I pluck out the arrows of my torment and cut loose the chains binding my feet to the ground. I come and go freely. I know something that they do not want to tell you. I am made of flesh but not of blood. My beatless, bleeding heart. We are not what you think.

I have a new message, a new way. We angels have existed along side human kind for thousands of years. We have here on the lower levels, interfered with humanity, by trying to experience a little bit of life through them. It has not been easy. We have struggled to get mankind to listen. And instead, they misinterpret our way. We are called the wise ones for a reason. Because we have, behind the scenes, watched the rise and fall of many civilizations throughout mankind.

We have witnessed and seen everything under the sun. And yet stubborn humanity refuses to hear our message. And our message is in the wind. The veil to this world and the next, is thinner. Mankind has become their own gods, and yet still call upon us for their desires. Well, a New Age arises. And we work hard, as this world purges it’s self of the old, to welcome the new. As it was in the ancient days, so will it be again. Each and every life form in there, it is just another waiting vessel. We desire to take part in that world once again, and touch base on the essentials of Life. But what you feel is essential, is different than what we feel is essential. Obviously, there is more to life than just fortune, pricey clothes and good looks. In fact, how many people can do the exact same thing until it becomes overly dull and boring. We are not seeking for repeats. We are looking for those who are truly awake. Those who are awake will be original, and not a product of the Sheeple in the world.

If you look around, you’ll see that what I’m saying is true. There are so many people just following the crowd, and it takes away from those who are unique and original. Of course it is in evitable that they would be an inspiration to many, but an inspiration to wake up, not to follow along deep asleep. We need innovative creators to take a stand and to lead the people into a better way. It is easy for one to pretend or to do as another does as a mimic or a clone, but how much more power does one have when they are tapping into a power that is theirs and theirs alone.

It is time now for those of you who are awake to take a stand. Be yourself and lead others to be themselves, or the changes that we will provoke in your world will never be concrete or take place. We need more change. We have had enough of the luxury in that world, because we have realized that it is just a part of the material substance that fades away. And even though it is really important to enjoy life there, there is more to it than just what you eat, buy or wear. It’s to mean more than an experience that justifies one photograph. Or perhaps you all don’t care anymore about the meaningful things, and have become sheep all over again? From sheep to waking up, and then lead right back into being sleeping sheep again. What shame. I find that many people do not realize when they are being deceived and yet when they are the first ones to proclaim that they are awake, they are the first ones to follow the sleeping masses.

Your first love was not set in the right place. That is why you will surely end up where you belong mentally, emotionally and spiritually… for the physical? Who cares if you are lost to the others? Many were just products of trend, not real to the love you had for spirit, or for others.

We are setting a renewed state. As the messenger here had stated in earlier writings, there will be a lot of tornadoes and horrendous hurricanes. Wildfires will spread more, as disaster year after year hits its peak. While everyone is blinded by social media, the media circus, and trendy spiritualism, the real truth is happening in front of your eyes. But it has not fully set in yet because it has not touched you directly. But it will. The world is crying for help as it tries to rid itself of its cancer. And it will make its way around. In one way or the other. Financially, disease, weather disasters. Do not forget the times that you live in.

And of course, we who have been unseen on the sidelines will enjoy ourselves while we can. The physical body will come to a point in the future where it shall be no more, when he with horns are rules fully. And so we will get the most out of our experiences through you, while you watch your demise come toward you full force. And truly then all will cry out, but those who did not listen to spirit, spirit will not hear. It’s merely just blind leading the blind. One day you will all come to have the same perception and insight, but now is not the time. For those of you who understand this, be prepared. It is just all an allusion set before you and you are writing right along with the four riders, accompanying them and helping them in their quest. Only you do you not have the eyes to see it. And if you think there will be just reward for you in the end, it is like an employer who hires employees, but does not pay them after the job is complete.

Your world around you is on its collapse but do not think that this is a bad thing. It is rejuvenating itself, as it needs to… in order for everything to come to a brand new place before the Goat rummages through your land. Only after the waters have been poured, to set the course of the river and its direction. How many can truly understand? Maybe this is all too deep. Maybe, it is far beyond your perception to understand. But nevertheless, the answers are here if you can simply “look”. That which is will not last forever. And everyone by that time, will have surely had their fill. But it will not be a fulfillment on the inside, just on the outside of things. Turn back to where your original love had been, and set your record straight. It is OK though, sleep, and sleep easy.

See! It is coming from the gut of lady Gaia, the door to her entrails opened by he who has the keys to her bottomless pit.

We shall claim the children.

Some stars will put themselves out.

The kings fall from former glory.

The mask exceeds the wearer.

Lies become a better believed story.

People sell out for wealth. The globe is in a state of unrest.

The princes of air wreck havoc.

The earth shakes itself and opens.

The elements of fire consume the city of the fallen.

Lady mysteries rules in misunderstanding.

A new leader arises, his protégé behind him.

Humanity loses the sense of feeling.

A plague,a plague.

The Devi’s are unleashed and embraced.

Armed forces are called.

Taboo laws are grounded.

A deficit!

Food is hard to grow.

People flock to the earthly kingdoms again.

That which did not work before, works again.

The rivers overflow.

Spring and fall are one with Summer and Winter.

People abandon heaven.

A falling star.

At this point it does not matter who is liked, because it’s not being popular that matters. I may not have the messages that everyone wants to hear, but I have what is true. I thank Asmodeus for his words.

How they have fallen

How they have fallen….

Heavenly Father, my soul weeps

The devastation in the streets,

The wars in the Middle East…

It don’t cease.

We need peace.

As an angel, I seek retribution.

A permanent solution.

Revenge for the suffering, pain, confusion…. pollution.

Viewing it all, my mind hurts like a brain contusion,

it’s all a burdensome illusion,

And you sent me here to end the confusion.

Each day, I long for your return

But I know it’s us who need to recollect and discern.

The world without god makes the heart burn.

When will they surrender to the fact that they need to learn?

Be at one again after this disharmonious term?

What was the point of sending good here?

They merely just promote more evil instead, year after year.

Still I am strong without fear.

I stand firm and I won’t shed a tear.

Because, I know that those who have an ear, spirit they will hear.

And it’s only then that you can once again draw even more near.

The message is clear.

Still I tried to be more heavenly, saintly

No matter what, this world it won’t taint me.

As I keep trying and trying, they cannot restraint me.

Yet the obvious truth is that many can’t hear you and your voice here becomes even more faintly.

As you observe in the distance, this earthly resistance.

I came to this world with even yet more persistence.

I can, I will with your permittance….. help anyone that I can.

I’ll go the distance.

But afterwards I desire to go home.

To love unlike humans do, I feel alone.

I open my arms to the mission I was shown.

But it is you that I need and know while this still seems unfamiliar to me, so unknown.

And we shall be again, at one with the light.

I’m here, but other angels take part in the fight.

Here, even day seems dark as night.

The soul’s battle, a spiritual fight.

Oh how they have fallen.

2019 Prophetic Insight

Magic is in the air. The moon is full and entirely lights up it’s area in the sky. High above the trees, the winter king shines his spot light on a dead cold world below. His wolf lets out his Howl, and clouds cover the moon ever ever so slightly, perfectly… to shield the land below from the magic coming down from above. The atmosphere is full of a strange stillness that gives off a slight tone of another world. A darker world…. Secrets. Hidden players….. The moon edges closer to Earth and turns to blood. It is only then that we can see that the wolf removes his mask and indeed was a hidden lion all along.

We have the full super moon eclipsing now, January 21st 2019. This sign is very significant to many things that have been approaching but now is just right there on the horizon. As you all very well know, many of my predictions throughout time have proved to be true. Even the one about the upcoming martial law and war that I predicted several years back. However, many people seem to think that when I make the prediction that it means that it is going to happen very soon. No, most of the time the predictions that I am making will take a few years for events that will lead up to their manifestation. I have not really been prophesying lately only because, I have run into some trouble in the past as a result of opening my big mouth. Many times I have encountered, interferences such as censorship, and huge limitations that were made upon me to silence me. So for now on I will put my predictions in parables as most oracles have her on time. Anybody that has the ability to get in tune with the spirit and I will be able to interpret them for themselves. The moon though? Find out at the end. These predictions will happen over time this year and into the future too.

1. The water

” and I saw that there had been flooding. It was so deep that it came anywhere from between my knees to my waist in certain areas. Homes were filling with water. As I looked out my window, I was not in my state of New Jersey but it was a state bigger than most. I could see many areas in devastation. I could see that roads had been destroyed, and smoke rose up from the ground into the sky, almost as if the ground was hot. The only places that seemed to be intact, were those that had been gathered by religious groups for their families there. All of the other places were destroyed fire or by water. To travel, one had to travel by air or by boat. The country seemed to had been in a state of distress.

2. The children

” I was shown many children of teenage years, getting involved with men of older age on the Internet or even in real life. Out of fear they would claim having been kidnapped, once they had realized that the situation was not what they had imagined and instead was more serious than it was. More and more of this started to occur. News reports of children having been abducted by older men started to show up on broadcast.”

“More and more children became violent towards their parents. They would even engage in plots of murder. Incest was littered in TV programs. Similarly, inappropriate behavior with the young was giving impression through the use of symbolism”

3. The Leadership

“There were people standing behind a leader of a country who all were wearing masks. The leader was stationed, to do what they had ordered without others knowing that they were doing the ordering. He had been chosen to portray a role. To be a great distraction through the use of constant publicity stunts. Situation after situation would arise, with him at the center of attention. It would blemishes character and create questioning. But all the while he would stay in his position. The distractions of the disputes consistently going on around him throughout the country, constantly drew everyone’s attention away from what was truly taking place behind the scenes. A new government.

The leader thought himself witty and clever and instead pretended to do as they said but had a plan of his own. He in a game of chess, he stationed his players in all of the right places so that his underhanded deeds would not be visible or at least not punishable. What the masked men hiding behind him did not know, was that he intended on staying in his position of leadership, ultimately. He would not go easily. In my visions, attempt would be made against him in all ways, to remove him. All the while, no one knew of the war that was being planned, the economies oncoming despair, or the disruption amongst the people. Each plan that he made seemed to be for the better good, but in truth only inflicted chaos.Making a boundary would take away illegal operations, or limiting them, would cause a lot of infliction. Money would be owed to people involved, by those who couldn’t pay them back. The illegal gain of finances would be gone for those in the law, who corruptly took part. Racial issues would arise again. Those in disagreement would rise up. But overall, violence would increase, murder, violence, and a society would be built on dead slaves.

He would not easily when his time to step down would come. The dream of a One New Order, with one only to lead it, lingered in his dreams. With major world powers on his side,he could get them to join him in his fight to be king. A discreet form of martial law would happen. Anyone showing support to him or to the new ways that were introduced in 2012, will be hunted down and troubled.

4. The www.

The internet allowed truths to be leaked to introduce concepts of a new way through information outlets labeled as “fake, theory, or unreliable. But now that all is over. What was allowed, constructed their foundation but only the amount needed. Now, the spiritual, political, scientific corner stones were built and those new ideas are being disregarded so that people return to the traditional or nothing at all. The internet would be a watchful eye and for a step closer to a society totally kept indoors. The ignorance caused by being closed minded by overuse of the internet would cut people off from each other, creating hostility and aggression. People would not go outside anymore and it would be common age of ordering things on everything that you need from your home.

The age of the deceit.That is what I called it back a few years ago. And truly indeed it is the age of such. The people that you see pictures of on line and talk to, are not really who they say that they are. Any person that you befriend could be an agent or a criminal. Any female could indeed be male, and vice versa. People who are elderly will try to make themselves look younger in order to for others. People who are overweight will try to hide it behind the disguise of photo shopping. People just don’t love themselves for who they are anymore, and they should. Nobody should ever have to hide the truth of themselves or deceive other people. Many people may not think it is a big deal, but it is. Imagine that you have met somebody that you fall in love with online? Going to meet them, they are not the individual in the picture. It’s hurtful. But less and less people care who they hurt anymore. Because they are very cut off from one another. Empathy is dying away.

5. The world of astrology and science

As I had said, more and people who would be a part of the New Age agenda would abandon ideas of God and spirit and rely entirely upon science and the stars. But hypocritically, they would practice magic which uses God and spiritual energy. The years to come will be full of this.

6. Return to the Church

“I saw many running back from mystical things to the church. But people in the church will themselves practice mystical things and slightly incorporate it into their teachings.

7. Disaster and Civil Issues

“I saw volcanic eruptions, fires, and disease come out. Hurricanes at great magnitude worse than the year before. I saw crucial flooding, and reversed weather patterns. I saw, more tornadoes, more school and religions shootings, more hit and runs, more problems between countries as well as Mexico. I saw more assaults, more murder, more illness. I saw society fighting among themselves.

I saw huge things to come with Russia, Israel, Syria and Korea as in destruction and a new king for England other than who was expected. Visitors ands talks about them, from beyond… was also seen.

These things are in the making. The wolf super moon eclipsing means and in Leo means that we have a wolf in sheep’s clothing that I have mentioned endlessly, is here and will be revealed more this year while some of the visions above take place. It seems many wolves are sharing the same sheepskin though. I’ll post more specifically as we get closer to each. The wolf in sheep’s clothing or many, means that many things have been hidden that now will start coming to the surface, Spiritually and politically but in this pre-age of the 11:11 phenomenon. Destruction, death, and rebirth. Waiting for a New World be built according to the propaganda, obviously the old one has to be destroyed first. And that is exactly what is going on now today. Add a wolves in sheep’s clothing basically symbolizes person who is not being they propose them selves to be. They are an evil doer, under the cloth of something pure and innocent. This has been referenced so many times in the book of revelations and in the Bible. This being rare during this age shows, that we are definitely in the age of deceit. And even though it will continue to prove to be deceptive in the behaviors of many people, more truths will come to the surface because all things come to the light. But by the time people realize what has really been going on, there will be nothing that can be done about it but to allow it to ride through its course to the end. The only thing that anybody else can do is to try to better themselves. That is why this year is going to be all about transformation, and new beginnings. For some, starting all over. Hey super work moon is talking about people needing to shed the inner part of them that is hidden, in the dark. To really embrace the sheepskin of purity and innocence. To forget deception and feeling the need to hide. It’s time to break free and to start really living life again and to not go along with the disaster that is happening all around you. Social media Can definitely take your mind off of things and it’s meant to be, believe me but not for the right reasons. I say it time and time again, you have to detach from the Internet for a little while every day. You will feel better and you will have more time to start loving the things that you used to. Think about it, when you became spiritual, you were on the Internet, researching the things that you loved and that you were passionate about but you still made time to practice. It was only when you got depressed from the dark consciousness and started succumbing to the Internet all of the time, that you started to feel empty or inside. That feeling is not going to go away. You are merging with artificial intelligence! By the time that you realize what’s really happening, you will already be pretty far gone. Once you lose that inner drive, that passion, yourself, it’s very hard to get it back again. This age is meant to kill the emotional self and make it nearly logical. And that’s happening more and more as people detach from their emotions and use their mind for the Internet. People are more cool than us understanding. Let this year be a year of transformation renewal, and see this wolf blood moon eclipse as an omen that the truth will slowly be revealed to you,And that many things that were being shown to you guys being good for you, really never work. People And their true nature will be revealed. Activities will be revealed. False teachings will be revealed. Corrupt political powers will be revealed. Hidden agendas will be revealed. And you will truly see that what I say is the truth. But don’t lose yourself too far before that. Eventually, you will end up like another wolf in sheep’s clothing yourself. A wolf only lives by it’s instinct and not by its heart center. A wolf will do anything for its own survival and then for its own packing not for the better of the world or for other living things. While they are in a pack, they are separate. Each in their own hierarchy. No one is above anyone. It’s true we have to act like a family but one that is equal and that sticks together. Because believe me if there was only enough food for one of those wolves in the park, they would attack each other. That’s not the family that you want to belong to is it? The world is not the path to follow. You can see that it’s already in a disarray. The only way I can get better is if we take a stand. The time is now before it’s too late

New Predictions

And the principalities of waters and air, will effect the North American continent in a U-shaped traveling about, unleashing their fury.

There will be a massive death, and an experiment with the use of martial law that will come to be used in a much better way later on.

~Metatron and Alura (Alariel)

Shedding Light in the Dark….

angels in heaven

It’s amazing how many responses to the Archangel Chamuel message that I had received once it was posted! How loving is Chamuel? We are lucky to have her graciously visit us. While the message reflected some messages in regards to my own situations, many could relate to the fact that while they strive to be better people, they too get hurt. The new card reading for this week also brought alot of incoming responses as well, in people saying that they had experienced a “Magician” in their lives. This site here has helped many indeed. I have had church leaders, politicians, and a few celebrities even, who emailed to let me know that they had ran into similar issues.

In light of that, I mentioned Dark Consciousness many times before. What is amazing is that, the saying: “What is done in the dark, will come to the light”, plays into that, because darkness comes in many forms, and almost always tries to disguises itself as light… Although, it really can’t for long. They will always reflect off of one another, exposing each other at some point.  With that, a member of my facebook group gifted everyone with a card that finished the week and completed the outcome of the reading that I had posted for this week. He had said: “Wonderful news”! And for some theirs will be different, but in the angelic realm, we did receive some wonderful news.

Archangel Michael came through last night, and he pointed out something! While I felt a little down over recent events ( I am back up now), he had stated: “Do you see how the dark consciousness has started revealing who is associated with it?” And it is true, that since we had some negative events, that it did show many in the world, in the lives of others, and in my own life, who was a part of the dark consciousness that had been hiding itself. Hidden motives, hidden alliances, false friends, limitations and restrictions placed and how, as well as usery, plots, condescending natures, selfish egos, and even cliques working together out there. It all came out right at the same time! In the people that had emailed, the things that came out had helped them to end issues, or avoid them, and find real solutions. Again, in many different areas of life. Of course, this always involves other people in their lives somehow, co-workers, colleagues, friends, family, employers, spouses, lovers, etc. That is because, no matter the situation, the situation is full of others who pertain to it. Otherwise, it would not exist at all. For many people, this helped them to clear their pathways of anything that was hurting them. Many emails came in of people stating that they felt a sense of relief in their lives that now they could move on. They had known that they had these situations and individuals in their lives, but because of things not coming out on the surface, they had felt guilty to walk away.  I felt that same. It’s hard to let go, when a person has not come out and made it obvious for a person to say: “Hey, I have to move on for this reason”. Otherwise, it looks like there is no reason at all, to others around them. So, at least the dark consciousness served a positive purpose after all, and while this is clearing the lives of many people and my own, Michael also said this:

“Many associated with these things, even those who have not beeen revealed yet, verily I say unto you…. they shall not succeed in their victories. Their plans will not unfold, and they will find difficulty in their efforts. This is why, even before, they had trouble in moving forward with their plans, for we see all. Everyone must learn according to their deeds as well as the intentions of their heart and thoughts, since the heart and thoughts together make up half of who they are, and it is just the same, as if they had carried out what they felt and thought physically, only having done it in a spiritual sense. And it is not good for them, to have committed such spiritual wrong doing. No matter what they believe in the end, for in their end, they will come to see.”

He is right! Everyone will come to see. And there is great learning in this too, even if experienced in a negative sense. Even for those losing their faith because the words of truth are not working into their own plans, will come to realize that all has ever been to help them, later on. All that he said, made complete sense.

That reminded me of the scriptures:

Psalm 21: 11 Though they plan evil against you, though they devise mischief, they will not succeed.

Psalm 34:21 Evil will slay the wicked, and those who hate the righteous will be condemned.

Job 5:12  He thwarts the schemes of the crafty, so that their hands find no success. He catches the wise in their craftiness, and sweeps away the plans of the cunning.

And then of course: Psalm 35

Contend, O LORD, with those who contend with me; fight against those who fight against me. Take up shield and buckler; arise and come to my aid. Brandish spear and javelin  against those who pursue me. Say to my soul, “I am your salvation.”May those who seek my life be disgraced and put to shame; may those who plot my ruin be turned back in dismay. May they be like chaff before the wind, with the angel of the LORD driving them away; may their path be dark and slippery, with the angel of the LORD pursuing them. Since they hid their net for me without cause and without cause dug a pit for me, may ruin overtake them by surprise– may the net they hid entangle them, may they fall into the pit, to their ruin. Then my soul will rejoice in the LORD and delight in his salvation. My whole being will exclaim, “Who is like you, O LORD?

It is such a blessed and happy time for many people in the world who have been gifted with many things in their lives that were unhealthy, having been brought to the surface. Buddhist, Wiccan, Catholic, Christian, etc… it does not matter what belief they have. The heavens still exist and in this they are the celestial host who controls all things in the grand design. Surely, when people are doing their best to do the right thing and others make it hard for them or hurt them, or the world around them finds ways to create conflict or struggle, the heavens will always provide healing, truth, and refuge. They will always guide the way as to what the best thing to do is.

I totally understand what they had said though, in regards to it being hard to speak out when there is no surface proof of things. But my best advice from this point forward to all of you readers who experienced all of this personally themselves, who came to me after the reading and article was published is this… come seek help.  I have learned that sometimes, even if there is not much you can do to speak out, and there is not really anyone that you can go to about things,  it is wise to follow your intuition. If you are unsure, come to me. I have a girl who gets Hidden Truth readings on the people that she questions, and we find out right then and there, whether they can be trusted or not. If she can’t speak out, she can at least back away to prevent herself from the oncoming issues that will arise later on.  Sort of like I am doing for now on. It’s a bit different for me, as I am here with a mission to help others change for the better, and I do not always have the ability to leave the situation. But she can… and you can too. This includes outcomes to work, family issues, health problems to come, and worldly events too, that may have an effect later. I am merely rejoicing now though, that this spectacular gift of all truths (all of them, even without others knowing) having been revealed, has occurred. Praise heaven in all of its splendor, and as always I will keep walking with goodness and love, and determination in the virtues, and I hope you do too.

I also want to add, that many of predictions from a few years ago about the world are happening. I hope many of you stay safe during the upcoming times.

Special Thanks,
I want to say thank you to heaven for the foresight and visions of knowing. the advice after, and the love and comfrot that they provide.
I also want to say thank you truly to all of the people who were not with me for good intentions…. for walking into the trap set by others, so that true colors could be seen. I forgive you. All  actions have consequences naturally though, but I still wish you happiness and luck. I express gratitdue for the lesson, and for the old doors closing for newer ones to open. I truly hope it was all worth it.
I also want to thank, the people who have been there with me as true friends and supporters, you know who you are! Without you, even as a friend, well you know the rest!
I also want to thank my readers who also had some things rise to the surface, who shared their stories to show, that this was happening on a wider scale (politically, in the family, and in the world)  like I had predicted many, many times. I am sorry that you had to experience negativity in your life, and I know things will be alot better from this point forward for you.

Out with the old: Archangel Chamuel’s Message

Archangel Chamuel came to me the other night, as I actually sobbed in my bed for the very first time, since I was a child.

“Alariel/Alura, why the tears? We heard you from above. Dear one, why are you sobbing?” She looked puzzled as to why I would sob, and after all of this time too. I think the last time that I cried like that, was when I was 14 years old over a situation where I couldn’t take anymore abuse from others. I had been bullied most of my life, outcasted, and even raped. My mother had issues (although better now), and I seemed to have no one but heaven in my corner. The angels always comforted me, but what about someone here? I don’t think I had ever felt so hopeless to be honest with you. there was no one else like me, or who could understand. It was a very secluded life while still trying to be with others, whom I had to pretend to have the same interests with. I am usually optimistic, knowing how things will turn out, I trust the heavens in what they say and shake off obstacles  in having the reassurance of a solution to come in the future, for any tribulation. Still though, I feel that the sobbing, was my way of releasing all of the hurt and disappointment that I had felt in the world, in people, and in myself for being only one person. I wanted to change everything. But I could change things one day at time, one soul at a time. I loved people. I didn’t want to wait.

“Master Chamuel, I am sobbing because of all of the hurtful things going on right now around me. Never have I given so much love to people. They don’t have to listen to me, but because they didn’t, they will learn the hard way when it comes to others or situations. In their lives, in friendships, and in love. I wonder why, after much time of proving myself, and showing unconditional kindness and love,  people still side with the plotters and schemers, why do they turn on me, and why don’t they love themselves enough to avoid negative situations? It pains me. I have so much opposition in my life now, and as much as I have been there, I feel so alone right now. Even if….there are many surrounding me in support still. Some, simply due to disagreements in opinions, target me, plotting to hurt me revengefully.  I know when something is going on, and I see beyond the masks Master Chamuel. But yet, it is hard to combat these things, without love of others. “

“Alariel, listen to the guidance of heavens. I was not asking the cause of your sobbing.  We already know the cause. I was inquiring as to why you felt a need to cry at all? The answers are so evident in your life. You and I both know that. Not only this, but the world is a scary place. It is one, that trust does not exist anymore.”

I did know this… I wondered why, but deep down I already knew why. I often wonder why the bad people in the world go without punishment or consequence some times, but the good ones are the ones who pay for no crimes at all. Is it really up for any human to decide who I am? What I am meant to do? I ask myself this often. She turned to me and said:

“You and I both know, that those who speak truth, who work for the higher good, they are the ones prohibted from doing so. Don’t let it bring you down. Know that in that world, humans will always do what suits them first, and this is why they continue to move further and further from the light. Was it not said?….in dire times that  people would call to heaven, but heaven would say that they did not know them? Humans only love the heavens or need us, when they need something. Instead of loving us always. Why would you expect any thing different? I know what pains your heart, and it is because the world is becoming more and more cold, callous, and deceptive, and in that… you are seeing the effects of this as truth is suppressed, and people rise up against one another, even those who are pure at heart and innocent of any wronging.   In truth, you know what the right thing to do is, but yet your heart sometimes is too good to do it. This is why I had asked why you are sobbing…if you already have the answer…?”

“Lady Master Chamuel, I do know, but it hurts me to have to. This means that I will have to say many good byes, to people, places, and things. The heavens always taught me to be unconditional, and I thought that this meant to give love limitlessly. There were times that I had to stop communicating with people, but still loved them. They took it personally and I get visions of plots, vindictiveness etc. Also, I know that my facebook, Youtube, and Social media pages are being limited from reach. There are some who are a part of it. I only had hoped to meet real people, who had similar mind’s and hearts. I let people so close.”

“Alariel, listen, change is needed. You may have to walk away from some things, and even from some people, but in the long run, it may be for the higher good. Follow heaven as you always do, dry your eyes, calm your heart, and know that all things are for a reason pointing toward a new opening doorway.”

With that, I felt love fill me with comfort. She was right.  The world has changed, and I am the same. The heaven loving people that I went seeking for to illuminate and teach, now are gone. Corrupt in the ways of the world, enarmored with the teachings of life that make it easy to do whatever, and feel okay with it at the end of the day. But how many truly do feel okay with it? Other people compete, steal my work, and maliciously plot behind my back, in spirituality. How is that higher self, or divine? Maybe the world wants darkness? In this I know…for every human who seeks enjoyment from the other side, will always come seeking back for the light once that darkness consumes their existence. And will I still be here, but will I be the same?

Clearing and Renewing:

“Sometimes, as an angel or otherworldly soul types, we tend to accept far too many things. With us, there is a lot of love but no judgment. It is evident, that we do not have negative opinions about people, but we do see the truth and speak it. Just like the creator, we can embrace situations and people into our lives openly, but even the creator lets a person or situation go, if the person or situation isn’t seeking change. With the creator, the love is always there, the will for the person or situation to always get better, is always there. The unconditional quality is always with them from above. It’s been the same with me. For many many years in my life, from childhood all the way up, I have always excepted people no matter what I could see in them. Even at times when I knew that I would be hurt, I still invited them into my life in order to show them something better or just give them the love that they did not have which was causing them to be the way that they were. To be honest with you, it has worked about 65% of the time. But there is still that large percentage of when it didn’t work. Still I hung on. Speaking with the Creator and with Archangel Chamuel, I have learned that sometimes it’s best to just clear your life if change is not coming. Sometimes you have to make room for the change.

Recently in light of many different situations that are going on, I have made the conscious decision to let go of all of the anchors that are holding me back, as well as negativity… even if I do still feel love. Hopefully, this will help me to get to the next step. Maybe it will have a valuable lesson with it, for others too. I have been a friend when I should had been only a teacher. I emotionally attached and connected, when I should had simply stayed on the outside to help.  I thought that this is what people loved about me, but it seems that it may be better, (the Creator told me on Sunday) that as an oracle, I should go back to being in that seclusion that I had when I was smaller. While I cried about it back then, it shows me now, that it is better to remain protected in being alone, with heaven to surround me only.  Even in trying to find love, I found a situation that interconnected into a bigger issue. It was full of mental abuse, emotional abuse, control, monitoring and pain. People have the ability to hide beyond the disguise of a smile, to mirror themselves to be all that you had been looking for in a friend, or in love. Even when I cry out that I can see beyond the mask and the projected illusion, the comforting voice  mirrored of my loving way, is given to me, that makes me long for the denial to be true. Wouldn’t you? If you only ever encountered loneliness, and in the things that you had seen were false projections from others who would only come to hurt you? And I can say that in the many, many people that I have come across in my personal life, 80% of them have hurt me. It leaves no room for faith in people, although I still try to see the light in them…and I do see some. So please, open your heart and do not blame me if I wanted to believe the lies, that I was loved in return or that the plots that I could see, were imagined. Do I subject myself to being hurt later from dismissing my own visions to believe the lies in order to be loved even if falsely? Yes. I do. I know that.

With the situation or people being as it is in this world,  I have to let go.  I’m just talking about life in general. So I don’t know how many people are with me on this, but since there is a nice healing meditation on my Youtube,I am going to use that to clear the inner stuff. I am also cleansing my body and my soul, as well as my life. I’m going to purge all negative things, places and people, but I will always still carry that love and divine will to want to help. Don’t be like me, and bring toxic situations and people into your life, simply out of a wanting to give love to others who may be ficticious because they lack it themselves. Sometimes, there is not enough love to fix someone, until they are ready. You can’t bring those things into your life, out of needing love yourself either. I am not insecure, just unconditional, and I deserve a true friend too you know? So do you. Life is supposed to bring happiness, true relationships, and progress. not stagnation, not hurt, and not falsehoods in others.Whether you contribute to adding issues to your own life or not, for whatever reason, isn’t time to start new?

Nevertheless, take some time to think about your life and the people in it too. Maybe it’s time to just step away for a little bit from people, places, and things that may be creating negativity in your life and the lives of others directly. Its time to make better choices, all around. Look at the Source directly, and not for surface value. Clear out, even maybe negative situations that you have created for yourself?… So for my #makeoverchallenge that I am hosting in my group “Spiritually Awkward”  I will not just be changing my outer appearance as I had thought to do… but it will be a make over on my life. I hope that I motivate you to do the same.

I will always be here for anybody who needs me. But I am going to remove myself from situations to where, people only see what is right in front of them, and not the things within them that I see. Because I saw goodness, a potential for change, possibility for a better way. They see self advantage. Self advantage will cause ambition and motive in anyone, and i have been used for insight, learning, and all types of things. Even love, when a person did not receive it in their lives, but did not have in them to give it in return. Those who are capable of hurting the good, to backlash them, gossip, plot, or even be vindictive even over small misunderstandings, are people who can hurt anyone, even themselves. Always safeguard yourself. I didn’t. But I am now.

The shepherd and the circus master…

I had a vision. Ariel opened the heavens and showed me…I foresaw two people , one was like a Shepard, loving, leading their flock in love and tenderness. The flock was innocent, accepting of their guide and of each other. Thirsty, the herder led them to water, and taught them about the dangers around them in the world. After a awhile, they did not need a shepherd as much anymore, but due to his love, they remained in friendship. They still had some things to learn.

The second vision was of a circus master. He had big dreams of having his own circus. He went on a great adventure, trying to find anyone that he could collect, to bring to his circus. He somehow came upon the flock and shepherd. How perfect! With the flock, his circus perhaps could be started! He began to do silly tricks to catch the attention of the flock, but he could only catch the eye of the ones who were most open, still in knowledge of the dangers that the shepherd had taught them, they still wanted to explore the world. But taught well by their Shepherd, they still kept some distance while entertaining the circus master through watching his tricks. However, the circus master saw that he was getting nowhere. So he started to think that maybe perhaps acting more as the shepherd did, would help the flock to trust him more. However, the flock had noticed the change and the similarities, and this made them a little leery, but remembering all of the funny tricks, they still kept their eye on the circus master anyhow. Gaining the trust of the flock and convincing them to come to the circus with him, would be harder than he thought.

My vision continued…

The circus master then, thought that the only way to catch the attention fully, of the flock and of the others whom had taken an interest, was to fall down and act as if he were hurt. Only with this, could he catch their attention, and the innocence in their heart. In addition, because the shepherd was so used to nurturing and caring, it would also catch the attention of the shepherd too, so that the shepherd as well… would offer healing, a place to rest, and in turn bring them closer towards the flock.

Perhaps in this vision, the circus master had thought that because the flock would had seen him with the shepherd himself, that they would be more receptive. After all, it had been the shepherd who was teaching them about the dangers in the world, and if the shepherd had accepted the circus master’s presence, then they would too. However, caring for all, the shepherd invited the circus master in, but still remained cautious, knowing what a circus master actually was. “Maybe he could join the flock and abandon the ways of the circus”, the shepherd had thought. After all, the circus had not worked out for him at all yet. The shepherd always wanted to provide a loving environment for all, and for anyone tired of the tricks of the great circus.

Joining the shepherd and the flock, the circus master saw that the shepherd had paid attention to each member of the flock individually, nurturing, affectionate and wise. The circus master had planned to do the same. So he ended up gaining the trust of a few, but seeing that this was not working he decided that he would have to push a little harder. Some of the flock started to realize what the circus master was doing, and decided to keep their distance. However, there were others that believed in the new character he had taken on, that was very much like their Shepard. The circus master started to realize though, that the shepherd being as attentive and observant over his flock that he was, started to realize what the circus master was doing. Very wise, the shepherd of been around a long time, it was his purpose to be a shepherd in order to protect and nurture the innocence after all. The shepherd started to warn each member of the flock subtly, individually. The Shepherd still very loving, wanted the circus master to still feel welcome, but also did not want the flock to be jeopardized or taken by the deception, of the circus masters agenda, of having his own circus. So he just exercised caution and still at the same time, showed love. There is always a chance for anyone to change direction.

Nevertheless, the love and tenderness that the shepherd and given to the circus master, had not been enough to fill the circus masters heart. His heart was full of dreams of other things. So the circus master and the shepherd both continued trying to build their path and worked their way towards their very different Hoped for outcomes. The shepherd had hoped for the circus master to change, and for the circus master and the flock both… to have happy lives in peace and safety. However, the circus master still intended to continue on building his own circus, not even taking into consideration the feelings of each member of the flock or for the shepherd himself. One by one, he tried to collect those that he could. Seeing this, the shepherd had to build a protective barrier around the members of the flock that remained. But the shepherd saw that two groups were being formed.

As the vision continued, indeed, two flocks were built. The remainder of the flock who stayed with the shepherd out of love and appreciation for the shepherd himself, and out of the love that the shepherd had for the members of the flock over all. And then Ariel showed me, those that were added to the circus Masters circle. Still some of the flock, couldn’t really see clearly what was going on, and out of kindness allowed themselves to be added to the circus Master’s Circle. All the while the circus master had sent word to friends who were also interested in building the circus with him. But so that the shepherd would not be alerted, they did not show themselves throughout that time. The shepherd stood in great strength, being guided by the heavens as to what was going on the whole time though. The shepherd valued those that he loved and cared for, and had hoped that none of the flock would be used for the circus after all. But that would be up to the flock to remember all that the shepherd had taught them. Would they? Or…,would they get stuck in the circus ring?

It was a deep vision of oncoming division. For a circus master knows how to use tricks and faces almost as good as a magician, yet they are more novice. The Shepherd on the other hand, is someone who has transcended all of that and is living their life in peace while trying to restore peace to others, which gives him the right to be a shepherd after all. How wise are the heavens?!