Dear reader,

The information in this site, is all my channeled time and information from my connection to the Creator. Some of it, never foretold before. No one, no matter who you are, has a right to use this information, outside of this site. The information is protected, and I will know as there is a tracker on the site, to protect my work. I am not permitting anyone to print, or reteach my teachings as their own. Me and the creator are certain on what we work with together, and it is dear to me. I am protective over my relationship with the Creator, as it real, and true, and in this life I am blessed to be here to give this information. And he is as protective over me as well.  Any removal of the information from this site will be prosecuted as copyright theft. or, otherwise.. You may have the freedom to read it, re-share, speak about it, as long as it is kept under my authorship. The channeled info here is unique and never spoken on earth here before, so i will know if my rights as a spiritualist, or channeler are violated, spiritually, or through the site.This is for the reader to learn from, not to adopt as their own.


Thank you, and enjoy. Learn and grow, but please respect my space.