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Turtle Totem

Turtles are an underestimated creature. In many cartoons, fables and legends, they are depicted as weaklings who are slow and outwitted by other animals. But, turtles are more than that.

While growing up, dad took me on a lot of hikes. He was a little less than middle class, working pay check to pay check, and we were broke. Fun, had to inexpensive. Hiking was both free and cheap. As I was exploring the different forests, I heard the booming thunderous voice of the creator, as he taught me the plants, animals, stones and hidden herbs. There are three locations out of many that are still even to this day, my favorites. Signal Hill, in Pine hill New Jersey. A place called Slim’s Ranch that is now a Dog Park. And, my top favorite… the nature park and trail thats is located in Berlin New Jersey. I love being there.

We used to catch a lot of turtles. There were box turtles, painter, and snapper turtles. It was a good time and childhood was magical. I had gifts no one else did and talking to animals was one of them. Turtles as well. I had made friends with one name “Tuk” when I was 8 years old. Now, in recent years J share those activities with kids, just like dad used to share with me. He had choice but to play outside as a child, and playing in the same locations too.

Pictured above is a box turtle. I found him disabled by roadside during an evening stroll near my residence. Turtles hold a lot of significance to the totem world. They say a lot in terms of life and how souls with this totem behave. Let’s see…

Turtle symbolism:

Turtles show us…

1. Taking one’s time.

2. Knowing one’s own limitations and using them for advantage. Heavy and slow, the turtle paces itself no matter what People under the turtle also do the same.

3. Being able to blend in with the landscape and go unseen. Turtles have camouflage colors. People under this symbol go through life in the background.

4. Being strong minded- turtles won’t budge when it comes to their way of doing things.

5. Being prepared to protect oneself and

6. Never trusting anyone- the shell shows lack of trust, closing every one out.

7. Feeling hopeless at times and needing a hand- turtles can’t get back up if they end up on their back so they need a hand up at times.People see this totem may find hardship in their life that they need someone to rescue them at times.

8. Independent and alone- turtles are loners and do everything mainly themselves.

9. Split personality – turtles are peaceful for the most part but there are times that they get snappy and defensive.

10. Wanderers- Souls under this totem will be wanderers who like the turtle have a home, but often drift away from it for very long periods of time. Or, they make “home” wherever they rest, instead of a permanent residence.

11. The survivalist- always equipped, these souls will nothing into something, and will survive on barely a thing maintaining their life even in the hardest of conditions.

12. Near death- turtles get grabbed up by animals, ran over by cars, stuck upside down, and they still life. Souls under the turtle will be the same with near death experiences to tell about.

13. Down to earth but wise- Seeing everything as they are camouflaged, makes them very wise. They see all and no one ever knows that they are even there. They also dig in the dirt showing souls under this totem will go underground for information, digging deeply.

Turtles have been through a lot. They drift and wander. They have faced death. They are the silent, strong, and unnoticed. And do are their people.

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