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2018 Message from Archangel Ariel

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“Emissions of information being delivered unto you people of planet Earth. Hear me, as I thunder out my words  upon you, like a roaring lion ready to make your innermost core shake at my loud voice’s vibration. I come and truly say unto those of you faithful to goodness and righteousness “do not be afraid”. In the great expansion in which we dwell, we hear the song of your world’s heavenly host, and it is like song held at a sorrowful wake. We know this because of the unhealthy state of the body of “the one”, and how it longs to heal and get better. And from here, we do see that it will. Howbeit, it will be only when each limb, can once work together as one. Then again, there are times that the body must die for a new one to be born.

In this case, it will require the latter. We see many things as channeled by our Earth messenger there with you, that are clear to us within the hearts and minds of humankind. It will be hard to rebuild the body of “the one”, and better for it to die still, so that it can just have another chance to become renewed, rather than to carry any traits that could infect the body again in the future. It is much like in Sirius. There, should there had been anyone who committed a simple crime against the laws of their higher counsel, they were simply taken away from the experience and their soul be reset into the experience all over again to be reborn in a brand new state, with another chance. In this too, souls could incarnate there and start a new life in the Sirius world. In their family selection process, the children would not stay with the biological parents but rather be taken to a facility where according to the combinations of genetics, they would be given to families who matched their genetics instead. Should there have been any child whose soul had entered Sirius with even a small flaw from another world that they had incarnated from, they would not be given the chance to infect the atmosphere of their society. Instead, they would be closely watched, and all community members would be made aware so that they would not be influenced should that flaw be activated somehow naturally and cause the being to commit a crime. If Earth had been treated similarly, perhaps it would be just as harmonious and peaceful as it is in Sirius. We can not go back to change what has already been done. We can change what takes place from here on.

It had been foretold in the scriptures of your planet’s counsel that in the days of the first death that there would be a promotion of Godly/Spiritual love and devotion, but that it would be false. If I can recall the scripture clearly, it was in a book called 1 Timothy and I will repeat it as I recall it.

“But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God,  having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power;+and from these turn away. From among these arise men who slyly work their way into households and captivate weak women loaded down with sins, led by various desires, –/always learning and yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth”

As you can see, all this is coming true and increasingly so. In the last part of that scripture it said, “having the appearance of Godly devotion, but proving false to its power.  We see this in alot of humans in your world. Many act spiritual, and they claim to be connected to the higher self but in truth the higher self is holy and divine. Therefore, none of the other things would be happening if even half of the people who claimed to be spiritual, actually were. Many only pretend, simply to lay their hands on the secrets of the heavens for their own gain. Or, they pretend to have a love of heavenly things to obtain power, or blessings. We know who they are, and trust me, they will reap their reward justly. That is blaspheme. An unforgiveable sin. If one claims to be connected with the holy spirit/higher self, but their lives reflect worldly selfish things, than those people are giving the holy spirit a bad a name. Blaspheming is a sin punishable by the angels of karma. They will hear the wisdom but it will never register within them and they will never reach their goals of illumination because of such. That is why it said, they never come to an accurate understanding of the truth. They can never fully grasp what it means to be in alignment with the higher self. They never hang onto the wisdom, as it does not fully register withi the mind.

As the great lion, I roam on high alert watching over people who prove false to true godly devotion. My brother Jude and I, are stationed to keep our sharp predator eyes in search for those who not only offend the holy spirit, but also who offend we who hold it within us and represent it. We stand in defense of this, and of even our Angels who have volunteered to sacrifice their time on earth to help the human race. We have seen many who claim to be us, and we have seen people who copy after our earthly representatives to hide who they are. For example, those who steal divine heavenly messages and information and claim it as their own, or to later do so. Also, others who take on the traits, lifestyle, spiritual parents, abilities, hobbies, attributes, appearance, and any other unique quality of our unconditionally loving brethren there. This too, is false and blaspheme.  One must truly love heaven, righteousness, and be true to themselves while doing so. They too will have their just reward. If they seek only Earthly appearances and than that is what they will obtain, never forgetting that when one sells there soul to lower lords that they take on the triats of animals who bear them. This is why many lower vibrational creatures resemble a mix of animals in their ugliness. We only point these things out for those who even have a small percentage of sincerity in their hearts, that they may come to a realization and change before it is too late. And it is becoming close to being too late.

What do we do about all of this? We can chastise those that we see still have a chance, that they may be reproved and change for their heavenly reward to become truly theirs later on. However, with others…it may be far too late for change as they may be totally lost in their own self deception and denial that they can not recognize their own need for change. This is why the world is in a dire state at this time. As this things become increasingly worse, you will see many things take place. For one, those who are good will find that life gets a bit more pleasant and optimistic as well as easier in areas where hardships would had existed. This is a blessing for perservering to the end.  Happiness, balance, and clarity in their state of mind while enjoying the gifts of the heavenly kingdom while still on Earth with their loved ones.

Others will find that obstacles increase in their lives and that they seek even more empty self pleasuring things to hide from it. They will find it hard to balance their time, and strugle with tests and obstacles that appear financially, in love, and in self esteem. That is what happens when one gives more attention to self. Others will also be negative to them too, as a sign that perhaps to much emphasis is being placed on the self than on the divine. The obstacles also include pushing people even more towards the use of technology. This closes the mind even more, even as they think that they filling it with wisdom that they may take in through some spiritual interest. We want so much for change, we do, but the heavens can not take the cry of mourning coming from your central star any longer.

Soon, there will be trials and things that are confusing to many. Many of the biblical prophecies have come true and we see it. In this we warn, that you continue striving for righteousness and do no be false or selfish in your pursuits. We see all things although we may not call you out for it. No. Other people claiming to speak with us will lie to you and speak of happy times ahead. True angels tell the truth, so forgive us if the truth is a bit less than enjoyable to hear.  Look to the signs. Our message will be given on deeper terms soon. However, for now… Safeguard your steps. Jude and I will always be there for you in hopes that you can reach up to us in a desire to change and shed the ways of the world, to instead live in a better one of your own making while you are there.

Look, for there will be more bullying of the government. Shutdowns, and its crumbling from within side of itself. In this, this will take time, but war will come. Be patient. Do not think that just because it did not happen yet, that it will not. They did say, Matthew 24:6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

A new unheard of virus is also on its way. Trials in buying food, and suppression for one’s beliefs as well. We indeed have many things still coming as the world shifts into it’s new way of life, bringing to an end of the older former ways. The spiritual war is in the heavens, but the heavens are within your mind, as this is where all souls dwell within the body of man. Do not allow yourself to be controlled as another self serving, blind ego in this world who will be used for your monney and statistics. Beware of the dark consciousness too. I AM Ariel, and I seek to devour the wakeful state of anyone who is disloyal and the ego can never be loyal as it serves the lower self and not the higher more holier one who serves heaven and goodness. Witherfore, if you have ego, you are like the great adversary itself.  No, my words are not kind and they are not humble, nor will the words of my brethren be either. I send forth my messenger Alariel which means Ala (of), Ariel, (of Ariel) in the avatar and fleshly suit of the body of the one called Alura. And she will act for us, as us, by us. In reverse it spells Leira or pronounced Lyra. Yes, this is the reign of the beast, the Lion. I am here to tear down the old foundations and I will use any means to do so. I am on the prowl in search of those who will also make up the new kingdom of heaven on your Earth too, and for those who will go off into an entirely  new, Earth after here. But hear my decree, anyone who matches the traits of the scripture that I quoted above, will not be a part of either.

In the teachings my great brother Metatron, my representative has spoken much wisdom on your planet but how many thought to take as their own and try to raise themselves to fame with it? How many thought to give themselves undeserved glory as Moses did in the wilderness when he took credit for striking the rock for water when in fact it was a messenger who did so for him, for his people. The message belongs to the angel, and is a gift to the people. Do not abuse it. Let your pride slip away and fall from you. The illuminated mind is not one who can lie, or steal of carry dishonesty. If one claims illumination and can do such, they are no better than the rulers of your world who do so, using wisdom for gain.. The illuminated mind can not bear falsely, it can not act, mimic or act on its own accord, or selfishly. This is why the rulers of your planet have worked with illuminated beings, and used their wisdom to enslave you. One day, we will cease to communicate with your world for awhile when things get worse. But we will still watch patiently, and we will still seek patiently for those who change in unconditional love for the truth, no matter which perception of the truth that it is, as there are many. Just be steadfast and keep strong. In illumination, one does not question the master should not make it, no…they should question themselves as those who are not making it are ones who fit into the above scriptural catagory, never having an accurate understanding of the truth. The ego will not allow it. One only seeks to become what they wish in order to glorify themself, out do somebody else in wisdom or power, or to use the wisdom for money and fame. The ego and its many disguised motives, are not disguised to us.

There will also be more stars falling from the heavens, issues in Jerusalem and a new soul will be born to carry on the work. This is my testimony. I hand deliver this message in my reatest warrior form.  You have heard the predictions, you have  heard the wisdom, but yet many still find it easier to serve themselves, or simply turn away. Then turn away. Your blindness may serve you better when your time comes. Better to not witness it, then to watch clearly your own judgement. You may o about your lives happy go-lucky without a care if you please, but everyone feels what I am saying is true within themselves and there is no escaping that as there is no escaping the afterlife either. Stay righteous, stay true, and simply be giving and full of humble loving kindness.

Now as for me and Jude, we return to our heavenly planes, and perhaps we will stop by Sirius since we had mentioned it. It is a beautiful place in which we hope Earth can become like at some point in the future when our brother Michael bears the light and conqours the crumbling foundation of the old ways of your world. Until then, we are here for anyone should they need us.