Regulus Starseeds

Regulus is a beautiful place. It is the star home of the celestial fae, and the mystical creatures who no longer have a place here. Sometimes, I feel that I often put too much info out here on the web, but it is okay now, because I now have a trademark and copyright, so, I am safe. So, I extend this information, with the greatest hopes of leading others towards their real truths. But Regulus, that is a story untold for sure. You do not here people saying “I am a Regulus Starseed” too often. But, that is because they do not touch base on all of the star systems out there, and instead concentrate on main stream. Well, not everyone fits into mainstream now do they?
79 light years from here, there is a little star system, A Spectroscopic Star system, it has 4 stars as it’s main energy source. The beings here are jam packed, full of magical, mystical teachings and abilities. Alot of the souls in Regulus are those who once fairies, elementals, mermaids, Unicorns and other creatures, but died away due to the lack of belief. Like the neverending story, when fantasia lost itself to the nothing, these beings went through the same during earth’s dark ages, when they said those stories of old, were nothing more than tales of evil. Even though it is in the Constellation of Leo, no lions exist here, except some of the Cherubim that reside over the system. It is beautiful, and I feel that many of the writers of fantasy here on earth, are those who put their memories into those books.
People who come from Regulus, also have a fine taste and regality about them, but they are airy, carefree, and seem to be the nicest people in the world. They are the ones who always there to smile in times of distress to uplift someone’s spirits. They are attracted to fairy lore, statues, and wicca, nature magic, and even new age due to being attracted to the freedom of beliefs. They have soft spoken voices, and are usually loners, but many associates.  They seem really calm, and serene, but they do have feelings inside of themselves that they do not usually express. That is because they do not want others to feel brought down by their own drama. They love art, dancing, song, poetry, and happiness. You will find them having a picnic, or flying a kite, enjoying the simple things in life out in nature, or laying underneath of a blue sky looking for clouds shapes. The love weather, especially storms, and lots of brightly colored clothing. Souls from Regulus are souls who read alot, getting lost in the fantasy fiction of whatever tale they are reading, and make great writers. They are hopeless romantics, but they do like their space, so when they find love, they may seem distant. Candle making, lotions, soaps, holistic health care, gemstones, and cooking. They love anything that heals in any way. They are good at healing but they are more so good at bringing magic back into your life. They are like the gypsy of refined tastes, loving the finer things but also being good at making nice stuff out of vintage. They love a good antique store or thrift shop;. These soul types end up being writers, artists, antique shop owners, and even meteorologists. They are not the most popular on the planet, but the people that they do meet, always fall in love with them. They are so nice! Generous, and giving, as well as charitable, but on the flip side, they can get overly stingy if they allow themselves to be obsessed with success.
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Plerions- A combined race?

The future of Pleiades is evolutionary. They are always expanding and trying to combine forces. At this current time the Pleiadian Star system is  not far from the constellation Orion. This has combined the two people together. They want to grow and expand their consciousness by mixing the Orion and Pleiadian Consciousness together. They have plans to eventually send some of that consciousness out to other star systems in the form of smaller stars, that are a part of the Pleiades when they finally do combine, and transmit the energy into one big conscious mind. Imagine all of that knowledge, and power that the Orion and and Pleiadians will have, when they finally evolve into a being, of both understandings. What caused this to come about? Firstly, the Pleiadians want to help the Orions catch up. They also want to make large masses of consciousness in the celestials, to finally defeat the Reptillian agenda. Once this happens the Pleiadians and Orions will come to be called the Plerions. I know this from a channeled message from one of the elders from the Pleiadian High Counsel,. This elder who goes by the name of Semerion, told me that even the milky way and andromeda galaxies will one day unite together as one. Many of the collossal forms of consciousness, are doing it through out the Universe. One day all will join together as one large celestial kingdom. I can’t disagree with Semerion. Scientists even agreed that Pleiades is floating it’s way into Orion, but they say it will be another 250 billion years before it takes place, but Semerion tells me it will take place much sooner than we think.
When I was little, Semerion used to tell me stories of the life there once that I left. Being an Incarnated Angel, I was entitled to have not only a 4th dimensional guide, but also  5th, 6th, and 7th guides too. So, I worked with all of my guides fervently, including Semerion, my Pleiadian 5D guide. He would tell me stories on how everyone wanted peace for Earth so badly. I often felt bad about leaving. Semerion says that one day, many more Orion Starseeds will be born here than ever, so that they can get more experience in helping humankind and their way of life, like the Pleiadians have. I am excited but know that this is my last incarnation here, so I will not get to see it. I will not be going back to Pleiades, as it was merely a training place for me as an Angel, I will instead go back to the Upper realms instead. Hopefully, I will get see more of the changes in our Universe from there.
There is plenty of time before Pleiades and Orion join forces, and many can prepare they way for any others who are coming here to get their learning in before any big changes but we can expect so many wonderful things to take place later on for sure. However, until then, many of the Ground Crew here on earth are planning wonderful things, to make Earth a better place to live on too. For one thing, Semerion says, that we are going send some healing energy into the consciousness of many other the starseeds, who have had less of an easy experience here in their human lives. This will help many to move on, and forward. We also are advocating for some of the Vegan Starseeds, to start opening up and begin giving the humans more knowledge here. Vegans have so much to share, but the reptilians have suppressed them so much, that when coming to Earth, they did not have much trust to just come out and speak freely and openly, about the Universal Teachings and knowing of the Spirit Realms, They could even teach humans how to protect one’s self, from an attack from a malevolent being.
 We are working hard, with the Angelic Realm. Archangel Michael is making the way for the Universal love, and brotherhood to also be on Earth, among the incarnated Starseeds and Angels too. We all live too separate due to the hardships of the human beings judging and outcasting us. Their closed mindedness, has made it hard for us to even want to embark on this mission. Abiding by the 5th dimensional law of service to others, makes us do it anyway. We are true advanced light beings and know we can not be partial. We must help all no matter what. I am so excited for all of these positive changes, and so much more to come. Hope is the best feeling, and Pleiadians know this feeling best as they help instill it in beings Universe wide. The new Plerion race will be even more positive!

Eeivia Starseeds- Cassiopeia

More Cassiopeia Star Beings

The Cassiopeia star beings, are rather different than many would think. Even though the Greeks named the constellations after their gods, their Gods do not look much like how they depicted them in their Ancient art. These beings are huge, and they are also very vibrant and colorful. Many of them have the basic extraterrestrial form, with the elongated head, only not as extreme. It reminded me much of the shape of King Tut’s head. Their skin is of a light green with a lot of body art in many different arrays of colors, but mainly purple as that is the color of their civilization anthem.

Purple, is the color of their robes and also symbolic of their neighboring nebula, which is visible to them, where they are. The cloudy atmosphere, leaves some visual aspect of the nebula, which they call, Vicakiar (the throne of God). Their spiritual belief, is that all cosmic remnants come from Source, and the bigger of the gathering of remnants, the more “God” that is present. They believe that the structures which are not sentient, are more God like, because it is in a state of all-knowing, without having to vocalize this “all-knowing”. Basically, any celestial body, nebula, star or otherwise, is a God, and the bigger, the wiser. A God does not have to share the wisdom by speaking it, so their council of elders do not speak at all… This is to represent their “All knowing wisdom, and connection to the God that they chose to represent their planet. That would be the nearby nebula, Vicakiar. It is the holy throne of God, as they know it.
In this system, it made of energy beings. This means that they are not physical. To us, they would seem spiritual, or even unseen due to their vibration, just like it is difficult to see spirits here. But to them, they see one another just like we do. They exist on the frequency of 5D, and in their world, it is full of culture that is rich in the use of holographic technology. They, being so high in the vibration, have the realization that everything is just made up of molecules and particles of light, so they have mastered the use of it, and can beam themselves straight into your home, without you even knowing they are there. They of course, could reveal themselves if they wanted, but they know how scary it must be for a human to just one day turn, and see a huge being standing there. They do not want to frighten. However, I feel it is a bit of an invasion of privacy, and for people who are sensitive to energy, they would feel some kind of presence and still be afraid, so I think they should rethink that over.
Cassiopeians, as called on Earth, actually go by the name of  Eeivia (Yay-Vee-ya), and are very kind beings. They have a soft spot for any environment that is suffering, which is why they intently keep an eye on earth. The word has already gotten out, that they are joining many of the benevolent races to aid the planet Earth, but they never openly admitted it, for their own safety. The Eeivia race is one that helps one another, and have an energy that brings traits much like the Pleiadians, in kindness, compassion, and understanding, and the usage of mental telepathy. They also have their very own star language for their world too. But, their energy is not as light, and airy as the Pleiadian race is. Theirs is a bit, how do I explain this,… hot, and heavy. A feeling of monochopsis, is a better term, when a being of this race is nearby.
It could be likened to a person having a panic attack, for a human who comes into contact, because the vibration is so much higher than 3D, and they do come from a hot atmosphere. Their presence is so full of energy, that you would definitely feel like you were totally out of place. Like something was not right, and you did not belong. That was my first reaction when they came forward to channel with me. I had been noticing them for years, but since they made it a point to keep quiet, and unseen, although not unseen to me, LOL.. I just respected that. But I feel they started noticing that I noticed, but made no mention, and then this was confirmed in the channeling. I really liked their energy after getting comfortable.

They spoke of many things, even of some of the own, having come to Earth to be born here. They wanted to have some “insiders” so that they could communicate with them astrally, or in sleep (dream), and lead the person to want to take action. Some have tried to protest, some have tried to fund-raise, all in the name of their Cassiopeian (Eeivian) roots, spiritually.  They are fighters for justice, equality, love, and harmony for all here. I got to see some who were of this origin, and it was very surprising, because many of them do not even know that they are.  Some will never find out the truth.  Perhaps, they are not meant to.
The leader who visited, the leader of that team of projectors, as I call them,because that is exactly what they were doing, projecting their image to earth, he was very nice. It seemed more female to me at first, and since there is no physical indication of gender, I did not know right away, and I said to the being “ I am pleased to meet a beautiful female ambassador from Eeivia”. I was mortified when he said, ” I am a male”. Oh wow, I had thought I insulted him, but he knew why I assumed what I had, and we moved on quickly from it. He then went on to speak of alot of the plans for this world’s salvation, to come in the future, after the “death” cycle. All things must die to be reborn. So this shift, is all about that.

The next to come will be the renewal. Death can mean anything so do not get worried. It involves the death of the old ways of doing things. The death of views etc. Yes, physical death is included in their, but many of you will not have to worry about that. I am ensuring your safety each night when I channel to the higher ups.  It is the non-believers that must worry. Not, of punishment, but of learning, learning that there is a Creator, and a force behind it, that all creatures on earth are subjects to. Instead, many became subjects of the world instead.
The beings near Cassiopeia, because in actuality, the stars in the constellation are light years away in distance, so using the term Cassiopeia, is loose. It is generally to give you an idea of the whereabouts. In any case, this civilization is a huge empire, and they have many connections to many other races, as they work together, beaming in and out of one another’s environments. They meet to work out different idea not only for earth, but other realities that have a similar atmosphere. Negativity and disharmonic. They are the fighters of peace in the Universe.
As a starseed: the souls who were incarnated down from this place will be:
Strategic planners,having good insight of how to communicate with others, good speakers, with passion and deep meaning. They are loving, kind, and always for the people. They would do anything for anyone, giving all that they had even the shirt on their back to save others in times of hardship and despair. They are comforters, and compassionate people, who feel when someone else feels, and sees life through everyone else’s eyes. They love working in humanitarian areas, fundraising, charity, and activism. They are normally vegetarian, as in their home planet, they never ate meat, and it actually grosses them out to think of it.  They are educated in sociology because they have a longing to know about how people and society work, so they can get in there, and make changes. They would be community service volunteers, and volunteers for children and elderly people. They have a great mind for building organizations, and using proficient methods to assist and renew any given situation that needs relief. You would find one in a disaster relief situation trying to feed the hungry and rebuild the area and homes, for free. They are so very empathic, and sympathetic. They would naturally be tall, around 5’8 and 6 foot, even the females. Very thin and soft featured.
These Beings are a wonderful attribute to our existence here, because even though it is not their world, they care, and so do the human versions of them. They do not hate life or earth,because they realize that it can be beautiful once again with a little help. Optimistic, and outgoing, they attract people who need confidence and leadership. There are many races from all over, even a few at a time in other galaxies and star systems. The discovery never ends.

Felines in Orion

Many do not realize that here, yes it seems physical, the vibration fuses the molecules needed, to make the imagery of our avatar. Out there in stars, it will be either the same, or faster in vibration. Those who are faster in their vibration, will be higher in dimension. In that case, they will look spiritual, to humans.  Just like humans would look like a blown up balloon, to those in 2D. Scientific fact.
So, I always say everyone is spiritual, no matter what. Even here.. All consciousness is energy, energy holds intelligence. Even humans here, they are spirits, body and soul. The body is made up of neutrons, molecules, and atoms, even the so called matter, down to its molecules, is really energy. It is the vibration that makes it appear to be “physical”. In all stars, nebulas, and worlds, there is consciousness, consciousness is everywhere, and in everything… Orion is one of the places that has many souls too. 

Although I only ever hear the starseed communities speak about one or two races there, I have channeled countless souls from there, and including many races. Out of those recently, was a being from a feline race, called the Akinira. This being’s name was Gilnaputi-ak, and he did not even know of the ways of the humans yet. His race worked with many who have met humans earlier in history, but they never encountered one before. Some of their landscape looked alot like Ancient Egypt as many of the feline homes do, some of their architecture came from ideas implanted by the Arcturians who worked with the others in Orion’s, and Lyra’s celestialscape. He was amazed, as he was to speak with someone on Earth. Telling him I was not human, but an angelic, he did not understand how this all worked. 

Their culture is still not as advanced as the others, it is still growing. I explained to him, souls can choose to leave their planetary landscape, to incarnate elsewhere in the Universe. He wanted to know how. We shared many telepathic images of one another’s worlds. He was excited, and wanted to learn. He had asked me, if we as a people knew so much, then why was the earth in such a disarray? As I had shown him in the visions..? I told him, not all humans are enlightened, and that we are working towards trying to help them. He had some advice to give. He said “We may not be one of the most advanced races in the Universe, but we do know about unity, and using our deepest will, to manifest our dreams here. All one has to do, is have the courage to bring their hopes,into actions.” I was grateful for his words, and told him, I am trying to help people of earth to do that. 

Gilnaputi- Ak, is looking at Earth,  from an advanced viewpoint,  and he sees us as very technological, but at the same time, he feels this was misused, and that we have an advantage to fix this. Only, all of us who have influence, wisdom, and power, need to take a stand. That is what his people did, when another race tried to overthrow their planet. They fought together for it! We all need to do the same. But everyone who does have power and abilities, they compete, make cliques, and exclude one another out of ego, (a very nonstarseed, angelic view if you ask me), and they do not come together. Think of the power we could have to fix things, if we were more united like the race in Orion? 
In any case, what a nice race of beings. He showed me much,  And even though they may not have had the awareness that they could incarnate elsewhere, they have been doing it for eons. Many souls have come from this planet, to incarnate on earth, only no one was aware of it. That was because only certain starseed races were focused on. Now, I channel to bring some out in the open for others to learn. The Akinira are one in particular I thought to introduce. Kind, gentle, but courageous. They remind me of the Lyrans, but with a feel that is very loving and giving like the Pleiadians.