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Angelic Herald


With the fire to come, we know that Michael’s words still stand. There will be tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, scorching sun rays, drought… it is for the same reason to also forewarn, that I have more to add. You heard it was said that the waters would turn bitter and turn to blood. Indeed, while those words have symbolic meaning… they also have direct meaning too. The waters will carry disease and toxins. People will grow ill and die. The disease Michael spoke of is amidst, but I lengthen his insight in validating my previous prophecy from the year 2018… that there will still be new ones that will arise. This is a portion of what was called “wormwood”. My kin Uriel will speak more on “two witnesses” as prophesied about when he comes through.

“Humans effect one another, who through their deeds effect the Earth… and the Earth then effects them”. Be careful how you treat the planet and each other but it may be too late now.

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People of Earth, the new Babylon has issues with Babylon’s former location as those issues head closer and closer to Megiddo. It is even so, that the distractions of politics seem to hide that a new system is arising. It is the time of “The One” but it’s not “The One” that you may think. We have much to add about that, but alas… we can not. When this message is shared with the public, it would too dangerous to go any deeper. Simply know that , there is no need to lose hope. Listen to the writer who acts as a scribe for me. Alura has predicted so many things and all that she reveals takes place, but still many choose to ignore the signs. It’s like in the days of the flood of Noah. He warned everyone, but they thought he was crazy and did not take him seriously. Then, disaster came as he had foretold. Turn to goodness people of Earth, and save yourself. Learn the deeper meaning to the truth.

Be also aware of the energies that effect existence there. Saturn will open a portal in July, as well as a solar eclipse to take place. This will speed up time significantly with other effects you need to know. I’ll let him explain.

I am the serpent with head of a lion. I am the essence of spirit that spirals with the material and am the yesterday and today. The eternal moment of the soul in the eternal cycle of life on Earth. It’s time to ascend beyond it. Ask no question for those with understanding will know. It takes courage, bravery, and willpower to get beyond the mingling of spiritual and physical but first we have to refreshen the course of life or utterly set it free at last.