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Rabbit Symbolism

Rabbits, a great totem for representing your inner self and the subconscious mind. The rabbit is used at Easter as a symbol for fertility because Easter was not originally a Christian holiday but was connected to the Goddess Eostre. She is the maiden, young and reproductive, fertile, nurturing, and creative. The traits of all young mothers. Some animal totems lean towards masculine or feminine, while some are neutral. The rabbit though? This animal’s spirit definitely leans towards the feminine. It adds wonderful soft traits to any male who has the rabbit spirit surrounding him, and enhances the qualities of any female who has them already by nature. What does the rabbit symbolize in all? Let’s see.

The rabbit in positive essence:

It’s all about good instinct and reflexes. Those are good to have when getting through life for survival but are definitely traits of motherhood. Instinctively, we mothers have that gut feeling or intuition and know when to act, and fast… for the sake of our offspring. Nurturing, rabbits love their babies and show equal affection. So do good human mothers but with those traits that display unconditional love, those are traits any human should have for unity. We need to nurture and show love impartially to one another. Rabbits also have the ability to camouflage themselves too. Their fur makes it easy for them to blend in with their natural habitat for safety. People with this spirit animal also have the ability to be invisible. As the rabbit sits in still silence, people like the rabbit are meek, shy, and like to hide in the background. Where there is trust, the rabbit is very social, just like the rabbit people who need to feel safe and secure before totally opening up and letting their guard down.

As symbols of fertility, childbirth, innocence and babies…they show the greatest imagination and purity in all of us. Although at times witty, the rabbit can be a naive creature wandering into traps and lures out of curiosity. Rabbits also are often peaceful creatures not bothering anyone, acting independently and doing for themselves. People of their totem are as well. They are often victims of predators though, cats, hawks etc. This symbolizes how people with this totem also seem to be victims in life because of their peaceful, gentle nature. Others will take advantage of them and often target them due to their passive giving nature. The rabbit is not a weakling though. They are intuitive and fast to react. If they feel something’s up, they watch and at the perfect moment, they will take off at great speed to protect themselves. So it is a trait of the people under the energy of the rabbit to often run away from people or situations that simply make them feel off in some way. They watch, don’t forget. So they may let someone in or explore the situation a little but at the perfect moment, they’ll jet off without a second thought.

People living with the influence of this totem are often fertile, and are family oriented. And they will want big families too. They will even possibly still want children when they are later in years too. They will be very active with their grandchildren and always seek to gather on occasions to see their loved ones. During their spare time, they like peace and quiet and actually enjoy being alone. They love the outdoors, activities like gardening, landscaping and growing their own food. They have a deep mind, thinking a lot as they roam about life in their super gentle nature. They also are a bit naive at the start of their adulthood but seeing the dangers in life right away smartens them up quick.

Rabbits have those wonderful qualities above, but where there is good there exists the negative too. The dangers in life with their sensitivity, lead them to be nervous, and very jumpy when made to feel uncomfortable. They also sometimes jump to conclusions or react too soon, if unbalanced. They can even retreat into total solitude if they feel disconnected or they go too far into their mind and thoughts. The rabbit burrows, so the people of this spirit can also dig too much into things. They may also go through cycles of eating binges that lead toward moments of fasting. Their usually eat small, but at times that may eat longer periods than others where there will be times that they don’t eat at all.

Rabbits symbolize:

1. Silent observation

2. Quietly working but being playful while at work

3. Living to survive but leisurely

4. Being at peace with all living things

5. Family ties

6. Ability to act fast

7. Taking great leaps in life

9. Respect for nature

10. Self sufficiency


1. Depending on others

2. Naïveté

3. Reacting last minute

4. The ability to agitate

5. Taking risks