Angel Gabriel Appears

As everyone knows, spirits and principalities are responsible for the elements. Earth, air, fire, and water. There are spirits within everything. And there are the deities that sometimes act as messengers that are called angels during those times. Those deities preside over the elements. I channel so much all of the time, and it is … Continue reading Angel Gabriel Appears

New Predictions

And the principalities of waters and air, will effect the North American continent in a U-shaped traveling about, unleashing their fury. There will be a massive death, and an experiment with the use of martial law that will come to be used in a much better way later on. ~Metatron and Alura (Alariel)

The shepherd and the circus master…

I had a vision. Ariel opened the heavens and showed me...I foresaw two people , one was like a Shepard, loving, leading their flock in love and tenderness. The flock was innocent, accepting of their guide and of each other. Thirsty, the herder led them to water, and taught them about the dangers around them … Continue reading The shepherd and the circus master…