The Angelic Herald:The Emissaries on love

“Salutations to all who review the words herein. We are the three emissaries. The “Advocate Council”. Our collective consists of Angel Zexiel, Angel Ichatael, and myself, Losafael.

We come in three as most things do where it is the holy and upmost to be trine. Many a things have been taking place on planet Earth, and how many of it’s living creatures turn a blind eye? One thing after the other appears, so as to cause distraction away from the realities which are of a great importance. But we are not here to speak of worldly events. Instead we are here to speak of events that affect our own kind in your world. One of them being, in the areas of love. It is very hard for most humans to understand how love operates through the angel. and videos long ago, our earthly representative touched base on many differences between the three different types of messengers that are there. The angelic human, is a human being who is learning to transcend into a being pure and virtuous enough to become a holy representative in heaven later. An earth angel is an angel who is earthbound, there to guide through their kindness and love but has adapted to earth life quite significantly, but now their frequency has attuned in acceptance, just stay on earth, with her many different attributes. Unfortunately, both the angelic human and the earth angel struggle in many ways. Then there is the incarnated angel. This type of angel was introduced by Alura, Who kick started the angelic movement back in February 22, 2014, almost 6 years to this day! See the video here.

Yes, truly it is the sixth year anniversary. And with that we have come to celebrate this joyous event because through her work, she has changed many for the better and readied them for a path that is no longer riddled with struggle or karma but one that is full of tools that can be used for the greater good in knowledge and virtue. In this, she is also predicted many things that are already today taking place. Perhaps maybe the reach that she has been allowed to have, while very quiet but far extending, has kept her safe from fibers and we have always ensured that her message reached the right people. Only those pure of heart would be the ones who would understand it or even seek to spread it with her. We are here to talk about love. And that is what the mission has been always about. Yes, finding love in others, but especially first to find a pure type of love in oneself in order to do so. and then to spread even more love through good acts of charity in deed. While the world ups for another pathway, and their own choice is up to them… We are still seeking to use our earthly mouthpiece, to reach even more people who have long been done with things of darker nature that have brought the ugliness into your world to begin with. Indeed, it will take a great deal of love to continue fighting this battle onward. We have advised wisely for only certain information to be released from here on out, that it only pertain merely to the events of the heavens, the angels, motivation, and self betterment. World predictions will surely be heralded. But when it comes to things of an earthly power, we will no longer involve ourselves. Instead we involve ourselves in those that we love and those that love us. Our messenger here will also do the same.

Speaking of love, we come back to theTopic of how difficult it is for angels who are in physical form temporarily or permanently, to love the same as any other human being does. We’re gonna have this topic he elaborated on soon. But for now just understand this… Love is love. If it is unconditional, then it will not contain ingredients such as partiality, condition, jealousy, possessiveness, spite, selfishness, or unkindness. We have seen many who have claimed to love another, but I’ve only love them because of how they made them feel or what they could do or provide for them. Some have even loved only nearly for the fact that they were alone. Some did not feel real love at all but instead just a strong passionate attraction. There were others who also claimed to love all of us. But they loved us only when we came through for them and difficult times. When didn’t come through because there was a lesson or fate associated with the difficult time, then we were quickly abandoned. Likewise, when we came through during hard times and  rescued the day, once things got better we were quickly forgotten about as well. People were not consistent in their love and it seemed that they were only partial to it when it seemed to benefit them. Humans truly are still in the evolutionary growth process of learning what the true definition of unconditional means.

 Love is persevering. That means that it will always be a consistently felt thing. Good times or bad. With this, another thing that is been hard for humans understand is that an angel on earth cannot love one person more than the other. In fact romantic connections are quite difficult because, they tend to want more attention and affection and others in the angels life. They feel a sense of entitlement to it because they are committed to the person. But in truth this can’t be. The angel in human form must love everyone equally and show equal attention if possible. This emanates the frequency of Godly love. Yes we agree, that if two beings devote themselves to one another, and they should not give themselves away physically, or through sexual energy, to anyone else on that type of intimate level. However, when it comes to matters of the heart, mind and soul… The love itself should always be at great magnitude and spread evenly to all that the angel in human form should cross paths with.

But how does one explain this to their partner? It is hard to even receive the same type of love in return, that the angel gives out to others. It’s expected, desired and craved because they are so far from the pure love that they felt back at home. Relationships can actually be quite disappointing for them. That is why we often advise against them. Why not just have everyone that you love with you on your path equally? This way you will always have someone by your side only just not in an intimate cents. Additionally,It takes a great deal of unconditional quality and acceptance for an angel in human form to have a relationship with someone because they can read in to the person on almost every level and every magnitude, that should they sent impurities or see any, it could greatly crush them, leaving them with a broken heart that the love is not shared as poorly as the love that they give to the other person themselves. This is why we say that love is such a difficult thing to embrace while in the human form there.

And so we come as the three emissaries, the advocate counsel, because we must first get others to understand how deeply hurt heavenly beings can become but at the same time how much of a great strength we must carry in order to not allow these hurts to affect the inner most soul. It is a duty and a mission to be on earth. Besides helping others anything else is considered to be a privilege or luxury. It is a life of total service of others. To be loved in return is having someone service you. With that, there cannot be any expectations. Even if you are not an angelic soul in human form, it is very important for you to learnThe lesson behind our words here today. Have no expectations going into love or relationships. If you love everyone unconditionally and equally, how can one have a broken heart? Be the light that represents the heavens in every way and spread your love equally to all. That above all must be the first and a most important goal in mind. Especially, during the times that you are living in. Raising the frequency of love on earth could greatly heal it. And so we ask everyone to find it in their hearts, to bring back the frequency of love once again. Do this through honoring yourself, then honoring others. Seek for good things in your lives and when they don’t come, understand the value of the lesson as to why it hasn’t. Life there is not easy. We watch over everyone there every day. But understanding the words here and applying them, can be the first step toward illuminating a lot of hurt in your lives and sending out good intentions into a world that hurts greatly.

A video to come on this subject soon!