Cicada Symbolism

I wanted to do dolphins but as you know, when signs are everywhere… we can’t ignore it. I grew up in my yard in West BerlinNew Jersey, listening to the loud sounds of insect that made a humming that matches something much like a lawnmower, high up in the trees. They would start one by one and then somehow make a chorus. I would ask my father what type of bug that was but he never did know. I would go playing in the magic Meadow nearby, and sometimes I would find cookies that were really strange. They were not like butterfly cocoon. They were maybe an inch and a half long, black and very hard. I still them up though, and sometimes the tail would give a little wiggle. I thought it was pretty amazing that whatever was inside could feel my energy and respond. I would carry that ugly looking thing around with me everywhere. My parents would tell me to get rid of it, as they did with most of the creatures that I tried to love. But I didn’t. I would make a cute little home inside of a shoebox filled with sand and mud because that is a similar setting in which I had found it.

The cicadas were really unusual. I never knew what to call them at that time so I just called them the lawnmower bugs LOL. After I moved away several different locations, I landed myself in a new residence in Lindenwald New Jersey. It was the second time that I had lived in Lindenwald but finally we had settled down into a rental home. Previously, we had lived in apartments after we had left my house in West Berlin.

Living in a home again was actually really nice. We had a backyard that was fenced in,a nice deck and we were able to make that yard magical. We put lights on the deck, added beautiful plants, and I went out and bought a very nice table set. I had even started growing my own fruits and vegetables in the backyard and decorated the gardens with statues of angels. One day, I was looking at the back fence and I saw this strange little creature that was sitting on it. I have never seen anything like it before. I wasn’t afraid, just intrigued. But when I approached it, I had seen that it was just an exoskeleton of a bug. So of course I took a picture of it, and sent it to Google images… something that we did not have in my childhood. It showed me that this was the shell case of a cicada that had hatched after growing wings.

Ever since then I was always interested in cicadas. They reminded me a lot of locusts. They are very similar although they don’t do nearly as much damage as locusts do to the crops. Then I started to ask the heavens what this spirit represented. After awhile I was seeing and hearing this creature everywhere. Metatron taught me a lot about it.

Cicada Meaning:

I will be totally honest with you, I have not seen anybody who has had a cicada as a spirit coat on. Although, I am sure they exist. They are very meaningful animals. The cicada holds meaning in that:

1. The represent growth from being an ugly duckling into an exotic one of kind being.

2. They represent growth in knowledge from the surface value, that later leads to information that takes a being into great higher learning.

3. They represent harmony by all singing at the same time and at the same vibration, which is what people on Earth should strive to do. The song though, should be of working together and wanting the same peaceful, loving, clean planet.

4. They represent gentleness and a lack of harm towards others, since they eat only vegan foods. Cicadas live off of root sap, and later on… leaves. People should strive to not harm anything just the same.

5. Cicadas are the invisible eyes everywhere. They represent observation while remaining hidden in the tree tops. This means that mankind should at times not worry about their ego in being seen and just watch and listen, to not worry about things like fame, or being right all of the time.

6. Sometimes it’s okay to be still in the moment m, and then to raise your voice aloud in passionate song when something inspires it.

The cicada also represent that life is short and how it is important it is to live for every moment while embracing not only the life and death cycles, but to also embrace the cycles of life events like love, having a family, learning and enjoying all of that to the fullest peacefully without fear. The cicada is truly amazing.