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August 20th 2018

We have a wonderful reading for this upcoming week of August 20. Pulling out my angel intuitive cards, we received three special messages.

It is not surprising that Ariel appeared in the reading for the month of August. It is her highlighted month anyhow through the zodiac that she rules of Leo. We received the cards:

1. Angel Sabathiel (Reversed)

2. Archangel Ariel

3. Archangel Chamuel (Reversed)

Angel Sabathiel, if you read the direct page associated with him, you will see that he is the angel of connections, retribution, balance and harmony, as well as structure and stabilization. However, in the reading he appeared in reverse. This means that there are many things out of balance, that should not be. This card indicates that this has a lot to do with the greater collective. Out there in the world, and families, and friends, and in groups. However, since this angel is quite observant and sees everything, but in reverse means that this instability is definitely not being recognized or seen by those who are being affected by it. That is because there are hidden elements in other people, in the atmosphere, and within one’s self. This card is trying to tell everybody to be alert that there is something very negative kind of hovering over everyone at this time, but yet they are not reflecting upon it to see it. Since this angel who represents the card, is an angel of retribution, in reverse it means that the negative energy really is unjust retribution. That means that what’s happening in the world, and in others around you who may be causing this reps and in the web so to speak, or doing so for their own personal reasons that may be uncalled for, and not with concern for other people who are affected by it. Usually that backfires, so hang in there because whatever negative energy is creating interference in your life or in your collective around you, it will turn on itself due to the injustice associated with it. may take some time, but it will.

Ariel enters the reading as a solution card. As you experience this, Ariel says to remain strong. As our ruler of strength during a time of extreme spiritual warfare, she gives you back up. Still though, try to not to ignore what is going on that it creates disruptions in all areas of your life,as the energy is trying to. Be of perseverance and endurance!

Archangel Chamuel appears last as the outcome. Chamuel is all about love and the heart center. She suggests in reverse, that maybe all of the hardships or just getting tired of everything, has you not caring anymore, as much as you should. Perhaps you feel like shrugging it all off, and even with disturbances, you feel like you’ve had enough. So, you are numbing by turning the other way instead. Don’t do that! Face them. If you see causes of the disturbance, fight it! Do you so by kindly speaking up. Say how you feel, if it happens to be anyone in your life directly who is causing them. If it’s just atmospheric through the matrix or the cosmos, or in your expanded collective interferences linked in old soul ties that perhaps you never cleared, and there isn’t really much you can do about that except try to stay strong and find out what energies are really playing you so that you can learn how to work around them. Open your heart, see that love can prevail. If the love is true that is. And that means you have to love yourself enough to want it. You have to love others around you enough to stick by them. You have to love having enough to know that even the hardships bring lessons. But it seems like there’s a little injustice going on. Perhaps it all just isn’t fair but, it will strengthen you in the long run. If not, and if you allow these things to affect you or you do nothing about them at all, they will end up as blockages instead, that will be harder for you to get rid of later.

The stones associated with this reading are:

Mica and Quartz with Black Tourmaline inclusions. The tourmaline stabilizes and balances, while the quartz stimulates, and the Mica reflects.

Good luck!