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Hummingbird Totem

Alura, animal totem, spirituality

Dedicated to Cecilia

The hummingbird is a symbol of strength, endurance, hard work and never giving up.

My grandma loved hummingbirds. In fact, as a natural “witch” she felt felt the spiritual energy of her spirit animals. There were six of them that she obsessively collected figurines of throughout her life. An owl, hummingbird, ladybug, deer, butterfly and cat. Owls, butterflies, and cats are more common as animal totems than one may think. But the deer, hummingbird and ladybug? Those are special spiritual messengers to be gifted with. You would walk into her house and she would have every room adorned with little ceramic statues of owls, and hummingbirds. She had pillow shams, wall hanging, decorative night lights and even wore jewelry that represented her animal guides. I remember a ladybug brooch that she often wore. It was so red and shiny that I often coveted it for myself. She promised it to me, when I’d get older. When she passed, the entire Northwestern side of my house was covered in thousands of ladybugs that seemed to magically migrate there out of no where. It had never happened before. It was very supernatural. Every time I see those animals, I think of her. The ladybug especially. I was always more superior in my psychic gifts and wisdom and even though she was older and somewhat gifted herself, she was always proud of me. She was humble in heart to listen while still openly sharing her spiritual insight with me. I admired my grandmother. I always will. She was a true witch, medicine woman, herbalist, spell caster, and seeker of the truth.

I apologize, I got lost in a moment of nostalgia there lol…. Back to the animal spirits, not only were there figurines all over grandma’s house but she provided for the animals in nature that embodies the spirit. She left food out on the property for each one. I remember the hummingbird feeders more than anything though. She had the feeders all around her porch up there in the mountains. Walking down a nature trail the other day, there was a scene in the landscape that resembled my grandma’s front yard. I was already channeling everything all around me but when I came upon that one location, it reminded me of childhood. That eventually took me back to memories of my summers with my grandma and the animal spirits that she loved so much.

Every summer, we made the annual trip from New Jersey to West Virginia. Grandma didn’t use the television much and we would sit on her front porch staring down into the mountain valley in sweet silence, nothing heard but the buzzing of the dozens of hummingbirds zipping all around us. Ruby throated hummingbirds. They were so adorable. I saw into their world, personalities and energy. An animal whisperer, I attracted many of them around me when I would run off of the porch and stand in the long golden blades of wheat in her front field. They would fly away from the feeders and toward me, zipping around me like little jet planes… and then zip up and off into the distance in the flash of an eye. Animals always flock to me. Friends make fun of me with it, calling me “Snow White”. My grandma would rely on me to channel all of her animal visitors. But out there in the mountains? I truly looked forward to hummingbird season.

The native hummingbirds to West Virginia were a beautiful species. They were only around during specific times of the year and I was lucky to have had my summer family vacation planned during that time especially. It was a heavenly gift for me to have had the chance to see them.

Ruby throated hummingbird- West Virginia

When it comes to my home state, I have only seen a hummingbird twice here in New Jersey twice, in all of my life. They are so camouflaged in nature that it’s truly a rare moment to see one. I had even bought bird feeders like my grandmother had, and it did not attract these fast and furious little ones. However, when I lived in Lindenwold New Jersey back in 2016, I had created a magic garden in the backyard and it included a hummingbird feeder which hang from out back deck. I did on one rare occasion, have a random visit from one hummingbird. He was only there for a few moments, introduced himself as Gerald… and then left. He never did come back. In my current home, we have had no hummingbird visitors but perhaps because they are attracted to a lot of color, and sadly my father did not grant me permission to recreate my magic garden here at this new location. The yard is dull, and on has three trees in the back to decorate it. We do have other visitors though but I’ll talk about them another time. I really loved watching those little birds as they fed, as they flew, as they hovered, and even when they visited the trumpet flower vine that my grandma planted in her garden for the butterflies and hummingbirds both.

Thinking back, the hummingbird had always been a wise messenger spirit in nature. They never stop, they just keep going about their collections while helping the flowers in pollination too. They show us something that we need to recognize and embrace in ourselves. Determination.

As a spirit, hummingbirds show us the hard work and determination that we need to have as a person. To achieve anything, a person must work endlessly, quickly, and passionately. Even when their work is done they still continue to work too. They plan ahead and they are always two steps ahead. Loners, they show what I often teach… that;

“To achieve your goals you have to concentrate on yourself and put as much passion into your dreams as you would into any relationship”.

The hummingbird bird lives by that way of life. They represent so much in what it takes to survive or even go beyond survival into achieving real success. This animal spirit and the people that they influence carry traits and meanings such as:

1. Perseverance – the spirit of this animal endured to the end. They work through rain and travel great distances to work for survival.

2. Never giving up- the hummingbird never stops. They keep going because they know that in survival there is no room for weakness.

3. Always being prepared- the hummingbird ensures that they collect double the amount of food to ensure that they never run out and end up with lack.

4. Work hard, play later- you will never see the hummingbird stop flying and collecting during hours of collecting. It’s only when they feel satisfied with their work that they rest. And usually they work double time instead of resting on time.

5. Staying motivated- there is nothing that could take away their focus or determination. Their mind is set on goals, and keeping their mind in that place, it keeps them determined to keep going.

6. Putting time & energy into one’s goals and needs- they know that life is not about half efforts, laziness or falling short.

7. Having quiet contemplation- even during work they remain silent in thought. Meditation on their goals, plans to achieve them, and the steady vibration of life all around them is their state of mind each day.

8. Being quick to move out of dangerous situations- the hummingbird will hurry out of the face of danger rather than wait to see what happens.

9. Having fast reflexes- when danger is at the forefront, the hummingbird will jet up and away without a thought about it. They act on first instinct.

10. Blending in with the surroundings- if they’re not out in the open in flight, they are hidden and unseen to all. They have the ability to be invisible in the world if they choose.

11. Harmony- this animal feeds on feeders and plants that small ants, bees and other insect are eating from. They will also feed at the porch of anyone who desires to accommodate them. This shows that they live in harmony with all things, respecting the laws of nature.

12. What you do affects all- just the fact that hummingbirds assist nature in their feeding shows that there are laws of cause and effect. What they do effects life around them. Their pollination assists the flowers, and other insects alike. It also helps humans in the pollination of flowers that fruits and vegetables grow from too. Indeed they symbolize that as a collective here, that we all effect one another, and how we effect the planet is in turn how the planet affects us.

Some negatives in the character of this animal are few. They do move so fast that life may pass them by. They do overwork themselves that they don’t get to enjoy too many leisurely things. But, working is what they love so while it’s a job, it’s their idea of fun anyhow. These animals are also very meek.

Another thing is that while in harmony with all things, the hummingbird does not have much trust in others.

I love the spirit of the hummingbird. They know what it takes to make it in life and anyone with the energy of this spirit should embrace it to truly reach their dreams. My grandma knew the significance of their essence. While channeling them as a child, I had learned what that significance was that she felt. And what I learned was that all of the traits of that the hummingbird spirit reveals make up so much of what many people lack and need. If people stopped letting things effect them to the point of giving up or relying on others to get by in life and instead believed in themselves enough to put their entire selves into their dreams… that everyone could reach great heights. I hope that the hummingbird inspires you!