Liakish Starseeds

In a galaxy that is 32 billion light years away from us, located in the constellation of Ursa Major… there is a place that houses a reality that contains sentient consciousness like ours does. Here in this Universe it is unlimited. The galaxy it self is a beautiful but ancient one. It is one of the oldest galaxies and is home to many of the most ancient of souls.In one of their planets, there is a world called Liakish. I knew of this far off celestial homestead, since before my incarnation here, but I had not met anyone human, whose soul had come from there originally yet. There is a first for everything though! Back in the year 2007, I had finally had an encounter with a Liakishian through a visit that I had from one of the angels who had been responsible for the creation of this world.
I was told that there were so many worlds out there in the cosmos, and that Liakish was one that was pure, innocent, and full of blissful ignorance. I mean, that the souls there live in paradise without need of knowledge to start because it is their choice to live in perfection and childlike wonder. Many new souls from the big bang go there for their first experience, if they want it to be easy on them, and if their soul’s blueprint is created out of innocence, unconditional love, and goodness. It is a feminine environment due to the softness of the energy in their world. It was created by a female angel after all. One of the principalities. The souls there use this experience as their first, to give themselves a loving headstart, but some just naturally drift there if they were created of the same energies to begin with. Like attracts like after all. They have fresh fruits growing in a random way throughout the world. Vines cover the landscape, and fluffy trees shade the large island. The colors are rich and briht, and the flowers are in such an array, that anyone would be enarmored by the sight, never wanting to leave. The animals are combinations of genetic blueprints that were used from other realities and creations. For an example there is a bird that looks like a toucan, but has a much smaller beak and larger wings along with many different colors.  Their horses look like the horses here on Earth, but they have wings. They have beautiful meadows and instead of walking, these beings float, much like in heaven. The beings there look very human like as genetic codes are shared in the Universe, but there are a few differences. One, they are silent. There isn’t any speech, only silent emotional communication much like how birds comminucate here. Two, these beings are 4D and transparent, and they do have a slight light glow around their apparitions. Three, these beings also do not know of negativity, selfishness, or anything of the sort. They are 100% innocent but yet very wise. Alot of newer souls go here, and then stay for a long time, making many of them ancient spirits now. Four, they are larer in size and they have different trees and flowers than Earth. They are more in touch with their heaven.

Liakish is a paradise like setting, full of beautiful scenery. Their land is of one large mass just like Earth was, in the days of Pangea. On the land is a huge garden. Forests, jungles, and beautiful waterfalls exist all throughout the land mass. Going around the mass of land, is a beautiful ocean of pink. The sky also is pink from their sun and its hours of rising or setting. The world itself is not overpopulated, but the star system is. It is so ancient and many souls came to pass through there in their soul’s beginning, or somehow throughout their journey. There are other planets, stars, and realities within those, for many souls to come to inhabit. Many of them are home to huge beings of consciousness in comparrison to the small particle that most are using in this experience. It is almost unfathomable. In Liakish specifically, the soul;s are 4D, in body, but 5D in mind, and emotions. Also, time is not perceived in that reality either. It is merely a heaven, and not so much a reality to grow within. It is more like a place for a new soul to settle in and get familiar with their new awareness of self. That is only noe perspective, and the objective to learning so that one can better themself and evolve spiritually. But Liakish… that is a soft start with alot of love. Leaving Liakish, some of them have taken it really hard. They get attched to the energy and what it stands for and this is because Liakish is one of the only pure realities in our Universe and souls who leave from that experience, will always expect pure love like is found there, in any other place that they go. And let’s face it, most of the realities are not as loving, or like Earth they lack the love overall.  It being that a soul came from an environment of pure love, it may be devastating to them to come into a reality with less of or slack of love.  I know personally myself that being here on tus planet and experiencing the greed and selfishness among other things, that it hurts me. I never get used to it. I never can accept it. I do not understand how a world can continue to exist if the people do not love each other. Souls from Liakish would have a similar way 
The signs of a soul having from Liakish are somewhat similar to the angelic traits;
1. They have a need for love
2. They are hopeless romantics
3. They are too easily trusting and accepting
4. They suffer from depression if love is not returned
5. Due to the reality they carry a great wisdom and intelligence
6. They carry themselves with a soft mannerism
7. They are extremely feminine
8. They are naturally intuitive
9.  They are gentle and kind
10. Souls from there, attracts children and animals
11. They are the center of attention
12. Usually, these souls are confident with themselves, but if there is criticism, they get insecure.
13. They are funny and have a raw sense of humor
14. They love subjects such as space, quatum physics, biology, chemistry, or mathematics. They also love architecture, business management, and Forensics. 
15. They enjoy staying active and often reach depression if too much time has gone by of doing not much of anything.
16. They are spiritual fanatics due to their love of God, and Creation, that they make spiritual seeking, the main objective in their reincarnation cycles.
17. They have a strong firm and stubborn way to express themselves.
18. They suffer from impatience due to wanting to micromanage their lives and become successful
19. They are highly organized and perfectionists
20. They view the world sometimes through tunnel vision.
Like anything in the Universe, every positive has its negative. If a soul has these traits in reverse, they may have a great deal of karma. There will be other traits to the soul too not mentioned, because they would had developed them throughout time.
There are more signs for their soul origin, but those are the strongest and more obvious traits. Souls develop their blueprint as they go. They store their wisdom in their akasha records. It helps them to build themself intot he soul that they are destined to become. Therefore, no two blueprints are ever identical except twin flames, who even still may not be identical. Souls perceive realities and situations all differently. So what a soul picks up in Liakish, may not be perceived the same as another who experiences it too. But they will have a small platform of  traits that they sahre generally.                                                                  
In Liakish, the beings   take with them the beauty of their environment’s splendor. Nothing will ever come close, so the experiences in other realities better be worth it in providing valueable wisdom through experience.     Beings from Liakish end up developing some psychic and intuitive. If they are on earth during this time, it is for the sole benefit of spiritual evolution for themselves.    
Think you may be from Liakish? Or curious about your soul in general? For readings, courses, and healing go to:  Alura’s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Carina Starseeds

Carina is a beautiful place for a soul to come from. As I have said, souls can come from all over the infinite Universe. If one does not understand the blueprints or could creation process, than they can certainly learn all out it at Truth of Living Light, once I post all about it. For now, knowing where your soul comes from in it’s origin, is a big part i beginning to understand your soul much more. Your soul changes as it goes, building up, who you will ultimately be, so you may have had many experiences, in many characters, or only one that you felt totally connected to. Some could have only just been a star seed, while many start in their planet or star system home, and go on to change into a different type of soul as they go. 
Carina, is one of the places that a soul can come from.

Carina is rich in wisdom, and as all “Gods” or magical beings had come from the stars in stories of old, Carina has their visitors who have come to Earth too.  anyone who came from the stars, who had a more advanced way, were called Gods, even though they were not actually. Carina is a star that is a few hundred light years from Earth. Astronomers in ancient times, said it was the bottom corner of the ship, led by Jason and The Argonauts, in their voyage to retrieve the golden fleece. Carina is a part of a three constellation picture in the night skies from Earth view. All three together were called Arvos Navis, meaning “The Argo ship” after the Jason and the Argonauts story. Puppis, Vela, and Carina, all together make up the entire larger constellation of this ship. In reality, the stars are light years apart, and do not make a ship at all. They only gave it this shape to represent a story, that happened with a Carina entity who came from there, in the ancient times. They associated the shape to the story.

Carina houses a huge nebula, of all different colors, much like an eye. In the story Jason sought out the famous magical golden fleece for power. He seeks it out, with Hercules, and many others, as there is a plot for his own death. Pelias who murdered Jason’s father for the throne, hopes the conquest will prove to be too hard, and kill Jason, so that the prophecy made by the seer who Pelias had been working with, will not come true, of Jason succeeding him to the throne. He did not want Jason to reclaim it. Now, a goddess helps Jason along the way, and he is successful. The story of the fleece itself, is really interesting. The God Zeus had given the golden ram, to the ancestor of Jason, named Phrixus. Phrixus used the golden ram as transportation, from Greece to Colchis, whose King was a son of the God Helios. His name was Aietes, Aietes sacrificed the golden ram and hung the sacred fleece in a place that was guarded by a dragon. A seer foretold of Aietes losing his rule, if he lost the fleece itself. So it was very upsetting to know someone was after it.

What does this all have to do with Carina, and the astronomers making the shape of the ship that Jason sailed on, in the stars? Well,  a woman who had fell in love with Jason named Medea, was from Varina. This was never mentioned as it would not be. But she was a star being who had lived in those times. She was infactuated with Jason. When their relationship fell apart, she killed his children, and tragedy struck Jasons life. Later on, his own magical ship fell apart and a piece of the ship, where they have Carina depicted in the constellation, killed him. This was symbolic, in the entire story, of how his love, (who was of Carina, killed him), all in the name of lust, passion, and seeking out a great star vehicle, made by the people of Vela, nearby to Carina.  Zeus had retireved it for Phrixus, so that jason (as Zeus knew the future) would be able to retirve it later on,. He was helping him, because Hera, zes lover, had taken a favorting of Jason herself, and he was great friends with Zeus’ human son, Hercules too. Jason was a great descendant of the people from Vela, because his relative Phrixus, had been a vela star descendant himself. The golden ram, was a vehicle, which when taken apart, became like an armor. The reason Aietes was said to lose his power of King if he lost it, was because whoever wore it had great protection. So far, he had it. But if Jason gained the “fleece” he could fight Aietes’ armies, and win, without injury.

Therefore, Vela and Carina were “neighbors” and the Vela race had created the vehicle that mythology disguised as the golden ram. Zeus made sure Jason could obtain it on Earth,to help him, upon requesy of Hera his lover, and his human son Hercules. They both wanred Jason to rule again. But Hera got jealous along the way, and fixed Jason up with Medea a star being from Carina, who later killed him,  which they said was the keel of his ship that had hit him in the head and took his life, which was symbolic. Carina is the keel of the ship in the stars, so this was merely representing how he used Medea to get to where he wanted to get to in life as far as gaining his throne back, and she in turn destroyed him. A good hidden story.

After all of that, not many beings came from Vela or Carina anymore.But some did incarnate down on Earth here and there, for a human experience. They were infatuated with human lifew. Earth life, and architecture is so different from the civilizations in those places. They are extremely technological, and use gold to build a lot, which is why they were here in the first place, to mine gold. In turn, the Earth felt it fair to ask for weapons to be made by the beings there in exchange for mining.

Souls who have come from Carina, are coming from a majestic place, looking much like the sanctuary of the Gods there,in their cities. Naturally,their traits go as follows:

Starseed Traits:

1. Shy

2. They have a great mind for home and family (Medea showed this in her love of Jason)
3. Very responsible, loyal and dependable
4. Often suffer from low self esteem if their partner is not making them feel sexy
5. Great interest in spiritual teachings of Earth, and in other parts of mythology.
6. Have a love of the stars.
7. Connected to nature a lot, as their soul needs the outdoors to super charge.
8. Strong motherly instinct as women,
 9. Men, they are strong father figures, from their family traditions in Carina.
10. Carina Souls  have wonderful personalities, usually very silly, when letting loose
11. Like to multitask and take on many things at once
12. They crave peace and a true sense of harmony
13. Very romantic, as Medea was
14. Fair minded,
15. Easily influenced by others (this was a good way o depicting this as Medea had been easily . led by Jason)
16. When they love, they love forever
17. Hard time making up their mind sometimes, they wish to follow the heart, but also listen to their mind, this leads to not always knowing what to do, until having time to think.
18. These souls love adventure
19. A great want, to live in their own comfort zones, and strive to make their homes that way.
20. Great taste in design,and  fashion
21.  They learn about themselves, through their friends, and choices in companion
22.  Always want to make everybody happy
23. When comfrotable, and when they have their family and chosen partner, they can tend to be a bit laid back, without huge motivations, they get too comfortable at times
24. Have a great need of approval form others
25. People pleasers
26. Suffer from depression easily because they need aot of love and attention to feel whole
27.  They sometimes have very extreme dualities, just like Medea, who was so loving, but when hurt, went on to do the worse thing ever. Not all Carina souls would do such of course, but they do have extreme emotions at times, that even they do not always understand.
28. Very passionate, and honest
29. Wonderful Instincts

Love is a great topic for these souls, because this is the entire way, for those in Carina. It is a city full of luxury, love, and romance,  They have a great gathering with all of the many people of the city. The gatherings are each day, celebrating love, dancing, friendship, all while wining and dining. The romance is great there, as you would see people laying in one another’s laps, taking  turns in feeding each other, and flirting with poetry, and songs.  The technology there is a magnificent topic too. They have great technology, and especially their transportation. However, this world has been seeking for the actual beings to come from Carina not directly, because they want them to make weapons for them. Carina had stopped making them in ancient times. They did not want the earthlings to have such weapons. Therefore, they also stopped mining here around that time. Being in their home, they travelled to many other places, and amde alot of alliances with other races, in case Earth tried to start a war, when they were scheduled to return to Earth, in the year 2017. The incarnated souls here, will go home, after their life here.

The women of Carina have beautiful Chestnut hair, and wear it up in an array of flowers, native to their home called Fi. These are  tiny blue flowers that have petals that are feathery. The people there wear long robes made of a very light matrial. The men usually have full beards, and wear their hair in a band that pushes it back from the face, or they knot it up in a bun of sorts, because they keep it long.  The atmosphere is full of the council. The council is made of 19 Angelic Elders. They are huge angels, who fly in the sky above them, which is also blue. The angels there, often interact with the people, picking them up and even taking them on great travels through the empire of Carina, in the sky. Their wings are huge, and much like a feathery mist, strokes coming from the back. The kingdom below, is full of gold ornaments, as they were taking alot form Earth, to fashion their world in luxery. It has tall pillars that hold up the buildings, and the buildings themself remind me of the  greek ruins here, which is where they got the ideas. before coming to Earth and being influenced by the design, their empire was consistant of just tall rounded buildings in their city. That was until they redesigned everythign based on earth’s architecture. Having to be the best at everything, they fashioned the gold ornaments and made their structures bigger. These beings look very human, and usually kept their bodies very full figured, as they do have a period of hibernation, as their world gets very hot, and then the can not go outside, so many have underground rooms under their homes to keep cool. This is when they food is limited. Therefore, they take care of collecting food  during less harsh months, considered their Spring. They only have the two seasons, Spring and Summer. Summer is an extremely hot time. Almost unbearable.

Here on Earth, souls incarnated from Carina, usually take on a soul contract that allows them to have similar features, such as the brown hair, and brown eyes. They will strive to live in comfort, as the luxurious living on Carina will be imprinted within them. They love having families, and have a close circle of friends, who may be made out of their own relatives. They are very social, and liked alot, by others. Their love of the outdoors, may lead to feel connected to nature, and spirits within it. Carina, does have sirens and Centaur in their home too.  Not the typical mermaids though. The Sirens of Carina, have one long serpent like tail, and being huge as they are, they would be frightening to the Humans. The Centaur were native there, made from Earth’s ancient beginning, and brought there, to populate the world within Carina. This was one of the places that they were brought to. This joined our culture and theirs, in the mythological creatures, and stories, as well as a few others such as Regulus, and Eridanus too.

Carina Soul Types have a great imagination and connection to many soul types, and creatures, as a result of being influenced by them  here and in their home star system.

If you have had a soul reading with me, and I only indicated that you were a starseed, then it is more than likely, that you are only a Star seed. However, there is always a chance that your soul evolved through out the journey and could have been a few different things, or one that you felt more connected to. This is why the akasha reading is so essential to understanding one’s soul.

Ara Starseeds

Mu Arae (Ara) is 242 light years from earth. I have quite a few clients from this star system, and it is so beautiful. There are a few planets in Ara, on them there are a few races of beings of different appearances. Blue humanoids of sparkling skin tone. They have an iridescence to their skin. Then, in the other planets are people of a natural pink earthly tone from their climate and environment, others who are skeletal looking. Not as attractive, but interesting. They are not friendly looking, but they are friendly. They get a bad wrap for their look, but really are gentle. But the ones I have worked with mainly are the blue toned people. 

These are kind, loving,and protective people of their home and of one another, but they are super wise, and do have warrior like tendencies. They have a planetary shield that their highly technological world produces and engineers from pure sound vibration. The vibration is so high that the frequency creates a bubble of sound around the atmosphere to protect it from highly magnetic clouds and asteroids. It absorbs pollution too. Something earthlings should have made for our planet, but instead used a similar concept to imprison souls here, and it has not pollution cleansing properties like back in Ara. They say it is a myth, but it is not. The truth is, the people here are trying to hide it. It was known as the Alter constellation, offering of the Gods. But it is not an alter, it is actually a  pi symbol they just did not connect the starts right. Some of the stars they added from earth are too far away to be a part of the system. They knew their mistake and so they claimed it was a myth altogether.

Image result for pi

This is an old race of people but they were not originally form Ara. Many migrated to start over, as our people here on Earth plan on doing in a cultivation of Mars. Ara people actually came from Cassiopeia and migrated there for freedom from the council there, as their laws were becoming strict. So they started over, meeting the natives of Ara, and marrying some, creating a new race. The native Ara people were fleshy toned, with hair and  very human in appearance, but when the blue Cassiopeia race mixed their DNA, their genetics dominated, thus the future races later on ended up looking more Cassiopeia, than Araen. Cassiopeia has a few races, one silver, and another that is green and purple. But there were also blues.  They have a wonderful city that has a tunnel that connects their ship in which they landed in Ara with, to the main city of Ara floating in the middle on the old Tree of Arachasta. This tree contains the DNA of the entire star system as a record of the star system’s history. The city sits atop it, and has many beam ships, as well as towers. It is all high rise buildings there, as they did not want to spread out over the planet and ruin it with construction. Good idea. Didn’t our people once have that same idea? Tower of Babel? Hmm. That tower would have been a great idea, but the deceptive rewrite of the Bible has it as being evil, when in fact it was agenda writers who mark it as being a bad idea, when the truth is they wanted the “Project Babylon” plans of conquering the four corners of the earth for their bloodlines, to take place. We all see how that went. Vegetation on Ara is grown in green houses not on the terrain, as the terrain is way down below, and the Arachasta Tree floats high above, have detached its roots, from the ground, and lack of gravity made it float up, but the people added anchor wires to hold it in place. he tree itself is as old as the planet, and very important.

Very beautiful, kind, caring race, of beings who are about conservation, and souls that incarnate from there, will have a bit of a conversationalist at heart, caring about the earth, animals, and the air. Many become humanitarians, animal activists, and biologists. I have even though architecture as being a wonderful job or interior design, because of their sharp eye for the beautiful. Very good at building or designing, as it is seen in their home world.

Star seeds from Ara, are loving, wise, and very active. They have a great aura that carries empathy, intuition, and compassion. They would do anything for anyone who asked, and seldom ever turn anyone down. A lot of star seeds have that trait though. What makes the Araen star seed different is, that they are full of melancholy mixed with an inner joy, if that makes sense. Here they are sad by the way the world is, but inside they are happy souls.Deeply intuitive and sentimental, their existence on Earth is challenging.They are very very emotional and sensitive, and they care about family and home. These beings are sympathetic and get very attached to the people around them. They are very loyal and empathetic people, able to empathize with your pain and suffering. Many of them have  fleeting emotional patterns that they cannot always control, especially when a child. This can show itself as mood swings. These incarnations, are quick to help others and avoid conflicts.They do not make it a point to over excel in life, because they are happy and content to have a loving family and tranquil and harmonious home. Yes, they become homebodies, and seldom like to leave the house after collecting people in their lives, that they resonate with. They make a family of their own, out of friends, other relatives, and their own children later on. Once they have their group, they will want to protect and nurture at all costs. It is nice to have someone so dedicated. They love music, and doing things with their family, like outings, but only if everyone goes. They will feel very let down, if someone says they do not want to participate, because if they were asked themselves, they would never turn down an opportunity to be with their loved ones, and do not understand when others do. They do like alone time, but not too much of it. They’ll try to get some peace, but end up going off to find one of their family members to talk about. They talk a lot too. Loving conversation, they are quiet, but not when a topic of interest comes up. Then they will talk and talk. Never acting like a know it all, they listen to the ideas of others fairly, which makes a great listener and conversationalist. They are very mellow, down to earth people, and always act themselves, they are on of the incarnations that do not feel like they have to hide who they are. That is because they know, anyone who is in their life is because they liked them, for them. Other who do not would not make loyal friends, and this star seed type, only wants genuine friends.

They are wonderful in all, and their world in Ara is awesome. Seemed a bit bunched in one place, but I though it was sweet, because not only did they want to save the planet this way, but also they all stick together, and are very loving toward one another, that all live in this huge community near each other, like a big happy family.

A client of mine had said to me, “ it’s literally impossible, according to the laws of physics, that a planet lacks gravity. Every single object that has a mass different from zero has gravity… we do to!!! Even a tiny atom does…”

 To answer this: First of all, the matrix here has it programmed that we are “physical”, that we are mass, but the truth is, nothing here is. It is all programming, made by the Creators. She is only seeing things from this world’s surface level. For those of you out there who may have  said the same thing in the back of your minds, here is the truth… It is a spiritual environment in Ara. Just as it is here, and everywhere.  Ara is a Higher plane of existence. The laws of physics change in other realms. That means nothing is really physical there, here or anywhere. What laws and science apply here, history, and so on, do not apply in other matrix programs.  I know all about physics as I studied it for 8 years in college. To the beings in Ara, they experience it as if it were physical to them. Honestly, what they say in science here, is all lies with the agenda of the NWO. History, Science. A lot of things are wrong and covered up. I am teaching the truth in my Truthology courses. But yes, in other planes, the laws are different. and Ara is 4 and 5 Density. So it was a way of trying to explain their environment.  The fact I say there is no gravity, is my way of metaphorically saying that the environment is light, spiritual, a holographic environment where the creators wanted it to be afloat.  The technology that they have there, all makes the environment hover, while there is land and water down below. They altered the gravity. Just like they can do  here. I have the real truth, and am trying to teach everyone beyond this programmed world. If you understood physics like I do, you would see that this is a hologram environment, and what applies here, is different elsewhere. In other realms, the laws and physics are different according to their program. Have you been outside of this matrix? Can you remember? I do, and what I have seen is that each world is different, even the Universe is much different than they describe… You have no idea how much truth is beyond what they give here.

Are you an Ara Starseed?

Draco Starseeds

I have said many times,not all Reptilians, Dragons, or Insectoid species are bad as many try to say. So I did stick up for these races many times, and it is true, not all are bad. In my previous article I was speaking on many of the negative traits of the Rebel race from a planet called Lifgaria in the constellation, (which is not even a constellation after all as the stars and planets are far from one another), but many of these “channelers” do not really know, so they assume there is only one place these souls come from. I had said how many of these Lifgarian souls incarnate in very powerful, abusive positions on earth, And it is true, who do you think besides fallen angels are running things here? The Lifgarians are mixed with Insectoids, Reptilian like races, and Dragons. Ones that were abused themselves in experiments and who make history repeat itself, by doing the same in their home, and then come to earth to try to regain power in a human world. But, yes, not all dragon, reptilian or insect races are bad. I have met many from Draco even (there are many places in the Universe that contain similar races too,not just Draco) but the ones that I have channeled from Draco had very specific energies, not all are the same, but very similar. Some of the other Draco souls are:
1. Intelligent
2. Analytical
3. Confident (not all)
4. Very assured and motivated
5. Successful
6. Good at reading others
7. Good at being very persuasive
8. Directly spoken, blunt and charismatic
9. Witty, and Clever
10.Strong willed
11.Have Predominant personalities
13.Sometimes long for more emotional fulfillment
14.Full of ancient wisdom
15.Good at building things
16.Absorb info quickly
17.Highly observant (nothing gets past them and they are not naive or foolish)
18.Very organized, calculated and strategic
19.Good story tellers, and entertaining to others,
20.Positive attention grabbers.
Draco starseeds are good scientists, mathematicians, politicians, actors, and engineers… Many even go on to become professors in ancient history, Those are a few of the Draconian traits, and very true according to those I have known… But those from Lifgaria, have an opposite side of traits as they are more on the malevolent side…
Lifgarians are:
1. Cunning, sly
2. Good at lying, so good that they sound true
3. Dominating and controlling
4. Assert power in order to get ahead
5. Calculated and sometimes very self absorbed
6. Compelling to meet their ends
Those who encounter a Lifgarian soul feel overpowered by their personality right away,and often fall into doing things for them when they ask, almost trance like. They go on to become politicians, huge bankers, military commanders, and politicians, as well but use it for a negative agenda.. I have even met many who do nothing with their lives, but manipulate others to get by.. I have a dragon as my spirit animal, so I know that they are not all bad. Many clients of mine, also have a dragon in their totem.  I know them to be wise, and powerful souls.
None of this is being said to offend anyone. It is only what I know of the Lifgarians, I personally have nothing against any soul, as I have said, just to make it clear. This article is not to put down, but simply to inform.. But yes,not all souls from Draco are this way, not even all of them from Lifgaria, only some of the Lifgarians. Draco souls have alot of strong,positive traits that can be used to build the planet backup with their very deep sense of wisdom. I wanted to make this clear, so that no one would feel hurt or confuse my purpose or intent of the article, Now everyone has traits from both, with double the information…Many should have known that there are many places out there, and anyone knowing me for the sweet person I am, I would never deliberately target anyone.However, as with anything before enlightenment, there is contrast.  There are many misconceptions out there on these races.
Some have said that they are the Anunaki. Some have said that they come Alpha Centauri. neither, are true. Draconians originated in a place that is located in Orion. Some of them.. Orion has many types of species within their home star system.