Welcome to the site. As the first to ever introduce so many starseed soul types at Starseed Children and an angelic soul myself, I came up with this site in 2014 to help others learn more about the realms of both celestial and spirit.

The journey of exploring angels is a significant part of one’s spiritual journey as it helps them to develop a relationship with spirit through learning more about them. Here you will find info on:

1. Angel Bios
2. Prophecies from heaven
3. Traits on other spiritual beings
4. Starseeds
5. Lessons on the virtues
6. Descriptions of many spiritual realms and heavens
7. Earthbound spirits and demons
8. Living virtuously

In the years 2016- 2019, the angels foretold of all of the things that happened in 2020. They still tell me more of what is still yet to come. During these hard times in the world, the words of the angels who come through to communicate with me are comforting. They prepare everyone for what to expect. They also help everyone to understand the biggest question that many have… “why”?

Your membership helps keep the site going and protects the public from gaining access to this sacred work. Never before on Earth has there been anyone who predicted so accurately the time frame of when to expect biblical events to happen, or added even more specifically to them. I listed numerous things, and many watched them happened at the time that I foretold, while seeing them take place in order one by one.

From now on, readers will need a subscription to access the Herald due to my teachings being stolen. The word of heaven is very real and I have seen my predictions and teachings being used by other spiritualists who take the info for their own credit, deceiving many. I have to put a stop to this.

Platinum membership is a membership that goes beyond my VIP memberships, in preserving the sanctity of the Herald’s News. Articles with prophecies, information, and messages from above are provided in great mystifying depth.
The Angelic Herald will need a subscription. Some articles will also require a subscription as well. A platinum membership will automatically grant you access to the restricted content once you subscribe and sign into wordpress.

Platinum Membership

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