Perseus- Unicorn Star Children

Creation of the Unicorn
Unicorns,there are so many species in this world’s spiritual planes, as well as out there in the universe too. I mentioned how it all began here. However, I did not mention the many beings who relate to the Unicorn ancestry at some point way back in the celestial lineage.. This like the subject of fairies, can go on and on, and we will come back to this one as well. For now, let’s meet a very particular star being, who had a role with the angels, in creating the Unicorn race.
As you know,many have their own perspective in this world of ideas concerning the alien races, spiritual types, and incarnations. In my previous blogs, I mentioned that the Angels, Atlans, and another specific type of race, came to Earth, and played a hand in evolving the native humans, as well as many animals. Many other species of animals were also created. They have so much fear based propaganda out there, to make humans fear the star beings, in order for them to not embrace an alliance with them again. If you were a world leader, would you want your people to make friends with those who had a hand in jump starting mankind? There would be fear, in the ego of that leader, that the people would rather go to the other beings instead, for leadership. The threat of domination and control that exists here, would no longer be, because knowing that benevolent souls out there, may be able to help.
One of the races out the that has a terrible reputation, is the Alcohbata from Perseus, as well as friends who came from Monoceres. There are many species who come from those places, and more to come in the future, as life evolves not only here, but where ever life is housed.  I know that to many here on Earth, they may not be the most beautiful of creatures, and I will cover this in another blog located at, Starseed Children. However, the horse race has been to Earth, and referenced here for a very long time, through out ancient history. After having came from their home in the stars, they came to reside in Lemuria. It was a beautiful world. I once saw a clip from a movie that someone had me review. They wanted me to comment on the subliminal messages, and also on if I felt it had hidden truths. It was called “Jupiter Ascending”, and sure enough, there were a lot of references in there, subliminally, and indirectly on the surface too. In one of the scenes, they had a midway check point for space travelers, that had a huge city full of many different species. They do have a lot of other races out there, that have been withheld from the public for a very long time. In those undisclosed races, were the Alcohbata, whom they said were malevolent, and very dangerous. Alien abductions were claimed as a result of their visits. It reminds me of how the monarchy used to do things in old times. When a new king would arise, and they wanted the old king’s glory to fall, they would make up fake historical facts that were forever documented, as well as even going as far as, painting grotesque pictures to make them look monstrous.  Here is a photograph of what they are claiming the Alcohbata to look like:
In human judgement, many would say that this is a very ugly being there. well, those who are enlightened would see a beauty to them, as all creations are beautiful. However, this is not at all what the Alcohbata look like., It is a bit similar, but with many things changed, to meet the defaming criteria. They have tan colored skin for one. and the nose is a bit longer. They also have blues eyes, and a thin layer of fur, that is white.  their head is also not aligned liked the picture shows. It only has two ears on top, with a small nub in the center, that is rather short. These beings have been long known, reaching back even into the earliest of Hinduism, as they revered these beings, as “Gods”. They called one in particular, Hayagriva.  If they were so malevolent, then why did they seem to peacefully get along with the people of ancient India?  They were not malevolent, but as you can perhaps see, they do not want anyone to look to the “Gods”, any more. So they gave them a bad reputation instead. The Alcohbata are a peaceful race, full of magic.
Having power, they have been able to do many wonderful things, and as a result, they left a lasting imprint on the world of religion. They have many artistic depictions of this race, all throughout the Hindu culture. They are said to hold much wisdom and knowledge. But are they physical? No. Many of the star races are not. To they themselves, they are. They interact in thei r world, as we do here, only at their own higher vibration. In truth, nothing is really physical. Everything in existence is made of vibration particles, to create the imagery of the dimension and it’s frequency. The race went on to help in creating altered versions of their people, and the horse race on earth, with DNA genetic modification. Changing the program so to speak. This is what led to the discovery of the Unicorn. They could not have done this without the authority of the angelic beings though, as they would need them for access to the codes.In the creation of the Unicorn, much of the magical powers got transferred, and a magical, peaceful and serene creature was created to walk the face of the Earth. Many creatures were made by the help of the angels, and many ideas from the many other beings that were created to exist outside of the Earth’s matrix. There were so many wonderful ideas and creations here in the beginning, many who had been hunted for their mystical qualities, and some for the sole purpose of ridding the Earth, of anything powerful. It is truly a barbarous thing to know, that mankind in their days of uprising, rebelled too, making this world ugly.
As humans, and many other beings were altered in their structures, to have become what they were, much of the blended ideas of the Universe, came together here, on the Blue Planet. It was a true place of imagination and magic. The Unicorn having been created to live here in this environment, could not live elsewhere. Just like the other mythical beings, who were not myth, but real. After they started to go extinct, new places were made to house and safeguard them in other magical realms. Some of these beings still incarnate in and out of those realms though. And with them, inside of the DNA, they carry a small part from their celestial ancestors, the Alcohbata. Now, like I said, the Alcohbata were not the only ones to had came to Earth, of this Horse like race. The Alcohbata who were from Perseus, also came with the beings of Monoceros. Monoceros houses beings who can either walk on two legs, or on all fours. They are the most kind, and compassionate people. They look totally horse like in appearance, and are extremely beautiful, as they are made in a variety of colors. 
I know how strange it may seem, but the Universe is a huge home to all sorts of ideas, and creations, that nothing can seem to strange. The original horses here in this world were smaller. As they created beautiful majestic beings, the Archons when they took over, thought that horses would make wonderful slaves. So, they used the programming to make a species of horses, as he have today, having used the creator’s powers, for their own will and agenda.
Many beings had been created from the Monoceros, and Perseus lineage combined with the horse DNA here on Earth. Some of them were combinations of different things like for one, the Unicorn. Then the Centaur.  As the Archons played with creation, they thought having a half man, half horse, would make giving orders, easier. After Lemuria, the Alcohbata and the Monceroans, decided to go on home. They had felt used, after their beautiful creations were taken and misused. So they returned home, before it was too late too. However, the Unicorn, and Centaur still existed.  They held a great and powerful magic within too, that was sought by even the greatest of rulers here.
Even today, here on Earth, a new species of humans evolves, as all of the beautiful different races mix together in love, marriage and breeding. They say that by 2065, many of the humans on Earth will come to have a golden skin, with curly reddish blonde hair, and blue eyes. This is from the evolution of mankind, and I can definitely see it happening. There will always be some trace of the original races somewhere, but a majority of humans will come to have that very distinct look. The races outside of the Universe, they do the same.  The entire creation process is made from those in authority coming together with the different DNA, to make new life in other worlds, and planets. New life is popping up all of the time. Beings go from home to home, in the stars, and they breed, not just with their own, to create new species. Life is said to not exist outside of Earth though. That is incorrect.
The Unicorn and Centaur, are both loving, kind compassionate beings who were created from the earth, and two distinct races out there in the stars. Their legacy lives on, only in another plane of existence here,in the world of Earth. No matter the extended origins, they are real, beautiful, magical, and now a part of the Earth, no matter what. One day, benevolent angels, will come and fix the mess that the fallen angels had made in interfering, and everyone will be free to start over if they like. Until then, we can appreciate the beauty in the Creation process, involving Earth species, and others.

The Unicorn created on Earth, some were taken with the Alcohbata and Monceros star beings, to create a new world and race out there too. I will go into this in another blog soon. many creatures are taken from all over, and planted into other worlds, to populate, as they are always creating. The process never stops. There are many Unicorn species as a result of the creation process.

Soul Readings

Plerions- A combined race?

The future of Pleiades is evolutionary. They are always expanding and trying to combine forces. At this current time the Pleiadian Star system is  not far from the constellation Orion. This has combined the two people together. They want to grow and expand their consciousness by mixing the Orion and Pleiadian Consciousness together. They have plans to eventually send some of that consciousness out to other star systems in the form of smaller stars, that are a part of the Pleiades when they finally do combine, and transmit the energy into one big conscious mind. Imagine all of that knowledge, and power that the Orion and and Pleiadians will have, when they finally evolve into a being, of both understandings. What caused this to come about? Firstly, the Pleiadians want to help the Orions catch up. They also want to make large masses of consciousness in the celestials, to finally defeat the Reptillian agenda. Once this happens the Pleiadians and Orions will come to be called the Plerions. I know this from a channeled message from one of the elders from the Pleiadian High Counsel,. This elder who goes by the name of Semerion, told me that even the milky way and andromeda galaxies will one day unite together as one. Many of the collossal forms of consciousness, are doing it through out the Universe. One day all will join together as one large celestial kingdom. I can’t disagree with Semerion. Scientists even agreed that Pleiades is floating it’s way into Orion, but they say it will be another 250 billion years before it takes place, but Semerion tells me it will take place much sooner than we think.
When I was little, Semerion used to tell me stories of the life there once that I left. Being an Incarnated Angel, I was entitled to have not only a 4th dimensional guide, but also  5th, 6th, and 7th guides too. So, I worked with all of my guides fervently, including Semerion, my Pleiadian 5D guide. He would tell me stories on how everyone wanted peace for Earth so badly. I often felt bad about leaving. Semerion says that one day, many more Orion Starseeds will be born here than ever, so that they can get more experience in helping humankind and their way of life, like the Pleiadians have. I am excited but know that this is my last incarnation here, so I will not get to see it. I will not be going back to Pleiades, as it was merely a training place for me as an Angel, I will instead go back to the Upper realms instead. Hopefully, I will get see more of the changes in our Universe from there.
There is plenty of time before Pleiades and Orion join forces, and many can prepare they way for any others who are coming here to get their learning in before any big changes but we can expect so many wonderful things to take place later on for sure. However, until then, many of the Ground Crew here on earth are planning wonderful things, to make Earth a better place to live on too. For one thing, Semerion says, that we are going send some healing energy into the consciousness of many other the starseeds, who have had less of an easy experience here in their human lives. This will help many to move on, and forward. We also are advocating for some of the Vegan Starseeds, to start opening up and begin giving the humans more knowledge here. Vegans have so much to share, but the reptilians have suppressed them so much, that when coming to Earth, they did not have much trust to just come out and speak freely and openly, about the Universal Teachings and knowing of the Spirit Realms, They could even teach humans how to protect one’s self, from an attack from a malevolent being.
 We are working hard, with the Angelic Realm. Archangel Michael is making the way for the Universal love, and brotherhood to also be on Earth, among the incarnated Starseeds and Angels too. We all live too separate due to the hardships of the human beings judging and outcasting us. Their closed mindedness, has made it hard for us to even want to embark on this mission. Abiding by the 5th dimensional law of service to others, makes us do it anyway. We are true advanced light beings and know we can not be partial. We must help all no matter what. I am so excited for all of these positive changes, and so much more to come. Hope is the best feeling, and Pleiadians know this feeling best as they help instill it in beings Universe wide. The new Plerion race will be even more positive!

Felines in Orion

Many do not realize that here, yes it seems physical, the vibration fuses the molecules needed, to make the imagery of our avatar. Out there in stars, it will be either the same, or faster in vibration. Those who are faster in their vibration, will be higher in dimension. In that case, they will look spiritual, to humans.  Just like humans would look like a blown up balloon, to those in 2D. Scientific fact.
So, I always say everyone is spiritual, no matter what. Even here.. All consciousness is energy, energy holds intelligence. Even humans here, they are spirits, body and soul. The body is made up of neutrons, molecules, and atoms, even the so called matter, down to its molecules, is really energy. It is the vibration that makes it appear to be “physical”. In all stars, nebulas, and worlds, there is consciousness, consciousness is everywhere, and in everything… Orion is one of the places that has many souls too. 

Although I only ever hear the starseed communities speak about one or two races there, I have channeled countless souls from there, and including many races. Out of those recently, was a being from a feline race, called the Akinira. This being’s name was Gilnaputi-ak, and he did not even know of the ways of the humans yet. His race worked with many who have met humans earlier in history, but they never encountered one before. Some of their landscape looked alot like Ancient Egypt as many of the feline homes do, some of their architecture came from ideas implanted by the Arcturians who worked with the others in Orion’s, and Lyra’s celestialscape. He was amazed, as he was to speak with someone on Earth. Telling him I was not human, but an angelic, he did not understand how this all worked. 

Their culture is still not as advanced as the others, it is still growing. I explained to him, souls can choose to leave their planetary landscape, to incarnate elsewhere in the Universe. He wanted to know how. We shared many telepathic images of one another’s worlds. He was excited, and wanted to learn. He had asked me, if we as a people knew so much, then why was the earth in such a disarray? As I had shown him in the visions..? I told him, not all humans are enlightened, and that we are working towards trying to help them. He had some advice to give. He said “We may not be one of the most advanced races in the Universe, but we do know about unity, and using our deepest will, to manifest our dreams here. All one has to do, is have the courage to bring their hopes,into actions.” I was grateful for his words, and told him, I am trying to help people of earth to do that. 

Gilnaputi- Ak, is looking at Earth,  from an advanced viewpoint,  and he sees us as very technological, but at the same time, he feels this was misused, and that we have an advantage to fix this. Only, all of us who have influence, wisdom, and power, need to take a stand. That is what his people did, when another race tried to overthrow their planet. They fought together for it! We all need to do the same. But everyone who does have power and abilities, they compete, make cliques, and exclude one another out of ego, (a very nonstarseed, angelic view if you ask me), and they do not come together. Think of the power we could have to fix things, if we were more united like the race in Orion? 
In any case, what a nice race of beings. He showed me much,  And even though they may not have had the awareness that they could incarnate elsewhere, they have been doing it for eons. Many souls have come from this planet, to incarnate on earth, only no one was aware of it. That was because only certain starseed races were focused on. Now, I channel to bring some out in the open for others to learn. The Akinira are one in particular I thought to introduce. Kind, gentle, but courageous. They remind me of the Lyrans, but with a feel that is very loving and giving like the Pleiadians.

Eiharean Starseeds- Gliese

Now that I am covering a lot of the star races, I have come to noticed that there are so many left, that have not been revealed. Recently, I have traveled many different star systems for wisdom. I know that many do not want to accept these new places, because they are not in the trends.The race that I had channeled last night, and who I am extremely aware of, due to my visit there when an angel, in the heavens, is a race of people called the Eihareans.  they come from a triple star system, that Earthlings call, Gliese.

This is a beautiful planetary star system, with many in habitable planet. more of a spiritual nature, but others physical, just like it is here on earth. The race of people that I had channels, live in the world of ice. Just like our physical vehicles here, are made up of the elements of our world, these beings are also made up of the elements of theirs. Helium is their main element, within the air, but the precipitation there, and the cold climate, has made it all freeze in forms of ice and frozen gas. Very focused upon using their strengths, these beings represent the use of the mind, they claim, their frozen nature, so fluid like, in the air, is much like frozen waves of the emotions. They say, water moves alot , and even here, is responsible for the feelings within. Their being frozen, shows, that they may be a bit numb. This is true. I experienced the numbness. Angels reside in the airways, like they do here on this earth too. Most of them, very emotional, so beings from that world, have both logic and emotion, having mastered the art of using both when needed. Using one at a time, but when needed, they can switch them on at the same time, to have an enlightened perspective.

Hiliara is the name of the being I channeled. She states that humans (and yes..they are aware of earthlings) that they have either too much one or the other, and never enough of both. She hopes mankind here, and be more like them. She was an actual incarnated angel of the planet. Having worked in the higher atmosphere, she incarnated into this icy, gassy world, to have a first hand experience, and use her intelligence to advance the world, as was done on Earth too. As one of them, I know.. She was kind, fluid, with streams of gas swirling around her, and then her image, hardened by the flexible icy material she was made of. Very stretchy, and rubbery, cold, and cuttingly freezing body of hers, as her hand reached out to touch me. I was traveling interdimensionally, to meet with her. As I have a client whom has had a lifetime there, and I wanted to refreshen my memories of this place.

She asked how her souls were doing, many out there, some down here, all of whom she misses. Being that she was an angelic ruler of that world, and manifested into the reality, many still keep her at the top, as their leader. She gave me some wonderful tips, too incomprehensible to relay here.

In all, her landscape was made of the same, as she seemed to blend in with ground, but the beautiful gases in the sky, made a borealis of purple and blue, while her Sun shone beautifully blue in the horizon. I also saw three moons, and a huge castle made the same. Loving, but careful. Affectionate, but cautious. They are giving, but protective of what is theirs. They are understanding, but the truths that she gives, can be as cutting as any sharp icicle. Piercing, but true. Love is behind the wisdom, but delivered direct, plummeting into your very soul, like a sharpened blade, that was laying out in the snow for sometime.

Are you an Ice Angel? Or, an Iced Starlight Soul? Find out today,     as well as the many traits that may resonate with you, from this origin… Hiliara is waiting to reconnect, and has much wisdom to give… Go to my site, for my best selling, world famous, soul readings…Alura’s Spiritual Services, found on my “Channeling” page.

In the meantime, just know… that no matter how numb you may be from your struggles, suffering, and hurts, that there is always a way to melt the ice (so to speak), and reinstate your emotions, using them in a way that is protective, but constructive.