clock has stopped.

Truly I tell you, stay in for now. Be wise with your resources. Look for work online if not in those still hiring. Save up. But amplify your health. Strengthen your faith. Renew yourselves to your better selves. And free your mind. Trust not the Gods there but in the Gods here that your powers abandoned so long ago which is why your planet is in the state it is in. The heavens are watching just as much as “they” are and we will intervene when the timing is right. They know this which is why they try to establish things quickly. It won’t be for awhile, but those steadfast will see the reward.

Mary concludes:

Spend your time well in love, with both eyes open and not easily believing a lie. Become anointed with divine consciousness. While trying, keep in mind that we love you immensely.