Angelic Promise

The Angelic Herald’s predictions bring with them some concerning truths of things to come. While many would seek to ignore them or even deny them out of self deception, it doesn’t change that it’s all true.

During this time, Archangel Michael says: “Hereby, I promise that if you stay prepared and try to keep a positive mindset, while being true to heaven and yourself, your brothers and sisters in humanity… then it will go well with you. Look, I come when your people grow tired of the anarchy that grew from the lack of the heavenly leadership, whilst listening to the ways of the world. Many act as if we were never relevant, nor entitled the respect of obedience in our ways taught to the first Family brought there, or the natives created there.  The indignant descendants of my brothers thought themselves deserving of kingship and reverence, but they corrupted your world. Many went along with it out of enjoyment of things pertaining to the flesh.

While it is fine to enjoy your physical experience, for some to just experience is not enough. They have a thirst for more and more, which aided in the development of the deadly sins. It has always hurt us as we watched humans and hybrids pass away from life to life. We cried too, as their families who loved them so much mourned for them. Seeing their tears, their confusion, we knew it was only in time that they would shortly follow their loved one to the dust. How could we stop this? They would not let us in! We had to still exist within their heart and mind, in order to guide them into the understanding of things and also into ways to cope…

But they would not listen. They made their own religions and organizations for their own gods. And even until this day, we still see that many of what they call to be holy facilities, are no more than buildings and set regulations dedicated to their own idolatry.

I was hurt to see how we were dismissed. But we are not of that world, so to others, why would we even care what mere earthlings had to say? The truth of the matter is, we don’t care what they have to say or whether they dismiss us really. We just care about their safety and overall well-being because they are still living creatures created under the heavens. That is the unconditionally loving quality that is within us. I also was very upset to see that many believed that the messages we channeled through our host Alura, were called “sensationalism” or knocked down to a negative value when we don’t have to keep you informed at all. What you are going through, is as a result of your own negligence, and the abuse that you have imposed upon yourselves, one another and the planet. Still many are blind?. But how can they be? We are not trying to promote fear in the messages that we give. We are trying to open everyone’s eyes.

We are trying to promote awakening. A real one that leads towards humanity wanting to finally put their foot down and work hard toward change. Still there will be many who willing accept the new order of things according to the elite of your planet, just merely because they have to while fearful, or because they know that abiding by it will suit them later. We deliver these messages forward in order to show you that the increase in natural disasters, 1 billion animals dying in a fire in Australia, more fires all around your world including the devastation of your supplier of Oxygen the Amazon, increase in crime and immorality, a global pandemic in the form of a disease that a deeper truth is hidden underneath of, economic collapse, and war more than ever before, are all things that were foretold through our messengers. This was to show you that the devastation wrecked upon your planet, has finally come to its climax.

How can we , beings of divine love and reassurance ever be accused of trying to spread fear? Fear is the total opposite of who we are or what we represent. But how can change ever really take place if we do not bring real truth in the messages that we bare? We do not associate with any one religion or belief system. We are a part of them all, excluding the deceptions added to them by mankind for their own agendas. We want everyone to look around at what’s happening in order to see, that enough is enough. Look at the numbers! Look at the situations? These things have happened time and time again when the start of a new age was in order, or when they were trying to enforce change upon your system of things. These times usually lead to illness, poverty and warfare. But never at this magnitude.

We are not the cause, but we are given permission to allow it for a time. There are indeed some in your earthly hierarchy who utterly had knowledge of what things were to come. This was spoken about when referenced to a “truth being revealed” surrounding matters of great importance when foretold by my beloved kin, Gabriel in the Angelic Herald: In the Dark. There were some who prepared for all of this to happen long before it got worse. This truth will be revealed throughout time as things start to unravel. You will discover that some in very high places already had prior knowledge as to these things coming to take place.

Why not return to a pure ruling class that actually cares about you, and has your best interest at heart? If you don’t feed into doubt but instead give all of your heart and trust in faith to all of us above, then when we intervene you will be on our list of those protected safely. The happenings of this time will get worse before they get better, but I promise you all that they will come to be resolved. A world where you are forced to live indoors where all of your movements, spending, medical care, education and so on will be monitored and taken care of through means of brand new digital technology… imagine instead a world where everyone got along with one another? In your future world where you are more safe inside then in the beautiful creation outside all around you, imagine instead a world where you can start to care for, nurture and rebirth all of the living things around you that it looks like garden?Later, when people are tired of hurting one another and themselves, when they are tired of being sad and afraid, imagine instead a world that is full of joy and unity.

There was a time where many of you longed to see beings of light and to have the truth that you so wholeheartedly. Imagine that you can finally have that for real! This will come at a later date. But the best things come to those who wait don’t they? It is up to you all now who will be allowed to lead you from this point onword.

There will be moments where you feel anxiety and as if you have lost something very dear to you. There will be moments where you get bored and tired of the mundane life. There will also be moments where you feel so distant, separated and isolated that you actually long to connect with others. Whereas, in times before… you deliberately would withdraw. It will not be easy to endure these emotions, but there are so many other things to focus upon that can help you to look toward the greater good.

This is a time for reflection and introspection. It is a time for every man, woman and even young adolescent child, to ponder over their actions, attitudes and behaviors. It is a time for them to ponder over times when they had been closeminded, as well as moments where they were numb at the heart. It is also a time to think of what everyone truly wants. As the things that are to come take place happen, do not look at it as if it is all some doomsday propaganda. No. It is not the end of the world itself, but the end of the way of the world as you have known it. This is where everyone must ask themselves that if the new way of the world is one that they can really live with. I can foresee that many will not want the way that things will be in the future, and that there will be greater strides taken personally, and as a people… that it will invoke my coming again. However, I will leave your world to its leaders for the time being and I will leave the people that support it as their subjects with them. That is because when I come again, it will not be to play as king there. Instead, I will be taking many of you back with me to a greater place. I will take them to a world that resembles the world, that in your heart you would much rather truly live in. This is why many of the elderly are passing away at this time. Many of them were promised through the hardships and tribulations that they endured throughout the last few generations, that they would not have to suffer as greatly anymore. That promise is kept. It was foretold after all, that “there would be the passing away of one generation”. And this same promise is also extended to you. Do not take matters into your own hands. I will do all that is needed at the appointed time. For now, let your intentions and hopes for a better place, be strong enough to help manifest it.

Certainly, this is no time to turn against one another. Don’t you realize that there has been enough hatred, greed, jealousy and indifference in your world already… that has led up to the chaos and disharmony in its vibration? Instead, no matter what you seem to believe or what your opinion may be, now is the time to be more united with one another more than ever. Even if you believe in us just a little bit, hold true to the definition of unconditional love, as love will cover all transgressions. Healing for the planet and healing for each individual themselves… is what is absolutely needed to take place. Only all of you together can make that happen. We will work standing before you, and behind you., to your left and to your right.

As many of the predictions continue to take place, please know in your heart that I have only given you the information to prepare you and lead the way. You are here as a witness to these events as you have chosen to be. One day, you will be a part of a more beautiful world and you will get to tell your story, one that details how you had been a part of planet that had run itself down into the ground. That knowledge itself, will help you to teach those people not to ever go that way. It will help to create a more peaceful and more balanced world in the new one ahead. I would tell you of the things that you must expect at this point, but I think we have all said so much already. I will leave that for another time, and instead leave with you my words of hope and inspiration that now all of the things happening and things to come, will be enough for you to finally really awaken as you have so long to. It’s time to have a real awakening that leads to real change. I want you all to know that you are so very loved, and many of you are so greatly looked after. Do not look upon things negatively, and instead see that all of these things are happening for a reason. They are happening either to better your planet, or to get you to reflect within so that you can help better your planet… Or to it is happening to make it possible for us to take some of our souls back with us to a better place. Whichever applies to you, keep all of that in mind instead of being fearful. I am, that I am…the protector and defender of the most high, Archangel Michael”.

Metatron stepped in:

I am not afraid to tell to your faces, the truth! While many of you called out my name, claiming that you had channeled and spoken to me, it is the same people now who dare to deny my words out of fear of the truth? While my brother seeks to provide reassurance and comfort, I can say that I do as well, but why should I bite my tongue so to speak, just because you do not like what I have to say? Why should I hold back the words that I have been sent to deliver, just because you are too fearful to face the reality of the times that you are in? I am more than just a magical sigil. I am more than just the boundaries of the matrix that you dwell in. I am wisdom.

I will though, for now… hold back what I was meaning to say. I’ll do so only for the sake of my brother Michael who seeks only to bring you peace of mind. But coming in the future, I will provide the words of foresight that I am commanded to provide. If you are not a believer or in agreement with them, then you are simply among those living in the state of illusion… and for that I cannot help. Do not pay attention if you wish. I suppose many now would go into denial or fear in seeing that there does exist unseen authorities that are to be acknowledged. But for those that have an ear and can hear spirit, let them hear and listen. I will return again at a future date.

Angelic Update: Behind it all

A nation does not have the real funds or currency that he claims. Trade with another nation, they demand the currency to match the digital amount that is owed. But the nation it’s self does not have it. So a virus was sent. expecting to hear that they were infected and it was spreading, all in order to close off transportation and borders. But the other nation hid the fact that they were sick and the plan backfired, infecting many from the nation who had caused this pandemic to begin with. So now, all of the common to me must be shut down. People will be forced to rely on assistance and aid that will come with a heavy price, even the price of their lives. There will be so much unrest between nations and civilians alike. The new order is being established and it may be very much like what was experience so long time ago like when the people faced the holocaust.

The Infection was inspired off of the west Nile virus and is very similar to it in composition but more severe. It is meant to surround everything that you held as normal, and to force people indoors while all of these things are taking place, but again we still have spiritual visitors from above, and then some from below interdimensionally who will play a huge role in the happenings here. once the American people find out that there is no money for them as they had thought and major corporations pull their money from the banks, we will enter the great depression worse than the one before it. I hate to be the bringer of bad news but that is why all of this is happening right as of now. Although there is more and I have to be very discreet, keep the faith and know that if you pay attention to what you can do to help yourself and your family, then your faith and directions from above alone, will help you.


Welcome back! As was stated in the last volume of the Angelic Herald, I am acting as an open channel. This is where I stay open in total trance, to be able to receive new messages from above. It isn’t easy considering that I do have a family too. Much thanks to the person recording and documenting the info.

During trance this evening, Archangel Michael came to me with more insight into things that are present and things to come.

Firstly, don’t expect this coronavirus to blow over quickly. It is surrounding normal life and is creating a foundation in which Marshall law is invoked to push people inside. While doing so, businesses flop, the economy flops, as was stated in former predictions. This also makes it so that new laws and order can be established. Before that happens, there will be disorder and civil unrest, as was formerly predicted in the angelic heralds prior to this one. People will get violent and those on welfare and at poverty levels already will do whatever it takes to feed their families. This means robberies, protests, looting, and violence. The military will play a key role.

WiFi and internet issues will arise, accompanied by trouble in the cyber world. Strange occurrences will take place resembling plagues in the Bible, with famine, weather disasters, earthquakes, fires, flooding and pestilence like locusts, flies etc. Most politics that you see or hear about are a sham. There will also be a new disease or one that spawns from this one leading to boils and aggressive behavior. War within your own people and war between nations will arise. You will want to stay indoors by that time. You are so noticed that it has been and will continue to be cloudy a lot of the time especially more so toward nighttime hours. Our beloved prince of peace desires to return to us but they do not want this to be seen as he will come through the folds of the heavens. Beneath that, in the airways there will also be other visitors, who are there already, waiting for the most vulnerable time to make their presence known.

More elderly shall pass and as things settle more toward the Fall months of 2020, that is when the rest of what was described will had already started taking place. Some things will resemble the former holocaust with hospital tents, shortages in goods, camps setup for survival but not what they are made to appear as. With trouble finding resources as a result of businesses shutdown and online issues you will be forced to rely on assistance but regret it. The natural disasters will cut into funding making it harder to help in other necessities as was said in other predictions as well. He came through to remind us of this and to say that now these things have been initiated. The coasts should especially beware, and he indicated trouble with the water.

Remember that if you are prepared, and you listen and spread the news, many people and yourself can remain safe and up-to-date with situation. If you don’t focus on the virus then you will most certainly stay healthy. Even though the virus itself exists, there is something else hidden under the surface in which the virus itself is being used as a face front. So yes there will be many who get sick and even die but it is not at the magnitude in which it is displayed. The trade wars mentioned in a previous Herald, got a little bit out of hand in which the countries who were worrying against one another needed a way to cancel out their debts and use the weapon instead. Breaking down another country’s economy, definitely makes it so that the economic status around the world can be renewed because it affects not one economy but many.

Thank you for reading this. While some of it is repetitive, it is important to keep these things in mind. Protect your children above all things. 

Quick Wisdom on Prayer

Many pray simply to ask the heavens for things. In teaching some of my students person to person how to pray, I asked them to show me how they usually prayed first. Most of them prayed with what sounded like a Christmas Wish list for Santa Claus, but in a way to request needs, and desires in life from those dwelling above. I had heard all sorts of things like “Please make me wealthy”. Or, “Please bring my lover back to me”. For some I heard them ask to lose weight, get their desired job, or they didn’t know what to say. It’s totally okay to request needs. But prayer is your one way communication with the above. Are you sure that, you only have requests to make? Prayer should be more than letting heaven know what you want or need. In fact, they already know those things. They want prayer to be about building a relationship with them.

One can not demand heaven, but prayer is an open request that the higher ups can choose to or choose not to answer depending on whether it pertains to a soul contract lesson through higher self but the prayer if asked in faith for the right reasons in serenity and patience through learning… will be answered… just differently than expected and not always right away. Things have to be put into motion after prayer like in events, people involved, things needed to be realized, and sometimes those things take time. Plus building a relationship is about trust. They want to see that you trust them by not worrying over your needs and if you can’t help it, to learn the wisdom behind your situation, and how to trust that they know what’s best. Patience, and acceptance in leaving your prayer in the hands of the heavens, helps you get closer to your higher self because patience and acceptance are a part of surrender.

Heaven looks for selflessness, sincerity, a need for wisdom, and if your prayer aligns with your divine path. Sometimes what you think you want or need, is only what the avatar Self thinks that they want or need, and will have nothing to do with your divine self. That’s when trust in whatever outcome your prayer brings, is a good way to accept and learn from humility in higher self who is divine and pure and where no greed exists… versus your earthly self where greed is deep, even in non-visible ways on the surface.

What’s more, is that as a family you should pray together. I have taught all of my kids to pray from as early as they could speak. Even as babies, I set an example for them, praying in front of them. In that, they have seen some pretty powerful sessions where prayer has led to great healing’s, or even great emotions that caused quaking in the room. I have always been a great advocate for prayer. Right now, my littlest one is learning how to pray in light language which seems to come pretty easy. Prayer helps you to spend time with your family and heaven both while building a relationship with the higher ups, your family, and instilling morals and values.

Pray with friends even. This invokes the essence of the Holy Spirit.

Importance of Prayer

Prayer is important because he keeps you in touch with your spiritual mindset and mood. If you don’t pray, meditate or take part in any kind of spiritual activity throughout the day, you can get lost in every day worldly things such as television and Internet which can push your mind further and further away from your spiritual vibrations. It lowers your Vaivén can make you feel very depressed after a while. Just a little bit of prayer can go a long way. There is also important because it let’s heaven know that you still invite them within. Of course spirit already knows that you want them within your soul, but saying it out loud sets the vibration in your reality too. It’s almost as if to say that you want heaven inside and outside. And that is a really wonderful way to create the spiritual atmosphere needed to start your day.. 

Keeping the energy inside of yourself can keep you positive, even if just praying for a small amount of time. Prayer also sets intentions for things needed in the future and can help very powerfully in healing mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even in times of need for physical healing. Many people have come to me with things like a common cold and we have prayed, and it has gone away. Prayer also lets the people in your life know that you are trying to be in a spiritual mindset and it can help you join together with them, bonding even for just a small prayer session. My father worked a lot when I was a kid and I can tell you that he at least took the time out to pray for about 10 to 15 minutes in the morning with me before he left for work.

I always remembered that and appreciated those moments. Your family will too. Prayer can also bring your family together during crisis. There are many families who are estranged and very dysfunctional. When something goes awfully wrong, when they come together and pray… It brings them back together as a strong united front. Even without a crisis, praying with your family can heal it of any burdens or struggles that you may be experiencing as a family unit. Prayer also helps to teach gratitude, and to always remember that you are not alone when you feel the most loneliest.

Prayer is a beautiful way to keep yourself structured spiritually for sure.


1. Pray with love and trust.

2. Remember that you don’t have to be religious to pray. A friend of mine reminded me to add this when she reposted the article when I first published it. It was a great piece of information that I should’ve added to begin with. But now that it’s here, always remember prayer is not just for those who go to church, it’s our way of speaking to heaven no matter where we are.

3. Remember that you don’t have to be fancy or ritualistic. Talking to heaven should be done with respect but you can also do it while just being yourself and from your heart center.

4. The heavens work in a hierarchy. Therefore just like our Postal Service delivers from location to location to get to your destination, it works the same up there. Address your spiritual guides, call on your angels and your masters. Thank them and the most high, for considering your words.

5. Never be afraid to talk about anything you want. Prayer is not just for asking for things, it’s for telling them your concerns. You’re having a bad moment? Then open up about it. If you’re celebrating something and you need somebody to tell, tell them. The idea is to be a friend.

6. Remember to pray wherever you go. You don’t have to be on your knees at bedside to pray. You can pray in your car, walking down the street, or you can pray going about your daily tasks.

When more than one person prays for something, it sets the intention far stronger. If you’re struggling with something or just want a little extra back up for your prayers, please feel free to submit a prayer through my website. It is absolutely free. I usually pray with the Angels and my family for the prayer submissions that come in.We pray for hundreds of people weekly through those submissions. I am more than happy and extremely humbled to be your support system at this time.

Sending love to you all always!