Angelic Herald: Remiel’s Trumpet

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The blasting of the lengthy golden trumpet sounded off by Archangel Remiel indeed brings with it a thunder only known by a being of his caliber, his very name meaning the “thunder of God”. With his blast he sounds off a warning of several things to come. I asked if perhaps maybe I should hold back? I pondered as to whether I should transmit this message of events yet to occur? I was told to continue to do what I have always done, regardless of the hindrances. For everyone knows, my voice is silenced, no more than just a song traveling in the background of the wind. Still, I can be heard and at least by those who desire to really hear, not just hear.

I AM that I AM, Remiel (Ra-Meel). In our most divine’s words of thunderous rumble, I bring his wisdom here today. Soon it will be caused to become that a great cry be heard all throughout the world such has never been heard before. Anyone having had their future laid before their feet through an Akasha reading which included another lifetime on your planet, very well knows of the trials to come. Please do not fear though. If you have a level God in heaven in your heart you will be safe. We will always wrap our wings around those who are true. Now for the news, as I am only given just a limited amount of time to deliver this message. Those that do not want it are already listening having detected my otherworldly presence and are trying to chase me away.. They come to clarify the last Herald and to make sure that the message was heard loud and clear.

There will come a time where many will lose their jobs. Many children will be inflicted with sickness and there will be many people and families who go hungry.

Great promises of reform and change that were made, will now go in reverse. You will find where there had been hope of greater change, that now it only shows of greater hardships to come. Misunderstandings will provoke tensions between neighboring countries and those foreign as well. Already several of them have made plans that they hold as a back up, waiting for just the smallest wrong thing to be said. However, it will not be on those other countries to attack. It’ll be the provoking of the great Babylon, whom will be at fault for tensions. The media will make it look as though it is the fault of those in other lands though.

You already know of the upcoming tribulations with the weather. my brother and has already touched base on that with all of you. However if you live towards the northern United States, we’re closer to the East Coast, you’ll find that the weather is even more severe. This is not to say that it will not affect other places throughout the country because it will just not at that same magnitude. The temperatures will be so bitter, many will be forced to stay indoors. Ice and snow will be calamitous for some.

Do not forget that much of your activity spent on the Internet is being watched. Do not be surprised if you see a shift in many of the things that you are seeing according to entertainment. According to the age’s agenda, the real age, you will find that more horror movies are introduced during holiday season where holiday movies used to be in place. This has a lot to do with inspiring a love of darkness and horror. It is also apparent that you will notice that there are more people losing it mentally. A lot of people will become crazed inside, full of aggression and they need to release violence. This may even take place in a persons own home. You will hear of many more family involved killings.

Natural disasters will continue to strike country to country from monsoons, to tsunami’s, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. There will even be a lot of issues surrounding water at this time including large bodies of it , as the oceans are purging their toxicity for all to see.

On another note, with all of the falsehood surrounding the deception in Internet appearances, you will find that people are starting to look less and less like people. Body modification and plastic surgery is becoming so severe. However, nobody seems to question this and they just follow the trend. With this taking place, many people are unhappy with themselves and obesity will be at an all time high. overweight society will start to surface because of the indoor generation. Likewise there will also be some who are struck and played with eating disorders and fanatical over fitness because of this. Much will also become gender-neutral.

Bestiality is slowly being introduced as well so please be aware to not fall into this abomination and trap. It is true that it is OK to love who you love. Pets can serve as wonderful companions but nothing more.  You will also hear of more criminals exposed for their inappropriate relations with minor children. This additionally, will also bring problems with Internet usage as truth comes to the surface.

There will be a 50% population who return to Christianity for force. The other 20% of the population will consist of people who are make sure of philosophers, hypnotists, black magicians, or the remaining 30% of atheists.  Yes it is true because many people are losing their faith in the creator while others are strongly returning to it because of the changing of times.

Now is the time to prepare my friends. Make sure you get enough non-perishable food stored away. You will find that you struggle greatly in trying to obtain food later. For many of you that is. You are going to want to ensure that if you have the money to buy things now, that you do it. Make sure that you have the supplies that were mentioned previously by Metateon. Batteries, emergency candles. Blankets. Rations and canned goods. Gallons upon gallons of water stored away. Any kind of gasoline or kerosene fluid. Lighters, matches, Flint. You also want to make sure that you have a great deal of first aid. It doesn’t hurt to have some rope laying around either. Backup generators will be helpful but not available to many because of financial standing. Just be sure that you stock up on all of these goods while you still have the chance to. While things seem OK now, they will not be later and especially due to natural disasters and inclement weather especially, you don’t want to go without.

There will be very strange weather, things that are not likely to happen during certain seasons, will. You also want to keep your eye on children and how their actions and behaviors change substantially. You’ll notice that the youngest generation is actually very advanced in learning.  they are smarter than you think, if you even take the time to notice. That is why a majority of the generations are out there promoting things like Memes and comical behaviors instead of things of an intellectual quality. Knowing that this next generation is well advanced and has a great potential to help society, they tend to try to dumb them down or desensitize them. Violence and pseudo maturity as well as sexual behaviors are instead introduced, rather than good morals and ethics. this is to limit them from becoming all that they’re meant to later on. New diseases will arise as well as older ones that will have a harder time in fighting against them with medication or vaccines.

You will find that people are now losing faith not only in God but in relationships with the opposite sex. More and more people are becoming attracted to the same gender because of the lack of understanding and communication and basic relationships.

There will also be a great deal of changes in regards to abortions, healthcare, employment decrease, and more websites being blocked from visibility. The sex drive for many will decrease, even though many people will still remain extremely active. There will simply be a great loss and interest.

Be sure that you keep an eye on yourself because, you will start to feel extremely tired throughout the day suddenly. You won’t be able to keep yourself awake and you’ll be finding that you just aren’t feeling all that well. It will make you feel like you’re dying but you won’t really know why. headaches, nausea, and extreme fatigue will be a part of your day-to-day regimen. Try to fight beyond this. It may be hard but you can do it. This is coming from the energetic weapons that are coming through the air. It’s almost tormenting to those who feel it. You will a great sadness, and this is where the so-called symbolic great cry unlike any other before, will come from. You are entering into a great depression. Spiritually.

Keep an eye on your pets as well. If you look in your eyes you’ll find something greatly as change. It’s almost like a constant fear or sadness exists or although you very well may not know why. You’ll be hearing more news stories about strange and odd behavior of animals too.

Don’t you think it’s time to fight on? Don’t you think it’s time to reclaim yourself? Your life? You can do this just through trying to be more positive, fighting against any energies that may make you feel down, and doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing out there.

That is all that I have for now as I do have to go. Thank you for listening to my message