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Animal Totums- The spirit of the Siberian Husky

The Siberian husky is a rather beautiful animal. Many people don’t know the true history of how they came to be. It all started when very a specific race of Indians decided that they wanted to domesticate a wolf.

They were called the Koryaks or as they became known as: The Chukchis. They lived in extreme Cold regions from Russia, stretching into Siberia, and even migrated into parts of North America. There was a lot more territory than that but those cover their places of origin.

They were a very hard-working people. Most of the time, they were so busy at work and in the cold regions where they lived, there had been a lot of snow. They needed an animal that would be strong, quick, be able to sustain harsh conditions like the wolf. But it was hard to tame a wolf. Especially, if they were going to try to maintain packs of them. They needed to figure something out in terms of creating a crossbreed that could have all of the features of the wolf, but yet the friendly, lovable and loyal way of a domesticated dog. And so, the quest to create the Siberian husky was underway.

Although it is not fully confirmed and often said to be something of a myth…it’s been said that they were mixed with the malamute and Tamyr wolf. This I can confirm as true, seeing their spiritual blueprint. Afterwards, there would be a breed of working dogs that held both traits that the peoples were looking for. And what a wonderful combination of genetic breeding too!

Huskies are very loyal to their owners. They are very lovable and very hard-working. They are a breed that enjoys family oriented situations and will pull their measure of weight in the family. I find them to be a fantastic family dog. I believe that a person who brings a husky into their family should have a large property, as they’re highly energetic dogs. They also get very lonely quickly, and so they may want to have another husky there to accompany them. The husky will definitely want to be given little jobs so that they can feel important, and as if they are living according to their purpose. Therefore, they need to constantly stay busy.

Carrying the spirit of the wolf, they make very great spirit guides even in the flash. They are very open to making telepathic communications with their owner, and they will point out inconsistencies in visitors or friends that you bring into your life. They are highly observant in terms of people’s intentions too.

Spiritually as a totem animal, they represent hard work and dedication. They represent going the extra miles and to continue on in endurance. Also, they represent living life, only trusting in one’s instincts. Yes, they also represent the need for freedom and mystery… on top of adventure. They also teach that a person should know that it’s just as important to be loyal to the family and home, as it is to roam, explore and lively freely.

Closely associated with the moon,  these animals represent leadership. If you have a husky, you’ll notice that when walking in a group of your family with your Husky too…that your beloved friend will always have to be ahead of all of you, leading the way. They are highly protective against the dangers that are hidden and unseen. As a guide, they always exercise strength in times of trouble for those that they love. They also symbolize the need to get to know others, but to also be careful in letting just anyone into the pack. 

Spiritually, they show hard work, perseverance, loyalty, dedication, magic, connecting to nature, and going above and beyond. They symbolize the importance of family, and getting things done. They represent love, but also a fierce guardianship over loved ones in danger.

Their message is, to always accept your dualities since the Husky is both friendly and domestic… but also a dark mysterious hunter as a wolf. They love the “pack” but they also love roaming alone in the darkness of night… to find their own inner magic and meaning. And, they embrace hardship in both sides of themselves as lessons to grow from.