New Predictions

And the principalities of waters and air, will effect the North American continent in a U-shaped traveling about, unleashing their fury. There will be a massive death, and an experiment with the use of martial law that will come to be used in a much better way later on. ~Metatron and Alura (Alariel)

The shepherd and the circus master…

I had a vision. Ariel opened the heavens and showed me...I foresaw two people , one was like a Shepard, loving, leading their flock in love and tenderness. The flock was innocent, accepting of their guide and of each other. Thirsty, the herder led them to water, and taught them about the dangers around them … Continue reading The shepherd and the circus master…

Rolivencian Starseeds

A world called Rolivencia. Rolivencia is a beautiful world located in the Lyran constellation, and while channeling a being from there when I was in Lyra as a part of the High Council, I had a chance to view it from behind the scenes. I also got to see it on a deeper level again, … Continue reading Rolivencian Starseeds

Alpha Centaurian Starseeds

These people are very complicated. They know it too! A true Alpha Centaurian will know exactly what I mean. They constantly change their minds, and they will have a love/hate relationship with people. That is because at one time their planet was over taken by entities that enslaved them, so they seem to think that … Continue reading Alpha Centaurian Starseeds