Etaresea- Peacekeepers of heaven

Angels, peacekeepers, powers, virtues, cherubim, seraphim

Here is a beautiful word from our angelic light language library. This is a word that is real, not made up. It’s a word that is spoken but not easily spelled here on Earth. How I’ve spelled it above, is merely only my assumption while trying to share it in human language. It certainly sounds different when spoken in the flowing angelic language, said naturally by those that know how to speak it truly. But for those who are new to it, you can try to spell it, and it makes the word above, or at least close to it.

If you were to try to speak it yourself, the correct pronunciation for it is: (EEE-tada-resha). This word is actually a name of a group of beings in the heavens who act as a council of peacekeepers. The name itself generally means: “among the peaceable”. They exist between the sixth and seventh dimensions. This means that they are in the higher subplanes of the sixth dimension, just before the seventh. There is a beautiful realm there, where some of the specialty council groups reside. One of each of those councils will be sent to different worlds when needed, or they will be sent to newly created worlds to help in their development. 

The Etaresea are those that try to remote peaceful environments and peace among the nations of people who will live within a world. Yes they are not dwelling in the higher heavens of that world to help it, there are also times that they are sent down as a messenger to the mortal realms or resident realms to try to help teach what peace is all about. What I mean by a “resident realm” is any realm that is housing life that is destined to be a part of the scene of that realm or to cultivate in it in order to get to the next plane above it. He will often try to intervene during times of trouble and animosity in a realm, by coming down and promoting peace as a spiritual teacher. There only happened to be two of them here in this world at one time or another. But they have not since come back because human beings have utterly rejected them,  in their desire to continue on as they have been…working for their own power, self indulgence, and pride. You can see this just in the state of earth, and in how far from peace that humans are.

These beautiful beings are tall and often in long white robes that have a gold trim draped over their shoulders and down the breast. They have the symbol of this word, right there on the center of their robes. There isn’t any specific hair color for this group of people, as they will have hair color of all kinds since they are chosen especially from many different legions of the heavenly family lines. 

Once they are appointed to the position, they stay there until they are ready to have an experience elsewhere, return back to their home and position, or that they go into their eternal sleep. It is then that many of them accused to sleep first and then return back to another physician later after the soul that came to fill in their slot while they were on a mission, has already filled their term. They all agree to take the seat of the council for a specific length of time. However the time there is very different than in many other worlds or dimensions. They calculate it, and when they’re there they do not forget it.

Their world is drenched in pure white light with a beautiful alabaster hall that has a large room in it where they sit at a round table to discuss matters of peace in the universe and in other individual places throughout it. They have been greatly college so many other places first, but they have not had as much of an impact here on earth when they were here. For the two that came summer they have only had their teachings recorded down and kept throughout history in the cultures that they had encountered. In fact their teachings are held pretty sacred there and new religious sections performed by them. Other than that, they did not leave any significance here because of the lost state that humanity has fallen into.

They are light skinned, almost white, and they do have a light lavender eye color. However, the hair color is different for each one depending upon which heavenly recently came from. Usually they are selected by the tone of their skin since it is very unique, having some iridescent quality to it which shimmers in the light. The heavens breathe that anyone born with that color skin in heaven, was already pre-for that position themselves. So far it appears as if they are right since each one of them has always done such a superb job.

They do not have wings, and are usually equipped with a staff that is all white and has a purple gemstone on it to show their heavenly status. The gem has the ability to mesmerize those who look into it, especially during moments of great anger. This helps them to hypnotize them into a peaceful state, so that they can be spoken to calmly and talk them out of their heavy emotions that the individual may had been experiencing at the time. 

They are considered to be part of the “powers” even though they do not sit with them in the different regions of messengers in the heavenly hierarchy and are instead put into their own council as a specialty group, so that they can oversee peace and harmony wherever is needed. If they ever do need more reinforcements, anyone of the legions are bound to an oath to send any of the angels of peace to their aid.

They are peaceful, gentle, sensational.