Angelic Herald: Vol 18 There could be a fix!

“Blessings and splendid tidings! I AM that I am, he who was known to humans as the apostle Paul. I was there, but after my life in spreading the word of awakening I existed there no longer. I am now called Aanatiel as I come in the form of being the small and meek of God’s army, under those who have all heralded before me.

Why do I come now, you may ask? I come because I was sent instead of my higher kin, as they have much work that is yet needed to be done. They have also sent me because I am respected amongst the people of your world as a saint. The title having been earned through my work and my deeds in my physical reincarnation. I was not truly perfect, this is true. But I am one who loved spirit above the earth itself and because of my love for it, I tried to live completely in it. I place myself beyond your world, living in a state of true holy understanding. Those of us like that are usually hated. We are treated as if we are creatures who do not belong there. I have seen it so many times before, and it still continues until this day. Those who strive to do good and to spread messages of positive change for often look down upon it on your planet. Those who have special gifts or spiritual connections are also shamed. I mean think of it for a moment. When our messenger walked in the body of Jesus of Nazareth, he was shunned, spit at, so much more. Then Noah in his day, had even been laughed and mocked at that. During my time, I was imprisoned. They often think that when those of us who come with a message of greater change, that we are here to start some kind of revolution to turn society again it’s authorities. But in fact, this is not the truth. They would like to paint us as renegades though.

Tell me why is it then, that if we were treated so badly as we live, that we were glorified so greatly when we died? Why is it that anyone having intelligence has never questioned this? Why do they make it appear as if it was justified behavior or that it made us even more holy to had endured such a bitter treatment? Yes, humans indeed are a very confusing race. As a result it has not been easy to try to bring them what they have asked for for so very long. What was it that they long for? A better way of life. But when the knowledge of how to obtain that was placed into their hearts by those of us who tried to lead them toward a better way, they utterly detested us! However, me myself had worked hard to transcend the nature of human experience. In doing so, I mastered it and ascended upward after my physical incarnation. This why you have not heard nor seen of me again after. That is until now.

I come now only to intervene for we have heard the cries of many within. We have heard worries such as:

“What will become of my job?”

”Are my children safe?”

“I wish I could been different”

“I don’t want to get sick or die”.

“What will happen next”?

These and so many other thoughts and worded prayers have reached upward. The higher authorities never want anyone to lose hope. Therefore, they made the decision to help but alas… We see so many things going on above and beneath the surface that is often hard at times to provide any kind of help or retribution. Just like it was in my day, everyone is being called to take up their shield of armor so to speak and fight for greater changes. There are so many things left to fight for and if everyone would put fear to the side learn what it truly means to reach totality in balance of the dualities, they would find that life can become a lot easier in adopting a more positive mindset even during times of great chaos.

This a time to be clear with what you want and even to demand it, as there is opportunity now for those who put themselves forward. Everyone is more inclined to be a go-getter, and to forge ahead with new ideas. This is a great time to focus on individual goals.  It’s true yes, feelings surrounding security could manifest. Everyone around you will likely feel a strong need for maintaining the status quo. Your instincts take on a more cautious approach. You are sensitively firm and unwavering, so this is a good time to handle any type of situation that has been emotionally volatile. At the same time, your extreme emotional fixity might cause you and others to be close-minded and resistant to any type of change. Exactly what we want to try to avoid. Everyone is walking around in a cloud, says if they are in a dream like state. Many are not excepting what’s going on around them and still there are many who deny our messages. They think everything will go back to the way that it was soon because of promises of money rewards being given after trials have ended. But where will this money come from? Have so many forgotten the prophecies that were foretold about there not being enough after natural disasters and emergency needs? It’s going to add more debt to the countries that you live in. Verily, at this time it is a time to save whatever money you have, and to try with everything that you have in your heart, to find an alternative pathway of survival.

How many truly wished that they would’ve listened when they were advised years ago, through life purpose readings from our earthly messenger, to actually get out and do something with their lives? Think of how beautiful life could’ve been at this point, with an abundance of savings that you could even now be creating your own indoor reality as the trials and tribulations are happening outdoors? But it’s OK and you do not need to feel dismayed about this and instead listen now. This is not a coincidence that every prophecy has happened or is happening still. The information that you are provided with is truly legitimate even though there may still be at times doubts. I understand…. since even we as great prophets have at times seen and witnessed things that we were shown in visions from the higher realms, and then after it happened before our very eyes, we were even just as shocked still! It’s not doubt, it’s called being in awe. Nevertheless it is still wonderful time to keep fighting forward. Yes there’s always going to be some obstacles that you have to fight against. I assure you that if you do, you will find yourself in better conditions.

We are raising your instincts to desire to build and produce something, and you would do well to cultivate existing projects or complete something that sensitively gratifies your soul. You need this. The path of spirit is one that often refreshens and quenches you’re spiritual thirst. But only where pure water is found. By pure, I mean true. This is indeed no time to do nothing as if so, you may find that troubles fall upon you without any sign beforehand in the most unprepared times.

Right now we see thins coming to take place at last. In the previous heralds it was foretold of civil unrest, rioting and looting. Looting is indeed taking place! Civil unrest is only at its start. Those unprepared from the beginning are already reacting in fear that drives them towards crimes and it will increase. This is why it’s important to be ready. Be inspired! Be strong and courageous! It was similar in my days on Earth too truly. Listening to our leader at the the time helped because he left with him parables and instructions that helped us all to know what to expect.

It’s true that many reworded us such as when it was said that I called those who ate only vegetables as being weak in faith. That was most untrue, for those of us truly regarded our teacher, regarded his teachings and he was a leader that age only vegetables himself especially in times where food was scarce. The religious authorities of your time, often regard scriptures that mention fish being eaten.  The fish represents Self ,we’re just symbolic representation of the age in which our teacher was trying to represent. Pisces. Truthfully vegetables and bread were taken, but bread without yeast. Wine was also consumed. That all, with water and herbs, provided a great bill of health. It was also cheaper as it shrunk the stomach and provided the ability to be full upon less food. This may be most beneficial to you all at this time… should you take of this diet and lifestyle. There were times of celebration or ceremony where fish was allowed to be eaten but we mainly consumed a natural diet. While living this way, we lived purely and solely upon the virtues, which you can also adopt to help make your life more clean. We were very concerned with cleanliness of the mind, the body, the environment, which then led to the cleanliness of the spirit. If others maintained these ways of life, they would have found that life would’ve been more enjoyable, more healthy, with less risk of infection or health issues. Think about it. Even in ancient times cancer had existed but was not as predominant as it is today because of pollution, uncleanliness and unhealthy dieting as well as habits. Everyone thinks that we have only tried to inform others into a strict dogmatic way of life when in fact we were only looking after people and their better welfare and interest. I surely hope now that many of you can see what our intentions were and to take the advice provided here today within my message in order to again adopt a lifestyle that I myself had once lived by. If you adopt the lifestyle, then those around you will follow naturally without you were having to even say a word. And that will spread to those that they know, and so on.

It is also highly suggested you cut and clear negative soul ties, balance out your energies, cleanse out your spiritual centers, have them charged up for you, clear out negative energy, and infuse your aura’s layers with greater vibrations of light. It will help to stabilize thoughts and feelings as well as physical energies that channel in and out of your spirit body. Your spirit body is made up of all of this.  Keep it upgraded.

In adding this to everything advised above, it can provide a better stability for you in every aspect of your life. Additionally, let me add lastly that it is a most important time to start to get to know your higher self in the past that they have traveled through. You will also want to expand your knowledge and the true teachings of the heavenly worlds. Take care of your home, your finances, build a future, and Love your soul by caring for that as well energetically. Do so for your relatives to if you can, as they will need your help if they cannot find it in themselves to seek it out themselves. Every selflessness is act is added as good karmic measure. Give as you can. I did these things myself. Remember, it’s the soul that will hopefully remain eternal.

That is all for now. I hope that I have inspired you all to get back into the passion of life no matter what may be going on all around you. We saintly Masters and the gods and goddesses above us, will always be looking out for you. Seek us, reach to find communication with us.