Frog Spirit Totem

The second frog that entered my home, placed on my outdoor patio tree.

The realms in the spirit world are fascinating. Beyond the veil, time and species are different. 

There are so many different races in the spirit realm that most people wouldn’t believe me. For example, frog spirits. There are frog spirits  and then there’s the spirit of the frog. Yes, the two are completely different. To explain the difference, there are actual entities that take on the appearance of a toad or frog. But there is a spiritual consciousness in physical living frogs too.  They connect to each other because it’s the greater entities who rule the lesser ones that are living in a physical form. In other words,  the frog spirit is like a higher self of those living in 3D.

The most amazing thing is, they make wonderful messengers. And that’s what brings us to this article. I have so many other deeper truths that I want to share and I will, overtime. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to share about some of the simplest things that carry those deeper truths. For the frog, it may seem so small and insignificant to some, but it really has such a deep meaning to it that when I had my own encounters this week with the frog, I definitely had to share. Let’s start at the beginning though.

In one of my few past lifetimes, I can remember a moment where I had traveled out of body and into the fourth dimension. In all of my lifetimes I’ve had these abilities and I’ve pretty much been the same person. I’m only here to perform my missions, pick up a couple of merits and help a lot of people. That also includes helping spirits lost on the other side of times. I hadn’t been to that realm in the fourth dimension in such a long time up until that point. Had only traveled there before in between lives in order to explore just in case I ever needed to return there. I really wanted to map out the spiritual realms on all of the different levels of spiritual dimensions. This would help me have even more insight, for my last and final lifetime where I would need to do a lot of Psychic in Spiritual work. I was already familiar with them from before I had come to earth but seeing it from a first person point of you being inside, gives you a whole other perspective. And so returning back to this place, I was a little bit surprised. I hadn’t really been trying to project there but yet there I was.

I was in a very dark forest, not dark as an evil, but just a place without a whole lot of sunlight. There were a little wisps of light that came in through the tops of the trees and made any path through that forest a little bit brighter. But it certainly wasn’t great enough. It was warped with the shadows of the landscape and a strange dark gray static that seemed to go throughout the air around me. I wanted to leave but I saw a path that I had never seen before. It was odd, because it certainly wasn’t there any of the previous times that I had been there myself. I thought maybe somebody had manifested a new path here, maybe they created it. I certainly wanted to know who, and so I took the path out of curiosity.

The first frog that I found in my home .

The path led me to a small clearing at the end of it. Clearing was only a few feet in diameter and there was a log that was being used as a bench by someone who is sitting there, facing away from me. It looked as if they were hunched over, large in size and they appeared to be in a strange leather like jumpsuit. At least that’s what I thought I could see you at the time. I wanted to make sure of what I was viewing and so I made the attempt to get around the log and the person sitting on it, to get in the middle of the clearing in front of them. Once I did, I could see that this was not a person at all. This was a frog spirit. I had thought that it was someone hunching over because of the slump of the frog’s back. And it wasn’t a person wearing any clothing, it was actually the frog skin. I really felt a bit shocked at the encounter because looking at it, of course it doesn’t look all that adorable or Friendly being a frog at the size that it was. In fact it looked a bit beastly.

This frog spirit was far bigger than I was even in angelic form. He was about one full size bigger than me and sat on a log looking quite conscious and aware of my presence, but he was very closed off in his thoughts that I couldn’t pick up on anything telepathically. I was feeling as if this might be a bit of a threatening situation but as I stepped away to walk away… I felt into its aura. And the vibration told me that the spirit was sad. I decided not to leave and to see what I could do to find out more, so that I could cheer up this rarely encountered spirit.

He loves me!

I sent a lot of love their way and I told them that they could feel free to communicate with me so that I could try to help in whatever the situation was that they were in. I certainly didn’t speak the same language but I was able to translate thoughts and so after saying what I had, I waited for some kind of reply. It was in the response that I realized that this was a male spirit that had seemed to have lost his lover there. There weren’t any details on how to two had gotten separated but it seemed that he was pretty certain that they would not be reconnecting anytime soon. I didn’t have much of a solution for that except the offer to go and look for his missing partner. But he didn’t want me to. I didn’t pry into the story any further, I just left his personal details to him to deal with. However, I did sit by him for a little while, trying to provide emotional comfort. After a while of silence I decided that I would try to offer going on a short mission to find his missing partner again, and that it certainly wouldn’t take very much time from my busy schedule at all. I had traveled into the fourth dimension at that time for a reason, but that it wasn’t any problem for me to take a little time out to help someone else out along the way. But the response that I got was a little terrifying.

He let out this terrible moan that was loud and exaggerated. It quaked the earth beneath my feet and I could feel a quaking in the air too. Even though I knew that the spirit wasn’t malevolent, it seems that I had offended them in someway by mentioning the situation again and so I figured I would be on my way. As I tried to leave that area and find my way out, I ended up walking into another spirit realm suddenly. When I got there, there were all kinds of spirits related to the elements and different things in creation pertaining to them. This included floral spirits, insect spirits, and many other things. When I told them where I had just come from and who I had met there, a lot of them had a lot of different things to say about that particular entity as they had all had an encounter with them as well throughout time. According to them, frog spirits were known residents of the 4D realms, but sightings of them were rare. However that did not mean that others hadn’t encountered them at all. In fact everyone there had at least crossed paths with one of them, once. Most spirits have always had some kind of daily interaction with one another when in the realms and were actually quite familiar with one another.  For the common folk in the spirit realm to meet a frog spirit only once would definitely make it a rare occurrence. 

As an angelic spirit, the spirits there were enamored with my presence. It wasn’t long before I was surrounded by many of the realm’s people. I blessed them all, and told them that I had to go on my way. And, I went. 

I never did forget my own encounter with the frog spirit or what the others who I had run into had told me about them, even into this new life I’ve been born into. Every time I see an actual frog, it takes me back to that moment. That’s what led me to add the frog to Alura’s Angels, for the glossary of spirits found here. 

Frogs as messengers

Frogs are a very deep message when ever you have an encounter with them. Frogs are actually a few messages in one. When you see a frog spirit weather in a 3-D frog or in the realms, it is a symbol of how your life is about to begin climbing out of the swamp of a situation that you’ve been in. This means that if your life has been down in the trenches, it’s going to surely get much better. The frog is a friendly and loving animal that even though it’s cold blooded, certainly has a lot of love to Xpress and share. The fact that it’s cold blooded says a lot about the people in your situation and your life. It can even say tons about you. Seeing the frog may be a message that you need to open up to your emotions a little bit more and to not appear as cold. Perhaps the people in your life observe you in a way that makes them think that you don’t really care about them as much as you say you do. While that may be false, it’s never a good thing to leave your family members with that type of opinion. The frog is trying to help your relationships by pointing it out to you, so that you can show a little bit more love and concern as well as consideration. And that can help you to fix it.

In regards to yourself though, the frog could be trying to tell you that there are people in your life that don’t really care about you as much as you need them to. Dogs are great at camouflaging themselves and so it may also be trying to tell you that the same people who lack concern for you, are greatly camouflage into the landscape of your life. Therefore, you won’t be able to identify them as easily. You might need to actually search with your heart, the ways that each person in your life shows that they care. You can also try to analyze your loved ones by watching their facial expressions and reactions, when you are sharing something important with them. This could be either good or bad news, but the reactions that they have will say it all. If there isn’t much of the reaction or expression, then you may have just pinpointed one of those cold hearted people. It’s then that you want to ask yourself whether that person actually goes out on a limb to help you as well. If the answer is no, then you’ll have your answer.

The frog is also a great message of hope within danger. We all know that currently there are a lot of dangerous things happening in the world today around us. But there are also a lot of dangerous situations that each of us get into on a daily basis as well. It could be some interactions with a bad person, a car accident, an oncoming natural disaster, or some other freak situation that seems to pop out of nowhere. The frog is a warning that there may be some thing headed your way but that you could escape it and have hope. There are so many different situations that you can deem as being dangerous, not just ones that include physical harm or danger. Perhaps maybe in your life, you’re taking risks with your heart, or maybe you’re not using the correct judgment with your head. 

Yes, both of those can prove to be dangerous because it affects the choices that you make in your life for the future. The frog could be trying to tell you that you need to focus a little bit more in order to have hope for a brighter tomorrow. 

The frog is a creature that eats other insects, usually different forms of natural pestilence. And if frogs die of the mosquitoes, and I’ll kinds of other creatures like spiders, flies, gnats etc. These are all different types of insect that have a negative impact on a persons health or life at some point. The frog consumes them. This could be symbolic that there’s something eating away at your life and that you need to consume it or get to the bottom of it, so that you can feel more complete. Nobody wants to be drained of anything. Whether you’re being drained for your resources, your finances, or your emotional love, the frogs appearance in your life could be telling you that you need to stop giving out so much and start asking for something back.

Just this week I had two frogs appear on my path. It was really odd because I haven’t seen a frog in the last couple years. I did post about one, the last time I seen one, but that was back in 2018. I was taking a walk with my dog and and when I returned home, there was a little tree frog on my floor. I gently picked him up and put him outside in my garden. I was very thankful to have this wonderful chance to see a tree frog. It was the best thing that happened to me all week. But to add to that, just a few nights later I was closing up the house for night time before everyone went to bed. As they went to the windows I could see something climbing on one of them. I certainly thought it was probably a lantern fly or some other pest as they are far more common around here lately. But to my joy and surprise, it was yet another tree frog! It was just so weird and unexpected that I spent the whole night pondering over the meaning of the appearance of these two frogs. It was apparent that they were trying to tell me something. It wasn’t just one, but two and just a few days’ time. And so it reminded me of the encounter that I had in the spiritual round in my past life. I had to think about what I was told in regards to the frog spirit so that I could figure out what these two frogs here were trying to say to me. Afterwards, I thought of all of the people out there in the world now, even maybe you, the reader… That may have encountered the frog lately too. I’m sure that if you’re spiritually aware like me, you’ll want to know the meaning of these humble visitors as well. Everything is a sign from heaven is it not?

Just thinking about their creation and how the creators designed these adorable little things, it really does blow your mind doesn’t it? This is just a little tiny creature in existence that has the ability to paddle and swim better than any human, and has suction cups built right there onto their hands. That makes some excellent climbers as well. They also have their very own built in jukebox because they have the ability to sing from their throat to attract their lover. I’d have to say that God is truly amazing isn’t he?

Among other visitors that I’ve had in the last month, I have had a raccoon, an enormous praying mantis that was meant for my son-in-law, a few squirrels, a quail, vulture, a mouse, a very large orb weaver spider, an even larger wolf spider, One small deer that I passed by, and a brief groundhog sighting.

If that’s not enough animal visitors to say that there’s a greater message coming to me from nature, then I don’t know what is. For now focusing on my froggy visitors, I wanted to express what I experienced with them on a psychic level as well.

As many of you know I have the ability to whisper with animals. I do so many animal and pet readings, and I’d say that it’s in my top 10 favorite readings to do. But being given this God-given gift to communicate with them, it shows me a whole other side of them that many others would never even imagine. Holding this little frog in my hand I could tell that he was very fearful of the surroundings. My two toddlers were very curious and reaching for him which made him quite nervous. But he looked up at me and looked deeply into my eyes and I knew that I had made that perfect spiritual connection with him that I almost instantly got emotionally locked in. I was actually considering keeping him around as a pet. However, I don’t like to keep things in captivity matter how much I love them or think they’re cute. Having the dogs that I have is enough. And they’re only here because we wanted to give them a nice home from the conditions that they were coming from originally. But to keep the frog? That would be taking the whole world from him. I tried to view his day-to-day routine and I saw that as human beings who have more intelligence and more opportunities, but there’s nothing really free about any of our lives. The frog gets so go wherever he pleases and it doesn’t really matter where his home is, everywhere is home. He doesn’t have to worry about clothes, or how he’s going to make money to get food or water every day. He just finds it. And out there it’s readily available for all of them. It reminds me so much of how this world should be. I saw him sitting on leaves during rain and just enjoying the song of the sky as the raindrops fell down. And he got to listen to so many of the songbirds that were sitting in the trees around him too. Humans waste time on their phones, watching TV, arguing with each other, and working for some other man stream. And yet these innocent creatures that God has made get  to experience something so much more beautiful than will ever get to know or see.

With getting a chance to see all of that, I definitely hurryried to go and play him on the nearest tree in my yard. It made me think of how all of us are robbed of the beauty of life every day and it was certainly not some thing that I wanted to do for any other living thing myself. As he climbed onto the trunk, his little body blended in with the little specks of green legend that was attached to the tree. From even just a little more of a distance away, it was like he wasn’t even there. That really does bring into the awareness of all of these beautiful things that are hidden and disguised around us that if people could pay more attention every day, they would get a chance to encounter and see. Think of all of the other frogs that are sitting somewhere around you, that you never even notice because you’re too busy with the sass chaotic moving world around you? 

Even still, I have to say that it really does make you appreciate even the smallest things that you have doesn’t it? And I mean the small moments that you have with someone that you love, getting to witness something beautiful, or even just getting a small tranquil moment out of the day. And that is the bigger part of the frog’s message. Any animal really. I hope you enjoyed this article and thank you so much for reading. I hope that you and your beloved family and any pets that you are always blessed and that you can certainly feel the love of heaven coming down upon you every day.