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Tyr- A god of many faces

A god of many faces, celestial bodies, and names. This is why he reigns supreme.

There is just too much to teach LOL. I extended my knowledge is not all on the line, although I am trying to get a lot out there during my time. On my angels website, I am desperately trying hard to help other people see Angels in new light. I mean, helping them to be known in how they were meant to be seen, the gods that they are. The word Angel just merely means messenger, and many gods and demigods played the role of messenger in ancient times. Each civilization has their own name for them, and I am trying to help people associate them through the many different names that they’ve taken on in history. Each religion has the mission for them too. However it was that they appeared to the people, is the role that the people gave to them. For example if one particular spirit visited the people frequently, that spirit was often made one of their gods. So it’s very difficult to help everyone to understand the original hierarchy as it was originally. I am doing the very best that I can. One of those Gods though, was Tyr.

Tyr s a warrior who had was so significant that he even had a rune named for what he represented. Tyr is the Northern god of justice, authority, equality, fairness and law. Tyr, to his people was related to the north star. He was held with such significance, that the Northstar it’s self was said to have all of the other fixed stars rotate around it, showing that his people believed him to be the center of importance to their culture.

The North Star is also called Polaris. And is so important that for thousands of years it was used as a main navigational aid by travelers. That’s why Tyr’s rune is of a symbol of an arrow pointing upward. It’s almost as if to say “look up”. This is symbolic of the positive order of the cosmos and how humankind is led by the celestial energies. It also shows how all things on Earth and above abide in that order through law, justice and moral “compass”. Chaos only assists in awakened consciousness when the guiding principles of the order and moral compass are recognized through the reflection of negative and positive. Thus, leading towards some awakening.

For Tyr, he represents the development of power through positive self-sacrifice. Sometimes tune force laws that create order, one has to become a bit of a tyrant. To be the law giver and disciplinarian and balance. But sometimes it requires being a little harsh to get the point across. Tyr is actually the root from the word tyrant. Tyr was about correcting the balance of the scales so that you are assured reflection that leads to a fair decision. He warns not be thrown off balance by the chaos of your environment. All has to be fair always. If the cosmic order was not fair or balanced, nothing would exist. Like the North Star that he represents, you must remain true and calm, and assert yourself with strength and confidence to gain the right solution that brings the right outcome for everyone.

In the angelic world, who would God be equal to? Ancient Romans gave him the planet mars as his celestial body. He what was the already in law giver to Moses in the age of Aries which was represented by Mars. Therefore, this deity as a son of the main god of the anglo-saxons. Many angels have the association with Mars and due to specific reasons, I can not reveal publicly what angel he was. Some won’t understand. But compared to other Gods, he was also known as YHWH. He is also associated with Saturn. A lot of deities will have more than one celestial body that symbolizes the energies that they stand for. But if you think about it, they say that all of the fixed stars revolved around Polaris which also represented him. That would make Polaris the middle eye celestially. Like the all seeing eye.

Why do you think that more than one heavenly body represents him? Well sometimes, each heavenly body will represent something different about the same deity. And sometimes some deities share them, for the representation or energy. Where in example, Ariel is said to also be represented by Mars as her name means that she is the strength of God. This is the same strength that enforces the laws given by the deity who rules Mars and Earth Tyr. The very same deity that also uses Polaris to show that all things revolve around him, and Saturn. As Saturn represents the material world that he governs. A star tetrahedron is often used in Judaism the religion that worships YHWH. They use it as their sign for their religion. It is called the Star of David to them. Today the new age references it as the star of Metatron. Nevertheless, this star has three points on top, three points at the bottom and then a huge center. In my course heaven and hell, I explain how the three points at the top of the star represents mind, body, spirit in its use above, and then the three at the bottom represent those things used below. That is exactly what this deity represents. The masculine side of duality in the cosmic order, ruling here. He established his rule and maintained when the Romans had him as a part of their polytheistic pantheon already, but officially adopted their version of him from merging Judaism and their beliefs, during the uprise of Christianity. In Norse mythology, his father Odin is likened to the Canaanite God El in which the room and also recognize but do not really teach about because of YHWH being their main deity. But if you noticed most angel names end in “el” to represent that these entities are descended from EL. For example Ariel, or Michael whose names mean “strength of God”, and “who is like God”.

There is a lot of symbolism in regards to this God becoming the head God of all gods. The rabbit hole spirals people so deep, dark. Been hard to explain in just a very small part. I hope you will look into my courses if you are interested in going deeper. Above you will see pictures of this God Home on his symbol. This symbol point to the north star which divides to four corners of the Earth as does the crucifix which Christ was crucified on there is a lot of symbolism in regards to this God becoming the head God of all gods. The rabbit hole spirals people so deep, that it is hard to explain in just a very small part. I hope you will look into my courses if you are interested in going deeper. Above you will see pictures of this God hung on his symbol. This symbol points to the north star which divides the four corners of the Earth, as does the crucifix which Christ was crucified on. This represents that this God took over all four corners of the earth when he became the main deity of 84% of the world’s main religious belief, Christianity..

Tyr is a serious God no matter the religion. He it’s a very strong minded God who will enforce his authority through wrath if necessary. He is very understanding and forgiving should someone realize they’re wrong and try to correct it. And even though many of the angels are just lower God to have been demoted to messenger status, they are still gods nonetheless. And while this god here has his likeness is through other deities all throughout the world, he does have his angelic likeness as well. Names are merely just titles for what they represent at that time and their mission. He would be known as a sky God, like EL and even his son YHWH.

There are many symbols throughout ancient civilization that represent this God in his many names and faces. To the Norse, it was Tiwaz. They used it in a form of divination called Runes. They believed that the gods ruled everything including every aspect of every day life. They believed that human life was in the hands of the Gods. Whenever doing divination and having this rune appear, It was a symbol of great in her power and strength as well as authority, balance, fairness and equality. It could symbolize that someone would overcome the situation that they were in, or that they needed those traits to overcome something.

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