Gaia Starseeds

Greetings, and welcome.. You are very much appreciated, in your existence here…
I have not had much time, as it is Akasha time. Many around this time every summer, come for their records to be read. It is very time consuming indeed, but very exciting, and informative. I get to see all of the many souls, and their characters, and roles that they have had. I love this planet, and seeing the records over their time here on Earth, is an amazing journey. Like watching a movie of their entire journey! I get to even see those who lived in the Celestials, and even go  into the future. The future? Yes, you are a program as a consciousness, after all. it is the funnest thing to do, but lots of hard work. It reminded me though, that souls come from all over the Universe, even here. And, many of my clients requested I do a blog on Earth Souls. So here I am, taking a little break from my work, to provide insight.
 Many hear of the Starseeds, and Angelic incarnated soul types, and they see how our vibrations are pretty high. The movement that started the promotion of the incarnated soul types, misled others with their zodiac traits listed under the starseed names, and also in telling people their origins based on their birth charts when that soul will had a different birthday in each life. Each soul is unique, adding to the consciousness along its journey. They can not be classified into any group of traits, maybe generally, but ultimately each soul will be different. It is beautiful.
There will not be as many starseed and angels as many think or claim. They are a special soul type, here to provide assistance of some sort. All in a different way, while many think it is to become a lightworker or psychic healer, many will be animal doctors, human doctors, politicians who change the corrupt justice system, charity workers, health promoters, earth cleanup crews, and so much more. Like, people who counsel, heal others of their suffering and addictions, activists,  regular teachers who inspire in a different way, and spiritual teachers who teach the messages of the leaders before them. Angels, all will have their own unique message, different from anyone else. None the less, every role is important for the incarnated soul to fulfill to make changes in areas untouched for a long time. Thus, the need for them to seek who they are, and start fulfilling those goals of higher self.  but what about souls created here on earth? Since starseeds and angels are so high in vibration, I have many who came for a reading, and wanted to be a starseed or angel so badly, to fit into the high vibration category, and when they were told they were from Earth, they were disappointed. That is because people are seeing earth, only for the crime, violence, and corruption, in society, and not for the beauty that is the creation of the planet. Indeed, earth is a beautiful place minus all of that.
Light can be generated anywhere. Here on earth like in any planet, or realm, the energy forms, and is given an intelligence it will have to build on. Starseeds grow through learning in their star system, and then when they come to earth, incarnate on top of the earthly consciousness that was created between a man and woman. that consciousness is Earth Consciousness, to view this reality. In the genetics are codes, intelligence, personality traits. It is a soul, and it will act as the main conductor, until the traits of the starseed energy “wake up” and overide it. This is higher self consciousness starting to come through. But many discover their soul, not on their own, and they then try to start living by the traits, and this is not waking up, its trying to. When a person has all memory, facts and wisdom from their origins, as well as their personality fully conforming to their starseed self, that is a full awakening to self.  They change completely, totally, and they live as a divine being here. No more duality, no more negativity, no more earth view. They no longer are the old earth self, and have the full truth and nothing but according to how they now see earth. Not just in a way that they see whats going on, but in the fact that they see what earth really looks like. A new sight and appearance. They awaken to the powers within, and their entire lives completely change, living the divine will of higher self, no longer struggling in this world.  This helps them to be the powerful creator of their own lives, and doing it through interests, and will, that is nothing at all like their human self. The wisdom, is unparalleled. Much of the time, the earth soul programming i genetics can overide the starseed program, due to it being denser than their origins. The rulers of earth also make sure this happens so as not lose any ounce of light that is present here. Many struggle with this.
But what of the souls made here? The intelligence that did not have the starseed energy incarnate on top of it? Those who were created here, without any mass of energy from somewhere else, they are Earth Souls. Some created and sent into this environment right away to grow. Some who came into existence within the joining of two lovers. And some having been fairies or elementals, who wanted human life, but none the less of earth origin. there are 7 layers to this world. Each is full of spiritual bodies who come together to make this beautiful planet the larger soul that it is. The souls of Gaia. These souls are special too. Without earth, everything would be out of balance. The earth contains special codes needed for 3D life, not always available outside of this matrix. To us we are physical, but in reality just light atoms. So are the other beings out there. Just in a faster vibration. but the see each other as you and I do here, only to us, they would be spiritual. Different perceptions, in different realities, and to the inhabitants.
Earth souls, are wonderful. They may have more focus on the material level, but one who is in connection with their spirituality, will be down to earth, calm, serene, and very fun. They have great sense of humors, and if reincarnating for a long time, can be full of such an ancient wisdom from the history of earth here. Earth souls in touch with their spirituality, are generous, giving, and have a sweet nature. They love having fun, but understanding truth too. They somehow learn to combine their spirituality, with the every day life here. They see the meanings in life, but live it to the fullest using all that earth has to offer. They love fashion, dining, dancing, entertainment, and following the major trends out there to stay up to date. These are beings who love the idea of falling in love, and enjoy intimacy. They love being wanted. They also seek out ways to enjoy the places on this planet, through being on a hike, or at the beach. They also love being a homebody, relaxing with their loved ones, and are very family oriented. You would see them organizing some event for a reunion or Barbecue, birthday party, or anniversary, and having fun with it. They are very connected to nature, family, and home, but love seeing the wide outdoors, and experiencing life here on many levels. Some have even been the foundation for earth changes too. Even though JFK had an AB negative blood type, he did not have the angelic soul to activate it fully. His energy was created here, and meant to be used for the agenda of the rulers. But his earthly soul, went with his humanitarian nature, and started trying to make sweeping changes. He told the truth. Secret Societies Speech. Those of earth can make so many changes, with the ancient wisdom within themself from their journey here. newer souls made, will still need help. They will lack focus, and need redirection, some will be a little slower picking up on things especially if the society around suppresses them with subliminal messages, and controlled atmospheres such as what has been built around us by the rulers and their human leaders.
Most souls here, are of earth origin. But a lot of them have been conjuring demonic souls, to enter for power. That is in Hollywood though. Most of the earth souls are going along with everything unknowing. But many who do have a deeper spiritual side, are starting to wake up to awareness too. Once they do, you see the ancient wisdom come to life. They are just as intelligent, and with a starseed or angelic teacher, their soul can evolve to the next level. They care for earth, the people, and getting the most out of life. They feel the magic within this planet all around them. It is a beautiful origin to have. with those who are sleepily following the leadership of society, they will continue to do so for sometime. But those int ouch with their deeper side, will grow and get to the next level within, helping these souls to finally have a chance to ascend.
Those with earth origin can also be healers, and they can also have psychic abilities based on their connected intuition. While it may not be information outside of the matrix, it is powerful once developed, and the information can be just as useful, especially to those growing too, needing to start from earth level and work their way up. 3D is one of the lowest dimensions, but the soul within will adapt to the 4D time and open space. they love animals, they fight for humanitarianism, and they are pure according to their inner souls once spiritually living, but they have more of a fun, down to earth, way of presenting themselves in this way. They will also have wisdom or interest in , crystals of the earth, and herbals. anything that grows naturally here, of the energy of this beautiful soul called earth. but as you can see, anyone spiritual has similar interests too. But the awakened starseeds and angels will have knowledge and power beyond that, that is the only difference.
For those who are not spiritually awake, they will find themselves living life entirely according to earth’s ways, programmed to society. Money, shopping, dining out, buying the latest clothing, or technology, and keeping p with the trends, will all be present. They will be in a daze over their phones, TV, and many gadgets. They will care about what is hip out there, and be involved in some of the music that has direct subliminal messages or straight messages, and ignore them. They will be conformed to how life is going in this world, and when there is sexual immorality, they will condone it. They change as society changes.  The haze of fast change in the ways of life here in society, seem normal, and they morph with it, as you can see in older generations who would have never condoned the behaviors this day in age, but seem to be blinded to it now.  Spiritually active Earth Souls, they enjoy the fun that create in it, but they know balance. They have fun, but stay true to their spirituality, and their inner souls. Most of them now, are trying to
I hope you all see, that no matter where you come from, you are beautiful, and as long as you are aware, and seeking spiritually, you have the chance as well as anyone else to grow. It may take a little time, but you can get there too, and be proud of coming from this beautiful Star called Earth. One day, earth will be as it was meant to. And, those who are originating from here, will get to enjoy what they were meant to.
Wondering what soul you are?

Maldek Starseeds

Maldek ran itself into the ground. Picture earth 1,000 years from now, war, nuclear warfare, and survivors in underground bunkers, thinking they are safe from harm. Maldek was ran by light beings who had all knowing wisdom and knowledge. At one time, angels stayed they as a base in between of incarnations, and missions. Maldek is old.  Truthfully, it was there long before Pleiades. The beings there had love unconditionally, and have been greatly misunderstood. It was another group of beings that infiltrated their planet, and tried to take complete domination of the place. The souls in Maldek , fought for their existence, and lost. They had the same technology, but had to much love to actually use it on the other group. So, the other group used it on them. They took off, leaving Maldek to explode into pieces. The consciousness burst into particles too. That means that many souls from Maldek have parts of themselves scattered across the Universe.
That is alot of trauma to go through, and it will not fade away in a few lifetimes. They carry that with them. They always feel lost, and want to go home, but never know where home is, because the back of their consciousness knows that, home is gone. They go through life, feeling like they had a twin, or feeling lost and separated from the family that they incarnated into. they never feel a sense of belonging. They are saddened souls, and seem to be gloomy and hurting, but never know why. They get diagnosed with manic depression and anxiety disorder without cause because of the symptoms.
They often incarnate as archaeologists, to seek anything from their kind that has been left all over this planet, as alot of them came here. They will have had lifetimes here in hot areas, deserts, and especially ancient Egypt.
They have wisdom, and never have to read a book. They will already know what everything is about, which is why they get bored here so very easily. They are strong willed, stubborn, and stay off into the backgrounds of places to observe others. They are outgoing, but most of the time they try to be quiet as not to miss anything. They are also very untrusting, and will not have many relationships in life. They rarely settle down, and when they do, it is with one person, that they feel will understand them, Then, it will be for life. They have a raw sense of humor, and are a bit slap stick crude. Laughter is what heals, and these souls will laugh at anything. Especially acting really silly to entertain themselves. Although they have a good nature, and are the type that would do anything for anyone, they do have a darker side to them.  People like them, but they do not like other people. They are loners, but seem to be well known and outgoing around others. They are secretive, not allowing anyone in, to see their true colors, except those who are just like them. They are great at lying, but not to be a bad person, it is their mechanism of coping, by not letting anyone know what they truly think or feel.
They are quite happy being alone. But, they are not the forgiving type. If someone crosses them, they will be sure to get their vengeance at some point. They have ties into the magical arts, but never disclose that to anyone, just like they keep more of their true self hidden. They are thought o be more on a negative vibration, seeming to mope, and put up their defenses easily.  Based on what happened to their home and the entities that destroyed it, they will always feel like someone is against them. They feel like they do not belong, and are so outspoken at times, that they can actually be hurtful unintentionally.
A Maldekian Soul can lie to you looking you dead on in the eyes, and even if you knew it was a lie, it would have been so good that you would want to believe it. They do not like work, or learning, because they already know basically everything. They also hate being told how to do something. They like night hours, and dim lights and have an attraction to the paranormal especially vampires, and other supernatural creatures. They are also energy vampires too even if they do not realize it.
The souls from Maldek, just need some love, even though they will push it away when someone tries and tries. It is because no earthly thing can fulfill the part of them that is missing. They are inner poets, with a very deep place, that may feel empty, but they are not as empty as some would think. They have a missing place, but this can be easily filled with love and reassurance, in showing how important they are to the family that they are in. They may not express affection. They are not the types to like hugs or acts of  affection. They do feel better with verbal affection though..

Draco Starseeds

I have said many times,not all Reptilians, Dragons, or Insectoid species are bad as many try to say. So I did stick up for these races many times, and it is true, not all are bad. In my previous article I was speaking on many of the negative traits of the Rebel race from a planet called Lifgaria in the constellation, (which is not even a constellation after all as the stars and planets are far from one another), but many of these “channelers” do not really know, so they assume there is only one place these souls come from. I had said how many of these Lifgarian souls incarnate in very powerful, abusive positions on earth, And it is true, who do you think besides fallen angels are running things here? The Lifgarians are mixed with Insectoids, Reptilian like races, and Dragons. Ones that were abused themselves in experiments and who make history repeat itself, by doing the same in their home, and then come to earth to try to regain power in a human world. But, yes, not all dragon, reptilian or insect races are bad. I have met many from Draco even (there are many places in the Universe that contain similar races too,not just Draco) but the ones that I have channeled from Draco had very specific energies, not all are the same, but very similar. Some of the other Draco souls are:
1. Intelligent
2. Analytical
3. Confident (not all)
4. Very assured and motivated
5. Successful
6. Good at reading others
7. Good at being very persuasive
8. Directly spoken, blunt and charismatic
9. Witty, and Clever
10.Strong willed
11.Have Predominant personalities
13.Sometimes long for more emotional fulfillment
14.Full of ancient wisdom
15.Good at building things
16.Absorb info quickly
17.Highly observant (nothing gets past them and they are not naive or foolish)
18.Very organized, calculated and strategic
19.Good story tellers, and entertaining to others,
20.Positive attention grabbers.
Draco starseeds are good scientists, mathematicians, politicians, actors, and engineers… Many even go on to become professors in ancient history, Those are a few of the Draconian traits, and very true according to those I have known… But those from Lifgaria, have an opposite side of traits as they are more on the malevolent side…
Lifgarians are:
1. Cunning, sly
2. Good at lying, so good that they sound true
3. Dominating and controlling
4. Assert power in order to get ahead
5. Calculated and sometimes very self absorbed
6. Compelling to meet their ends
Those who encounter a Lifgarian soul feel overpowered by their personality right away,and often fall into doing things for them when they ask, almost trance like. They go on to become politicians, huge bankers, military commanders, and politicians, as well but use it for a negative agenda.. I have even met many who do nothing with their lives, but manipulate others to get by.. I have a dragon as my spirit animal, so I know that they are not all bad. Many clients of mine, also have a dragon in their totem.  I know them to be wise, and powerful souls.
None of this is being said to offend anyone. It is only what I know of the Lifgarians, I personally have nothing against any soul, as I have said, just to make it clear. This article is not to put down, but simply to inform.. But yes,not all souls from Draco are this way, not even all of them from Lifgaria, only some of the Lifgarians. Draco souls have alot of strong,positive traits that can be used to build the planet backup with their very deep sense of wisdom. I wanted to make this clear, so that no one would feel hurt or confuse my purpose or intent of the article, Now everyone has traits from both, with double the information…Many should have known that there are many places out there, and anyone knowing me for the sweet person I am, I would never deliberately target anyone.However, as with anything before enlightenment, there is contrast.  There are many misconceptions out there on these races.
Some have said that they are the Anunaki. Some have said that they come Alpha Centauri. neither, are true. Draconians originated in a place that is located in Orion. Some of them.. Orion has many types of species within their home star system.

Eridanus Starseeds

The trouble with many sources of information, is that they do not have all of the information about other places out there. They also do not inform or educate people, on what these places truly look like, their real names etc. They simply go with whatever information is out there from others, a domino effect of deception. Here I am, giving it all I got. Simply to inform you all. 
One of the races out there, are the Eridanian Star seeds, or Star lights better yet.. These soul types are souls who come from a beautiful place in the stars. This is an Elven star system, called the River in the sky, but in truth each star is light years away from the other. Humans here only refer to it by the name based on astronomical names, given by other humans. The Eridanus Star system is 144 light years away form earth, and was held so sacred in Greek Mythology because the beings who rule that system, were also giants, They named a river after it. Two places inhabited there, are near the stars Epsilon Eridani, and  Isilari Eridani. Both have a twin star, which they both act as a sun to orbit.
Both of these places, house an Elven race, of magic, power, sportsmanship, athletics, much of what you saw inspired in the Greek Mythology. The culture was inspired by the Eridanian beings, only  on Earth, they were called the Olympians, and Titans to the people due to the power, huge size, and supernatural ability.Some of the known Titans were angels and deities, who were often confused with Anunaki, and Eridanian Souls. However, the Eridanian  got tired of being so huge in size, when they visited earth,  that they wanted to be like the humans. This was so that they could interact, to be a part of society, not above it. They sent down souls to incarnate. The consciousness there is so strong though, that they would need to make bloodlines to do this, so many of the beings in high power positions, sent down seeds of life into humans, incarnating souls first in those they chose to carry the star seedling. This would embed into the genetics once the consciousness aligned in incarnation. They thought these to be Demi Gods.  They weren’t. They were simply just strong, energetic star seeds. They were some, who had their human mother picked for them, by their family in Eridanus of high ranks, within the world. They have a government there, much like on earth with Kings Queens, Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Lords, and also an army with commanders. There isn’t a whole lot of violence. Actually it is quite peaceful. However, at times they do have some issues with family fighting against one another for the powers. 
Yes, they have families, and alot of mythical creatures, some like animals of earth mixed with another. It is a whole other world after all, with different species. Some of the stories, are from the Eridanians using these creatures, or the fact that some of the creatures also exist in spirit realms Eridanians are made of energy to us, but to them, their world is very physical. A beautiful kingdom, in which only those who come from there as star lights or star seeds,  In regards to how they started here, they have been building the consciousness in the DNA, by incarnating into a certain bloodline for eons. However, some wanted a basic life and incarnated in normal families. They wanted to have enough privilege and power in their homes. There are alot of fairies there too. Some of those also chose to come here.
Eridanian Star seeds Traits
 Traits will vary, as all souls are unique:
1. Active
2. Lack focus from the want to do many things
3. Very smart on their own, figure things out quickly
4. Intuitive, pick up on things fast
5. Love sports
6. Adventurous
7. Funny
8. Loyal to those they see as family and friends
9. Sensitive to hurt or rejection
10. Very honest
11. Have an energy to where people feel their importance
12. An interest in Greek Mythology, when they get older as it reminds them somewhat of home
13. Like to learn and build with their hands
14. Love animals.
15. Very quiet, observatory
16. Have an interest in magical, supernatural, and paranormal things
17. Very caring
18. Protective
19. Loners
20. Look for someone to bond with who can advise in their lives, as many have a life adviser in Eridanus
21. Good at math but hate it
22. Like the snow as there is alot of snowy months there in Eridanus
23. Like anything that causes exileration, spontaneous
24. Strong, female or male, they have inner and outer strength.
25. Free spirited
26. Can withdraw under pressure
27. Have an older intelligence, even as a kid it seems like you are talking to an adult
28. Men are respectful to women as they value women alot in Eridanus, but they have a taste for different types, they end up settling down with brunettes
 Women will be respectful and obedient to any husband that they have, 
29. Strong willed, but passive to those they love
30. Poetic, imaginative, and romantic
31. Often have imaginative worlds as children that include magical things.
32. In adulthood, they often feel a little superior, as they can see people differently than other normal humans do.
33. Practical jokers for the most part, in the incarnated males,
 females are very serious minded and logical.
These are the general traits, and they do seem to appear in the incarnated Eridanians that I have worked with, and channeled. They are a great people to channel too, as they give a rich history of the ancient worlds. Some of the secrets of their home origins and planetary environment, are revealed in my akasha readings. In their world, they have another name. It isn’t called Eridanus to them. In their culture, the planet is called Iradel, and their main city was called Olyvian. Humans ended up calling the city, Olympus. That is what they named their mountain, that they claimed the Eridanians were from. Since they always saw them descend from Mt. Olympus, when they visited Earth.They could not speak their language, Without knowing their language, they had to call it something here on Earth, The early humans called it, Olympus, instead of Olyvian. It is not pronounced as it is spelled. In light language, it would be pronounced as Ya-ve-on.
Are you from Olyvian aka Eridanus? Find out today-
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