Rolivencian Starseeds

A world called Rolivencia. Rolivencia is a beautiful world located in the Lyran constellation, and while channeling a being from there when I was in Lyra as a part of the High Council, I had a chance to view it from behind the scenes. I also got to see it on a deeper level again, while doing an akasha records reading for a client of mine who had ordered Akasha Chapter One: Celestial Experiences. In the spiritual veil of Rolivencia, he saw many beings building up their society in the city, that they worked hard to put together, together. There were homes built like conical shapes, silver in their metallic texture.
The silver had more of a whitish tone to it though, and the Sun of their world would reflect off it, making it look like the town glowed with white light. The structures look alot like the ivory towerin the movie “Neverending Story” but without the flowering sides at the bottom. Like in the photo, their conical homes look like the center part of the building only, and much smaller without the tall observation tower coming out of the top. It is exquisite. The rivers there also have a silvery color to them, due to the rock underneath which is the same mineral that they mine to build with, only in its natural state it is more like the stone called Mica on Earth, until polished for the building projects.
Their town square, has a biodome in the middle of it, where a lot of natural foods native to their world are grown like healthy GMO, to reproduce the vegetation so that everyone would have enough without harvesting from the natural world.  This provided much for the people there. They also had smaller domes that were offices for the government/council, seers, and patrol who watch for the safety of the planet. They also have scientists and labs of course. The schools are located in a larger dome on the outskirts of the town in the jungle as most of the habitat is made of jungle, with all sorts of animals that no one on Earth has ever seen before. The people there are feline in appearance, but humanoid. They speak in their own special language, as most civilizations all over do. Many speak of Light Language, but many do not realize that all languaes are of light, and there are millions. theirs is rarely spoken though, as they communicate in the silence of their togtherness and unity instead.
After viewing this, my client had wanted a home like that. Rolivencia. I too, really admired their way of life and wish that our Earth here could be similar. It would provide solutions to the issues in pollution for certain.
In Rolivencia, it is more feminine. Not many can say that they have been there, nor Rhocanria. Souls do not usually reincarnate from those places, or the angelic realms often, due to our sensitivity towards the unbalanced nature of Earth. Angels, Rolivencians, and Rhocancrians, are the most sensitive of all soul types. In Rolivencia, is a beautiful scene, with mixtures of landscaping geographically containing tropical rainforests, jungles, and gardens. They have tall mountains covered to their very peaks with lush greens and huge brightly colored flowers. One flower there, is the size of a basketball. They grow in the trees, vines, and bushes. When you look, there are so many amazing colors. You can not even see the rock of the mountains due to the coverage of plant life!
It rains there, twice a day. Once in the midmorning, and another time at midafternoon . But the warm weather quickly dries up the water, and the flowers, plants and trees absorb it. The world is advanced in science, but naturally. They believe in the use of all natural biofuels, and naturally generated electricity. they use a similar method to what Nikola Tesla had invented. The people help to nourish the planet, and instead of eating from the wild, they only take seeds to labs, to reproduce them and grow them, or to cross breed them into bigger species. They care for the planet, growing to cultivate the earth there, spending a lot time with their species of animals native their. For an example, they have a breed much like a monkey with the face of a cat, with fluffy tail like that of a siberian husky but matching in the color scheme of their fur of course. Wow, if you could only try to visualize them! The creators were, and still are, always projecting new things into the reality, and sometimes even letting old things naturally morph into new ones…new forms. There has always been new things to discover, even some of the creations are from the imaginative manifestations of the people there too, without their realizing it. The Creators take note on what the people dream of, and want to ensure their happiness in having those creative dreams come true in the environment. dreams are based on creative alterations to things that people already see, or have seen. There, crime, ugliness, horror, immorality…do not exist. Therefore, their creations are always pure in nature, inspired by the beauty all around them already.
The people, are peaceful, very compassionate, and full of joy in appreciation for all that they have. The leaders there are angelic and there are only four to represent the power of the goddess. There is only one angel/goddess, named Friliriel who is an angel in the legion of Archangel Ariel. Angel Friliriel reminds me alot of the Egyptian goddess Bast. Although, we know that Ariel was depicted by Bast here on Earth, in ancient Egypt. I think it is just their connection that makes me think of it.


She oversees the reality with the other four under her rulership. Even though that is there hierarchy, no one is excluded, and all opinions count. The needs and perspectives of the people are always included in decision making. In Rolivencia, many work together, wandering the world and its beauty, and many even migrated later, to the side of the world where the sea was found on the one coast. The coast has beautiful green waters, and golden sands, lined with trees that you could not compare to any tree on Earth. The people migrated once a leader had started making discoveries there. But the trees?… They are tall and seem to drape over toward the water like archways made of trees, along the beach. The leaves have vibrant healthy, bright colors of yellow, orange, purple, and even some which have shades of blue. It looks much like the autumn leaves here on Earth, except they are not the dull rustic collors of our autumn.

Speaking of seasons, in Rolivencia it is always Summer. There are no other seasons. The time there is also different. They only have dawn, day, and twilight. there is no dusk or nighttime. It keeps the plant life in a good process of their photosynthesis. They get plenty of water from the rain. Due to the time, having more daylight hours balances their need of having more sunlight, since they have the cloudy time for the rain to come in. The rest of the day having Sun light, helps them make up for the 4 hours of loss of sun from the rainstorms.
In regards to their appearance, the beings there are covered in a layer of very thin fur, resembling the coat of a wildcat. The pattern and colors are similar too. Their coat has more of brindle tone to their fur. They have a mixture of light tan, light grey, and light brown, with dark brown markings on their fur in spotted pattern. Their feline ears are not on top of the head as most, but instead, located at each side of the head like human ears are. Their eyes are yellow or yellowish green, and since there isn’t any night hours, they do not need to have night vision as other feline species do. But they do have keen eyesight, are swift runners, and avid jumpers. They absolutely adore tree climbing, and lounging high up in a tree on a lazy day.
They are always more concerned for the health of the environment, and the welfare of one another. they are extremely spiritually awake but in the sense that they feel the soul of their world and it’s collective creators, and they care for them. They do everything that they can, to ensure the purity and growth of their world, and their people. If ever there was a kinder race, the Rolivencians are the ones who I would say are in the top three on my list of the most loving beings in the Universe. It is wonderful to know that they care about everything so much, even other races and planets beyond their own. Some who have incarnated here, as they are rare…have specific traits:
Incarnated Rolivencian Traits:
1. Extremely peaceful
2. Quiet, Soft spoken
3. Deep thinkers, intellectual
4. passionate about nature, and helping all things in nature, and others. Even the atmosphere and sea.
5. Spend most time outdoors
6. Spent alot of time outside as a child, even if born as a millenial.
7. Attracts alot of animals in the wild toward them
8. Interests in field studies of different species of plants, animals, birds, stones, insects, and weather.
9. While spending alot of time outdoors they wiuld not be big television viewers, but if they did watch TV, they would be watching things like “Planet Earth” or “National Geopraphic”.
10. Very casual in their style, mostly down to earth, and more outdoorsy in their apparel.
11. Likes to listen to ambient sounds of nature
12. Huge campers and hikers
13. They are very sweet, compassionate, and giving
14. They are usually raw vegans in their diets.
15. They love the zoo but are against the captivity of the animals there, they only love it for the animals themselves.
16. They espcially love cats and seem to have an unspoken bond with them.
17. They have an above average IQ.
18. They usually have a nature based belief like Wicca.
19. Born under any sign, and they love the night sky. Their eyes usually gravitating naturally towards Lyra.
20. They won’t like a conventional job, but instead want a job outdoors, and one where they can sleep for at least 12 hours each day and work for the rest.
21. They are early birds, getting up while it is still dark outside, and going to bed after dusk.
22. Love tree climbing, treehouses, and sitting under a tree to relax.
Rolivencian Souls, are very silent. they often do not speak. They despise loud noise, and often bond well with others who very quiet too. In all, there will only be about 10,000 of these souls who incarnate, no more than 10 incarnating in one year. They usually come during meteor showers in the Summer, with a conception in the summer. However, again…it is not limited. these starseed soul types are wonderful to be around and always see the optimism in life. If meeting one, you will find that they make the most loyal, reliable friends, who would do anything for you!

The Andromedan Race- Alabram

Andromeda, some two and half million light years from Earth, many races of people dwell. Consciousness in its many forms and levels, shifts, changes, trades places, in the stage of existence, within our Universe. They are an ancient race, far more advanced than Earth. earth’s technology would seem ancient. The Andromeda galaxy is teaming with life. They only ever mention very specific races, but there are many.Let’s talk about one of them here…
The Alabram:

The Alabram are a race of people who are from Andromeda. They are humanoid, but have a much larger head, due to the mass of their brain, which is much larger. This is because at their vibration, they have a bit more consciousness, flowing in and out. They also have a larger set of lungs too. This is because their oxygen levels are not as high as they are in our planet. They need to be able to take in larger breaths of air and hold it in, while their body stores it in the  avian like air sacs, that they have to store some of the oxygen. They are wonderful beings, of peace, and wisdom, of their home and technology. Their population is alot like earth, having cities, and many people to fill them. However, to reproduce it is a different process than ours here. The people on that planet, mate with their reproductive systems in the back areas. The females have a tube that they use for digestion, connected to this area, in which creating a child, will send the egg up into the stomach area, where the fetus will grow for 29 weeks.  The babies grow slower than humans do. At the point of birth, they push the small fetus up from this area, into the mouth and deliver it this way. They do so the time just before delivery, at a “hospital” room in their homes and then grow the fetus the rest of the way, in a chamber full of vapor vitamins, and oxygen. At that time, they can make the alterations that they wish, to the DNA, in the area of intelligence, wisdom, and psychic power.  It takes almost 1000 of their days, to fully grow and develop.
They have a language but it is not a written one. they  communicate by telepathy, and absorb information through their frontal lobe sections of the brain. They have an extra part of the brain that humans do not, which is why they have a larger brain all together. More and more consciousness is stored in their, making their people and incarnated souls, They do have digestion as we do. Like I mentioned. They have their own version of water, and often rely on turnip like vegetables, that  grow and harvest. Their cities are contained within the underground caverns of their planet.  Their food source grows in several locations, that are much like connecting tunnels to each city. All together there are 4. It is ceremonial to harvest and collect the vegetable. It provides nutrients for an entire days needs. These have a similar vitamin and nutrient make up as one of earth’s avocados, Copper, zinc, iron, and more, that all help in oxygenation, which they need due to their atmosphere.  The surface of the planet is too hot to really go up to, and the air is even dense there. Underground it seems better. The air is still very thin. However, the moisture makes it like a hot humidifier, and easier to take in for them.
Again, there are four main cities, separated by the different cavern walls. Everyone there has a normal job like we do on Earth, but instead of meeting up in other buildings, they do it on a huge projection screens, placed in every home. This is done for doctor visits, schooling, and other needs. In their scientific homes, next to the children that they are growing, they also started growing their food supply there too.  They have also started altering  the codes in it, that make it twice as healthy. They only choose this to eat, because they do not wish to harm anything. This is the only vegetable on their planet that does not have an awareness of its own. It “just is”, while containing nutrients and vitamins. They have mushroom like plants, and another food source that could be used. That food source is in a particular seaweed like grass, that grows in the lagoon around the base of the city in the caverns. They choose not to eat those things though, as they feel they have potential to evolve. They do not have many other vegetables there anyhow, because the surface of the planet is too hot from their main star, only those few that grow in the caverns where they reside.
The moisture from the condensation underground created the lagoon.Therefore, their water is from the lagoon  located underground..  They only communicate telepathically, so their word is not a word. Instead, their language is using just images, like many spirits communicate with. Their vibration is different there for sure. At 4D, and a specific blueprint, they are physical to themselves and one another, but they are of higher vibrations than Earth. This gives them a huge difference than us. I will list some of the advantages that they have at their program.
Alabram Advantages:
1. They can “think” to their location and be there in seconds. This makes there light spark in and out of the locations suddenly.
2. They have huge brains with an additional part located in the back of the brain, and is a storage base. The brain absorbs huge amounts of info from the atmosphere. This helps in telepathy.
3. They are advanced technologically. This keeps them in the lead with many ways of healing and curing illnesses all over the Universe. They have also mastered genetic alteration, but they use it for good things only.
4. They live underground, so no one would even know that the planet had residences at first glance.
5. Their city may be underground, but it is enhanced and made for comfortable, safe living.
6. They do not leave their homes, because of the air. While breathable, they need more. Part of the technology and communication projections, includes oxygen chambers that run like an air ventilation system through out each “cabin”.
7. They hold alot of the wisdom of the 4th dimensional laws and science.
This species is a wonderful race, and they have visited Earth from their dimension. They also have souls who came here to take on the human form too. They go on to be scientists or DNA specialists.

Alabram Starseeds:
1. Quiet
2. “Thinkers”
3. Pick up images from the thoughts of others
4. Like to live alone
5. Pick busy areas to live, while in human form. You would find them in major metropolitan areas.
6. Usually watched from birth here, and up, as the government would like to use their knowledge and gifts to gain insight into Creation, technology, and human evolution.
7. They grow up to have jobs in forensics,bioinformatics,and as geneticists.
8. They take on a similar appearance here as they had in their place of origin, with larger heads, and a little bit of a longer face.
9. They soak up wisdom and have a great ESP.
10. They also love aerodynamics
I am happy that the world can now have insight into the Alabram Race of the Andromedan Galaxy. To think one day, Andromeda and our Galaxy will collide, really mixing up the codes then, is an amazing but awe-inspiring thing.

Adhara Star Seeds

Image result for adhara star how far from earth

The beings from Adhara. I have only met just one in human form, but hundreds in their original state. I had a visitor once, which is how I knew them. Oh, the confusion by others, in the topic of angels, demons, and extraterrestrial. Many do not realize that all three exist, and in different environments and frequencies. One of them, is called Adhara. This is located in the star system of Canis Major, very close to Sirius. It is a star of Ultra Violet light, and a beautiful atmosphere to have an experience, while the beings there project their creations.

Insight into their world
I came upon the Adharians, while in Out Of Body experience. I was 11 years old, and I was traveling between the worlds, and I got lost. To be honest, yes I was a bit afraid, I had not expected to be in a place that I had never been to before. I had many encounters with all types of beings before, and I had felt I was aware of many races. however, this experience had changed that outlook and taught me, that even though I may be the soul type that I am, I may not know everything. So I hunbly accepted it and explored. I did not know where I was. I had to ask when I happened upon one of the beings there. In this, I was told the name of the civilization, but not where it was located. I felt a bit intimidated, so I continued exercising the merkaba, and eventually after viewing, I had left.
Later on that year, I had happened to travel there again. When I did, this time, the shock was already had from the first time, and I felt more at ease. I saw a beautiful brightly illuminated sky. It was of a lavender and indigo swirl, with a slightly whitish pink cloud, clouding up the view into space. The filter of their world so that the outer rims of their star world would not blind the inner residents. Things had seemed to had changed.

The city itself was beautiful. A city of silver, for those in Adhara to feel the strong but divine pressence of their people. The towering Silver City was in the background up in the mountains. That is because it is so bright and really is the main focal point. But looking down at the world below you, you would see that there are fields of beautiful bluish green, with the conical old homes that were once lived in, being used now as a bases for military, and for storehouses for the crops of food grown there. The old models of the homes were conical but rounded on top. Later the military took them over so that new towns could rise, and the new architecture was made to look like huge metal trees that lit up with lights on top. The military tiook the older models of homes. Although, no military is needed, and so instead of them being fighters, they were working as scouts in other worlds, and dimensions. Their group of scientists have a way to interdimensionally and intergalactically travel. Crafts that look much like airplanes here but without wings, flash across the sky in this beautiful world.

That is amazing. Have you ever seen one of these purple light beings before? Or even a small particle of bright purple sparkle? That would mean that an Adharian being is prbably visiting you. It is a beautiful world where marriages are arranged, and there are a few different species of people. They are transparent with UV light running through out their bodies, and their animals are the same too. To the North, there were beautiful Avian beings human but feathered with wings.  In the West, there were human like beings with conical shaped heads with patterns all over them. To the East, there was another humanoid race, who were very human in appearance except they did not have hair, and purplish tone in skin, with bright violet eyes. To the South, there were being who had small horns going down the center of the head. That is how it started there, and later on the races started to blend, and beautiful new beings were born and they were beautiful.

Example of close resemblence.

Everyone in Adhara lives for one another. There is so much order and peace, and conservation of the resources that a superfood was made for everyone to only need to eat but once a day. Everyone moves through time, and as the next generation arises, the elders are moved from the cities and villages into the Silver City to live out the rest of their life span. Time is different there. It seemed to go by so fast. A different time for sure.

The people of Adhara live in Canis Major. They are quiet but sweet people, and have no intention of ever having war. hose who are born from having Adhara as a place of origin for their soul will be:

1. Creative

2. Highly Imaginative
3. Have the ability to perform telekinesis and telepathy
4. Have great knowledge in scientific and technological development, architecture, and healing.
5. They are very content with life and being alone, although they will have larger families that surround them so as not to be totally alone.
6. They have a great attraction to fantasy
7. They are smart but do not learn well by the confining school system or conventional ways of learning in society. they are better self taught.
8. Sensitive to energy and electromagnetic energy (most starseeds of any kind)
9. They have the ability to learn through their observations and first hand experience. They are extremely observant and seldomly take all advice as they seem to like learning by trying things.
10. Adharians are very giving once they have seen loyalty from someone.
11. They are peace keepers too, and try to avoid confrontation as they are so peaceful in their nature.

Adhara is 570 light years away from Earth. With only a few souls who end up in Earth’s reality, they come here with a passion to meet people like them, so that they can learn in a higher state of learning, without judgement. They desire to learn from first hand experience, and have very quiet and sweet personalities. They do have a bit of a double emotional personality because here, they get very depressed because of how time seems to make everyone feel like they need something to do all of the time, and without being kept busy, they begin to miss their world where time moves more quickly.

They are also very loving, and affectionate. They have a great hope to help the world in some way. and in all that they do, they do in mind of others and how it makes them feel. They are very mild natured and considerate. They seem to take to more natural lives in the reincarnation process too, as too much glamour and wealth seems to be a bit too much for them.

Since my last time visiting, I had two visits from them, myself. However, I gained even more insight when I found a soul who had incarnated from there. In reading her akashic records, I had seen much. They do not come to Earth very often in their original state. However, they do every now and so often, so keep your eyes to the sky for their crafts. You may just see one.

Andromedan Energy- The Traits

The Andromedans are a highly intelligent people, As are, any being that is not 3D. They are most of a spiritual nature, I will not go any further into detail. But, their appearance is off radar, no one here, ever really being able to define their appearances because they chamoflauge themselves into any species that they come around. Incarnated, they are a bit over dominating, strong, self  assertive, confident, and the attention of any crowd. They love being noticed, they love being the center of everyone’s focus. Even though, they are so smart, sometimes they make some really bad decision making here in the physical life. They like to feel the five senses, and pleasure them. They enjoy food, the love sex, and they may try recreational drugs to stimulate the senses. Not always though, there are some, alot even who like to stimulate the senses naturally. These soul types are beings who like to try new things, and  then tell everyone about it. They are sensitive, but they do not always try to show it, except, it comes out anyway in their mannerisms. The males seem more in touch with the female and male, aspects of the duality, almost understanding what a woman wants totally.
The females, have a bit of that dominating energy, in which makes them the pants of the relationships, because they are so self assertive. Popular, and well known, Andromedans, are quite beautiful people. Soft features, shiny hair, and beautiful eyes. These personalities like to try out new things, but they often stick with what they know looks best on them. So, if something looked good on them in the 90’s, there is a pretty good chance that will still be rocking it. The down side to this soul type, is that they can be jealous, possessive, and even at time cheat on their significant other, because of the attention. If they do not get enough, they will find elsewhere. If they find it, the will relish it. They love sensual things. They are very peace loving and cannot stand negative drama. They do love some good excitement though.
Most Andromedans, not all now, all natural healers, and very organized. Their clothing, home, and physical appearance will be top notch. They heal with the organization skills. However, their hands do the talking. The have emissions of energy that come out of their touch that would make them great at being nurses, doctors, reiki masters,physical and massage therapists, They love the risk, the thrill, and sensation of anything fun in life, and have bubbly personalities. However, if others are not going along with the agenda, they can become irritated, and sometimes spiteful. Some may act childish, but really they do have a mature way about them, that they learned as a soul back home. It is just that everything is so highly technical there, that they want to let loose and experience life. And they do. They will stay in long term commitments, but there will always be a sense of longing freedom there. They like to do so many different things. They think life on Earth is so behind in the times, and some of the things that we do here, are from their ancient past. That’s right. They are technologically advanced, and far ahead in all things. Their world would not even fit into the idea of our distant future because they have so much time ahead of us.
Souls from Andromeda have to keep moving and traveling. Their energy is very confident, but not proud. They enjoy their achievements, and appreciate the wisdom they learned to get there. they are one of the more peaceful, positive soul types in Starseed Soul Types, and have a great agenda within their council, to make sure peace is held all over, celestially too.
Andromedan Starseeds:
Peace Keepers
Love a good risk or thrill
like to travel and explore
Enjoy sexuality
Have a good head on their shoulders
Are laid back and chill in their personality
Have a great charm, and confidence
Tend to be popular and well liked.
Like technology
Enjoy commitment, but like to explore love.
Have great wisdom but balance that with having fun
Natural Healers in Reiki
Want to try new things
Like to create with their hands
Have a laid back style of their own
Leader in a group of friends,not followers
Light up the room and are mainly the center of attention
Great Fashion Sense
Like dancing and music
They can have some flipside traits, we’ll go into those later on. in all, Andromedans are the fun, popular people we always wish we could be like.