Trumpet Blast: #3 Don’t ignore the stain

Angel Selaphiel and the third trumpet blast.

You are loved, welcome! I had to escape my sanctuary which started becoming like a prison, being inside for so long last night while working on readings for clients. Fresh air seemed a good idea. I went to the backyard and laid down in the grass. Staring upward toward the cloudy sky, I saw a bright orb of silver light. It seemed to grow larger and larger until I realized it was actually coming forward. As it got closer it sounded like a screaming firework, and then a brilliant flash of light exploded and it disappeared. I’m used to these happenings but always still excited when I see them. I thought it was gone. I got up to go in, but heard my name called. I turned and looked behind me where a man stood under the tree. It was Selaphiel….

Alura discusses the deception of time in her courses and blogs. This is part of what she was talking about. If anyone recalls, the Mayans predicted “the end” in 2012. This means that it’s currently 2012 and the end has come. Look at what’s happening in the world! The Mayans had accurate information in this subject as they had my brothers who came to them in visitation. Although, no one listened just as they don’t now, nor have they ever in any other crucial time. It’s best to believe. Now that the truth is slowly rolling out, we can speak more openly. Another truth still stands unrevealed, leaving it for another time when more truths come out and people are ready. However some are not ready and choose to remain blind. There are some even still who chased enlightenment simply to turn their back on it. They say that too much attention is placed on heavy content. Let me say this:

It’s like this example: Someone forewarns you not to go outside tomorrow since it will rain and massive puddles of muddy water will be formed. They say to avoid wearing your blue jacket that day too. However, waking up the next day the sun is shining in the morning and since it looks clear and the weather channel says it’ll be a beautiful day, you grab your new light blue jacket and head out not believing in your friends prediction since there seemed to be no visible evidence. Walking down the street sometime later, it starts storming heavy. Puddles form, and are full of mud. A car goes by and splashed the muddy water from the puddle up into the air and it hits you, covering totally in mud. The jacket is stained. With the stain you can’t focus on enjoying the beautiful light blue color of the new jacket. Not until the stain is removed, if it can be removed at all.

“A person could pretend to not see the stain or look to the spots where the stain wasn’t entirely there, but it still takes from the whole”.

To interpret the example, many people are like the person who didn’t believe in things forewarned just because there wasn’t any evidence. Then, the beauty of the coat is like the beauty of life and the world. But how can life be focused on optimistically if there are horrible things happening (a stain)? A person could pretend to not see the stain or look to the spots where the stain wasn’t entirely there, but it still takes from the whole. It’s the same with people who try to ignore what’s happening. Still positivity is needed. But how? Well, not by ignoring things and going on the same as before, but by being awake and planning to change things for the future. What you do now paved the way. Soon it will almost impossible to ignore what’s happening.

With previous predictions still unraveling here is what to expect the following:

Future turbulence…

Now into the future….

1. sunlight obstructed

2. Cycling of virus

3. Enormous earthquake

4. Fires spreading

5. Looting

6. Power outages

7. Smart Phone trouble- Cell phones acting strangely camera, mic, audio.

8. Red sun

9. Obstructed view of the moon

10. Excessive heat

11. Crops troubled

12. Cost inflation

13. More illness

14. Invasion!

15. A proclaimed false messiah (you’ll be surprised who)

16. Antichrist revealed

17. WiFi issues

18. More homelessness, hunger

19. Religion torn apart

20. Tsunami, tornados, massive hurricanes,

21. Fires, volcanic eruptions, tsunami

22. Dictatorship will be called!

23. Ivanka has trouble

24. New trade and currency established

25. Shutdowns occur again in a cycle due to pandemic being used as a political weapon in the media.

26. Shocking events surrounding 2020 elections.

27. Oil trouble

28. Toxic air and water

29. Conspiracy is exposed as truth.

The virus had everyone wearing masks due to hiding air toxicity and experiments with bio weapons. People are not listening as much anymore so a new need for the masks to be worn, will be decreed. Even after the elections there will be trials as this isn’t just about the elections. This is about the world at large. The destruction of the old, includes religious foundations, culture, politics, and economy. Do not fear the things happening. It’s all taking place for a reason that way of living is to change.

Be faithful. The Earth is furious and demands vengeance. And there shall be an leniency toward crime as people lose their moral ethics. Repeating Archangel Gabriel’s words as she had said, “those who are secretly immorally minded, will come out in the open”. There will be crime widespread.

In regards to American politics, there will cease to be peace. Because of these works, many are becoming more aware. Therefore, they see that the democratic side has much power and in all forms. Yet, the election is up in the air as it will turn to one path or the other. In both alternate paths… if the Democratic Party is elected many will riot and the republican nominee will refuse to leave. He is that he is.

Should the republican nominee win, there will be riots still and the two witnesses shall be aimed at, to be assassinated. Dictatorship will need to be called, to save a life. If you had a chess board and wanted no chance of losing who would your opponent be? Yourself. The greatest player uses both sides of his game to have the winning outcome either way. But the king pieces on both sides of the board do have their leadership of it. But it’s not real leadership if someone else is using them as pawns. Either way one side wins, no one loses even if it seems that they do. Who can understand these things? Either way, it’s a revolution and no matter which path is chosen left or right, it the way of the world spirals downward. All that you have witnessed, had been set up. The death of one man was never really a death at all, but a trigger being pulled to gun laid in waiting. The bullet? A struggle in dictatorship. Look around you! You live in a society that is making you wear masks as a constant subconscious reminder that when you all see one another, you know in your heart it’s not just about the virus. You know that it’s deeper but yet seeing the masks makes everyone think how far things have fallen. One will fall, and then rise again. All that is thought have value will be valueless.

Welcome to the indignation.

So much of this will expose itself. Truths about The Clintons will be revealed and just how dangerous these people are, and those associated with them…and how the money that is claimed to help the poor, disabled, and elderly only a portion went to them. Instead, the rest of that very same assistance, the same that they pitched to win the favor of the people lined their greedy pockets. And the same individuals upped the stakes on their side by funding a sinister campaign. It includes a man and his friends staging a death to infuriate a well known racial activist group who were already ready with t-shirts to promote it further. Others of different races feared being targeted for being thought of or accused as being racist, so they willing joined in. The protesting became a distraction and a reason for a smear campaign. All of the cities said to be affected by both the virus and protests are of democratic support. It’s easy to find help in your own people. How can the 45th, ever make it out of this? Even if destiny made it so that he would lose, with all of the hatred that’s been promoted against him…there will be enemies lurking in every corner.

In the historical account of my brothers Samael and Azazel, it was Azazel who wanted to keep on with his plans which defied the Most High’s naturally set order. Azazel promised to take the downfall, accepting total responsibility and any consequences to come. Samael agreed. But who really took the fall? The population on Earth will truly see just how things are coming pass as we have indicated it to be so. There is limited time.

Please see my video on my website called Rise of the New World Order.

Angel Gabriel Appears

As everyone knows, spirits and principalities are responsible for the elements. Earth, air, fire, and water. There are spirits within everything. And there are the deities that sometimes act as messengers that are called angels during those times. Those deities preside over the elements. I channel so much all of the time, and it is an amazing thing to have that gift. What is even more amazing is when you have proof of it.

Just the other day, I had been outside in the weather had been getting really weird. In light of the blog here called theAngelic Herald, there have been so many predictions about weather disasters and end times. I have been putting these predictions up weekly, and then the predictions would come true only within a week or two after each entry. Some of those predictions included tornadoes, and storms. The weather here in New Jersey is been acting up quite a bit. I was outside and it was sunny one minute, and all of a sudden clouds started to come in and wind picked up strongly. I grabbed my camera.

I feel the presence of a very strong and 40. I am mediately knew who it was. As I was filming I heard her, but I did nothing by any means it would show up on my camera. It’s ultimately ever does. But when I played it back, sure enough it was there. Her beautiful voice in the background of the storm. Gabriel. Listen below…

I’m sure everyone knows that I spoke with her after, and she has a message for our next Angelic Herald news. I hope you will join me there to hear what she has to say.

Shedding Light in the Dark….

angels in heaven

It’s amazing how many responses to the Archangel Chamuel message that I had received once it was posted! How loving is Chamuel? We are lucky to have her graciously visit us. While the message reflected some messages in regards to my own situations, many could relate to the fact that while they strive to be better people, they too get hurt. The new card reading for this week also brought alot of incoming responses as well, in people saying that they had experienced a “Magician” in their lives. This site here has helped many indeed. I have had church leaders, politicians, and a few celebrities even, who emailed to let me know that they had ran into similar issues.

In light of that, I mentioned Dark Consciousness many times before. What is amazing is that, the saying: “What is done in the dark, will come to the light”, plays into that, because darkness comes in many forms, and almost always tries to disguises itself as light… Although, it really can’t for long. They will always reflect off of one another, exposing each other at some point.  With that, a member of my facebook group gifted everyone with a card that finished the week and completed the outcome of the reading that I had posted for this week. He had said: “Wonderful news”! And for some theirs will be different, but in the angelic realm, we did receive some wonderful news.

Archangel Michael came through last night, and he pointed out something! While I felt a little down over recent events ( I am back up now), he had stated: “Do you see how the dark consciousness has started revealing who is associated with it?” And it is true, that since we had some negative events, that it did show many in the world, in the lives of others, and in my own life, who was a part of the dark consciousness that had been hiding itself. Hidden motives, hidden alliances, false friends, limitations and restrictions placed and how, as well as usery, plots, condescending natures, selfish egos, and even cliques working together out there. It all came out right at the same time! In the people that had emailed, the things that came out had helped them to end issues, or avoid them, and find real solutions. Again, in many different areas of life. Of course, this always involves other people in their lives somehow, co-workers, colleagues, friends, family, employers, spouses, lovers, etc. That is because, no matter the situation, the situation is full of others who pertain to it. Otherwise, it would not exist at all. For many people, this helped them to clear their pathways of anything that was hurting them. Many emails came in of people stating that they felt a sense of relief in their lives that now they could move on. They had known that they had these situations and individuals in their lives, but because of things not coming out on the surface, they had felt guilty to walk away.  I felt that same. It’s hard to let go, when a person has not come out and made it obvious for a person to say: “Hey, I have to move on for this reason”. Otherwise, it looks like there is no reason at all, to others around them. So, at least the dark consciousness served a positive purpose after all, and while this is clearing the lives of many people and my own, Michael also said this:

“Many associated with these things, even those who have not beeen revealed yet, verily I say unto you…. they shall not succeed in their victories. Their plans will not unfold, and they will find difficulty in their efforts. This is why, even before, they had trouble in moving forward with their plans, for we see all. Everyone must learn according to their deeds as well as the intentions of their heart and thoughts, since the heart and thoughts together make up half of who they are, and it is just the same, as if they had carried out what they felt and thought physically, only having done it in a spiritual sense. And it is not good for them, to have committed such spiritual wrong doing. No matter what they believe in the end, for in their end, they will come to see.”

He is right! Everyone will come to see. And there is great learning in this too, even if experienced in a negative sense. Even for those losing their faith because the words of truth are not working into their own plans, will come to realize that all has ever been to help them, later on. All that he said, made complete sense.

That reminded me of the scriptures:

Psalm 21: 11 Though they plan evil against you, though they devise mischief, they will not succeed.

Psalm 34:21 Evil will slay the wicked, and those who hate the righteous will be condemned.

Job 5:12  He thwarts the schemes of the crafty, so that their hands find no success. He catches the wise in their craftiness, and sweeps away the plans of the cunning.

And then of course: Psalm 35

Contend, O LORD, with those who contend with me; fight against those who fight against me. Take up shield and buckler; arise and come to my aid. Brandish spear and javelin  against those who pursue me. Say to my soul, “I am your salvation.”May those who seek my life be disgraced and put to shame; may those who plot my ruin be turned back in dismay. May they be like chaff before the wind, with the angel of the LORD driving them away; may their path be dark and slippery, with the angel of the LORD pursuing them. Since they hid their net for me without cause and without cause dug a pit for me, may ruin overtake them by surprise– may the net they hid entangle them, may they fall into the pit, to their ruin. Then my soul will rejoice in the LORD and delight in his salvation. My whole being will exclaim, “Who is like you, O LORD?

It is such a blessed and happy time for many people in the world who have been gifted with many things in their lives that were unhealthy, having been brought to the surface. Buddhist, Wiccan, Catholic, Christian, etc… it does not matter what belief they have. The heavens still exist and in this they are the celestial host who controls all things in the grand design. Surely, when people are doing their best to do the right thing and others make it hard for them or hurt them, or the world around them finds ways to create conflict or struggle, the heavens will always provide healing, truth, and refuge. They will always guide the way as to what the best thing to do is.

I totally understand what they had said though, in regards to it being hard to speak out when there is no surface proof of things. But my best advice from this point forward to all of you readers who experienced all of this personally themselves, who came to me after the reading and article was published is this… come seek help.  I have learned that sometimes, even if there is not much you can do to speak out, and there is not really anyone that you can go to about things,  it is wise to follow your intuition. If you are unsure, come to me. I have a girl who gets Hidden Truth readings on the people that she questions, and we find out right then and there, whether they can be trusted or not. If she can’t speak out, she can at least back away to prevent herself from the oncoming issues that will arise later on.  Sort of like I am doing for now on. It’s a bit different for me, as I am here with a mission to help others change for the better, and I do not always have the ability to leave the situation. But she can… and you can too. This includes outcomes to work, family issues, health problems to come, and worldly events too, that may have an effect later. I am merely rejoicing now though, that this spectacular gift of all truths (all of them, even without others knowing) having been revealed, has occurred. Praise heaven in all of its splendor, and as always I will keep walking with goodness and love, and determination in the virtues, and I hope you do too.

I also want to add, that many of predictions from a few years ago about the world are happening. I hope many of you stay safe during the upcoming times.

Special Thanks,
I want to say thank you to heaven for the foresight and visions of knowing. the advice after, and the love and comfrot that they provide.
I also want to say thank you truly to all of the people who were not with me for good intentions…. for walking into the trap set by others, so that true colors could be seen. I forgive you. All  actions have consequences naturally though, but I still wish you happiness and luck. I express gratitdue for the lesson, and for the old doors closing for newer ones to open. I truly hope it was all worth it.
I also want to thank, the people who have been there with me as true friends and supporters, you know who you are! Without you, even as a friend, well you know the rest!
I also want to thank my readers who also had some things rise to the surface, who shared their stories to show, that this was happening on a wider scale (politically, in the family, and in the world)  like I had predicted many, many times. I am sorry that you had to experience negativity in your life, and I know things will be alot better from this point forward for you.

Out with the old: Archangel Chamuel’s Message

Archangel Chamuel came to me the other night, as I actually sobbed in my bed for the very first time, since I was a child.

“Alariel/Alura, why the tears? We heard you from above. Dear one, why are you sobbing?” She looked puzzled as to why I would sob, and after all of this time too. I think the last time that I cried like that, was when I was 14 years old over a situation where I couldn’t take anymore abuse from others. I had been bullied most of my life, outcasted, and even raped. My mother had issues (although better now), and I seemed to have no one but heaven in my corner. The angels always comforted me, but what about someone here? I don’t think I had ever felt so hopeless to be honest with you. there was no one else like me, or who could understand. It was a very secluded life while still trying to be with others, whom I had to pretend to have the same interests with. I am usually optimistic, knowing how things will turn out, I trust the heavens in what they say and shake off obstacles  in having the reassurance of a solution to come in the future, for any tribulation. Still though, I feel that the sobbing, was my way of releasing all of the hurt and disappointment that I had felt in the world, in people, and in myself for being only one person. I wanted to change everything. But I could change things one day at time, one soul at a time. I loved people. I didn’t want to wait.

“Master Chamuel, I am sobbing because of all of the hurtful things going on right now around me. Never have I given so much love to people. They don’t have to listen to me, but because they didn’t, they will learn the hard way when it comes to others or situations. In their lives, in friendships, and in love. I wonder why, after much time of proving myself, and showing unconditional kindness and love,  people still side with the plotters and schemers, why do they turn on me, and why don’t they love themselves enough to avoid negative situations? It pains me. I have so much opposition in my life now, and as much as I have been there, I feel so alone right now. Even if….there are many surrounding me in support still. Some, simply due to disagreements in opinions, target me, plotting to hurt me revengefully.  I know when something is going on, and I see beyond the masks Master Chamuel. But yet, it is hard to combat these things, without love of others. “

“Alariel, listen to the guidance of heavens. I was not asking the cause of your sobbing.  We already know the cause. I was inquiring as to why you felt a need to cry at all? The answers are so evident in your life. You and I both know that. Not only this, but the world is a scary place. It is one, that trust does not exist anymore.”

I did know this… I wondered why, but deep down I already knew why. I often wonder why the bad people in the world go without punishment or consequence some times, but the good ones are the ones who pay for no crimes at all. Is it really up for any human to decide who I am? What I am meant to do? I ask myself this often. She turned to me and said:

“You and I both know, that those who speak truth, who work for the higher good, they are the ones prohibted from doing so. Don’t let it bring you down. Know that in that world, humans will always do what suits them first, and this is why they continue to move further and further from the light. Was it not said?….in dire times that  people would call to heaven, but heaven would say that they did not know them? Humans only love the heavens or need us, when they need something. Instead of loving us always. Why would you expect any thing different? I know what pains your heart, and it is because the world is becoming more and more cold, callous, and deceptive, and in that… you are seeing the effects of this as truth is suppressed, and people rise up against one another, even those who are pure at heart and innocent of any wronging.   In truth, you know what the right thing to do is, but yet your heart sometimes is too good to do it. This is why I had asked why you are sobbing…if you already have the answer…?”

“Lady Master Chamuel, I do know, but it hurts me to have to. This means that I will have to say many good byes, to people, places, and things. The heavens always taught me to be unconditional, and I thought that this meant to give love limitlessly. There were times that I had to stop communicating with people, but still loved them. They took it personally and I get visions of plots, vindictiveness etc. Also, I know that my facebook, Youtube, and Social media pages are being limited from reach. There are some who are a part of it. I only had hoped to meet real people, who had similar mind’s and hearts. I let people so close.”

“Alariel, listen, change is needed. You may have to walk away from some things, and even from some people, but in the long run, it may be for the higher good. Follow heaven as you always do, dry your eyes, calm your heart, and know that all things are for a reason pointing toward a new opening doorway.”

With that, I felt love fill me with comfort. She was right.  The world has changed, and I am the same. The heaven loving people that I went seeking for to illuminate and teach, now are gone. Corrupt in the ways of the world, enarmored with the teachings of life that make it easy to do whatever, and feel okay with it at the end of the day. But how many truly do feel okay with it? Other people compete, steal my work, and maliciously plot behind my back, in spirituality. How is that higher self, or divine? Maybe the world wants darkness? In this I know…for every human who seeks enjoyment from the other side, will always come seeking back for the light once that darkness consumes their existence. And will I still be here, but will I be the same?

Clearing and Renewing:

“Sometimes, as an angel or otherworldly soul types, we tend to accept far too many things. With us, there is a lot of love but no judgment. It is evident, that we do not have negative opinions about people, but we do see the truth and speak it. Just like the creator, we can embrace situations and people into our lives openly, but even the creator lets a person or situation go, if the person or situation isn’t seeking change. With the creator, the love is always there, the will for the person or situation to always get better, is always there. The unconditional quality is always with them from above. It’s been the same with me. For many many years in my life, from childhood all the way up, I have always excepted people no matter what I could see in them. Even at times when I knew that I would be hurt, I still invited them into my life in order to show them something better or just give them the love that they did not have which was causing them to be the way that they were. To be honest with you, it has worked about 65% of the time. But there is still that large percentage of when it didn’t work. Still I hung on. Speaking with the Creator and with Archangel Chamuel, I have learned that sometimes it’s best to just clear your life if change is not coming. Sometimes you have to make room for the change.

Recently in light of many different situations that are going on, I have made the conscious decision to let go of all of the anchors that are holding me back, as well as negativity… even if I do still feel love. Hopefully, this will help me to get to the next step. Maybe it will have a valuable lesson with it, for others too. I have been a friend when I should had been only a teacher. I emotionally attached and connected, when I should had simply stayed on the outside to help.  I thought that this is what people loved about me, but it seems that it may be better, (the Creator told me on Sunday) that as an oracle, I should go back to being in that seclusion that I had when I was smaller. While I cried about it back then, it shows me now, that it is better to remain protected in being alone, with heaven to surround me only.  Even in trying to find love, I found a situation that interconnected into a bigger issue. It was full of mental abuse, emotional abuse, control, monitoring and pain. People have the ability to hide beyond the disguise of a smile, to mirror themselves to be all that you had been looking for in a friend, or in love. Even when I cry out that I can see beyond the mask and the projected illusion, the comforting voice  mirrored of my loving way, is given to me, that makes me long for the denial to be true. Wouldn’t you? If you only ever encountered loneliness, and in the things that you had seen were false projections from others who would only come to hurt you? And I can say that in the many, many people that I have come across in my personal life, 80% of them have hurt me. It leaves no room for faith in people, although I still try to see the light in them…and I do see some. So please, open your heart and do not blame me if I wanted to believe the lies, that I was loved in return or that the plots that I could see, were imagined. Do I subject myself to being hurt later from dismissing my own visions to believe the lies in order to be loved even if falsely? Yes. I do. I know that.

With the situation or people being as it is in this world,  I have to let go.  I’m just talking about life in general. So I don’t know how many people are with me on this, but since there is a nice healing meditation on my Youtube,I am going to use that to clear the inner stuff. I am also cleansing my body and my soul, as well as my life. I’m going to purge all negative things, places and people, but I will always still carry that love and divine will to want to help. Don’t be like me, and bring toxic situations and people into your life, simply out of a wanting to give love to others who may be ficticious because they lack it themselves. Sometimes, there is not enough love to fix someone, until they are ready. You can’t bring those things into your life, out of needing love yourself either. I am not insecure, just unconditional, and I deserve a true friend too you know? So do you. Life is supposed to bring happiness, true relationships, and progress. not stagnation, not hurt, and not falsehoods in others.Whether you contribute to adding issues to your own life or not, for whatever reason, isn’t time to start new?

Nevertheless, take some time to think about your life and the people in it too. Maybe it’s time to just step away for a little bit from people, places, and things that may be creating negativity in your life and the lives of others directly. Its time to make better choices, all around. Look at the Source directly, and not for surface value. Clear out, even maybe negative situations that you have created for yourself?… So for my #makeoverchallenge that I am hosting in my group “Spiritually Awkward”  I will not just be changing my outer appearance as I had thought to do… but it will be a make over on my life. I hope that I motivate you to do the same.

I will always be here for anybody who needs me. But I am going to remove myself from situations to where, people only see what is right in front of them, and not the things within them that I see. Because I saw goodness, a potential for change, possibility for a better way. They see self advantage. Self advantage will cause ambition and motive in anyone, and i have been used for insight, learning, and all types of things. Even love, when a person did not receive it in their lives, but did not have in them to give it in return. Those who are capable of hurting the good, to backlash them, gossip, plot, or even be vindictive even over small misunderstandings, are people who can hurt anyone, even themselves. Always safeguard yourself. I didn’t. But I am now.