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Art Corner

There is nothing more that I can appreciate, than a wonderful artist. I have several friends who specialize in several forms of art, and some multi-talented in music and many other thigns too. Here, I want everyone, even you, to help your aspirations. I like to combine graphics for visionary art, myself. But if you have any artwork, and want to be featured here, this site has had tens of thousands of views, and with your art having a place on the site, you could get noticed!. I am also looking for artists to do contribute or donate pieces in collab with blogs that I working on, in which the next post that I will put up will be on the new message board. If you feel inspired to create something for the upcoming article, please do! In the meantime, if you have any mystical creatures, or visionary art of any kind, please email us!

Email your art here, with Artwork in the subject line…