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Animal Totems

Welcome to my animal totems page, where we explore the simple meaning to the natural representatives that come into our lives… I hope that you can find the magic in your life, in nature, and in every moment.  It is a beautiful thing to find messages in each thing that you see, as all thins have a deeper meaning to them.

Animal Spirits play a big role in the direction or personality of a soul in it’s life, in physical form. They help people to utilize those personality traits in every day to accomplish things, or deal with different situations. You will see how parts of your personality come alive with the different elements of the animals in your totem. They will also give you a message, from the spirit world beyond, to help you know where you are at, with these wonderful helpers and your own soul. I take this very serious, as they are with you each and every day, as are your other guides and angels, and know you better than you know yourself sometimes, as a part of you, and as outsiders looking in.