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Wombat Spirit Animal


The wombat. A strange animal totem. But one nonetheless. The wombat is a sign, of at times being underestimated by others. It seems that they are not always recognized for all that they are, or do. They represent being undervalued by family, loved ones, and even society. However, they show that you have a quickness of thought. A person with this symbolism always comes up with the right answers, but may be often overlooked. They are naturally playful, a kid at heart. Just like the wombat is. No matter the age, they always try to have fun. Especially, with their young. Due to being overlooked a lot, they do carry a rightful aggression.

A wombat, shows the lesson of trying to learn how to correct misunderstanding. Also, they represent working on stability.  The wombat shows a person who is trying to build a steady foundation, as they are homebuilders. As a result of building and exercising life lessons, a soul with the wombat guide, are developing understanding from multiple levels of any situation. The wombat shows how that they desire structure, as the wombat desires to show the growth in how they interact and react in life. This symbolizes that a person is creating their world.

Wombats stay grounded and they believe in inner trust. This animal shows how you long to have your experience here on earth, but that you still want to learn so that you can soar to greater heights in understanding in crafting your life to work for you. However, you may not have a lot of support while doing so, with this animal.