Alpha Centaurian Starseeds

These people are very complicated. They know it too! A true Alpha Centaurian will know exactly what I mean. They constantly change their minds, and they will have a love/hate relationship with people. That is because at one time their planet was over taken by entities that enslaved them, so they seem to think that … Continue reading Alpha Centaurian Starseeds

Sirian Starseed Traits

The Sirians are an alternative bunch. They are very different from the other starseeds, because they have so many mixed traits. I have known Sirians to be the types of energies that seek truth, but they seem to fall into this denial of it when they come across it. They want to have an answer … Continue reading Sirian Starseed Traits

Cygnus Starseed Traits

Cygnus is a star system that many do not hear about. Nope. Everyone is wrapped up in being the best of the best, which they think are the Lyrans, Arcturians. Angels, and Pleiadians. All of them are awesome, because they are all expansions of the teachings there.  Cygnus is a difficult energy to be around. … Continue reading Cygnus Starseed Traits

Pleiadian Starseed Traits

Ah, the Pleiadians. The ancient knowledge of unconditional love comes forth from this place in the stars. Taygeta, full of it's blue light, and consciousness of the angels, shines down into Erra for all of the souls there to know love, not in the physical pink ray, but in the divine blue. Like I said, many … Continue reading Pleiadian Starseed Traits

Andromedan Energy- The Traits

The Andromedans are a highly intelligent people, As are, any being that is not 3D. They are most of a spiritual nature, I will not go any further into detail. But, their appearance is off radar, no one here, ever really being able to define their appearances because they chamoflauge themselves into any species that … Continue reading Andromedan Energy- The Traits

Eeivia Starseeds- Cassiopeia

More Cassiopeia Star BeingsThe Cassiopeia star beings, are rather different than many would think. Even though the Greeks named the constellations after their gods, their Gods do not look much like how they depicted them in their Ancient art. These beings are huge, and they are also very vibrant and colorful. Many of them have … Continue reading Eeivia Starseeds- Cassiopeia

Eiharean Starseeds- Gliese

Now that I am covering a lot of the star races, I have come to noticed that there are so many left, that have not been revealed. Recently, I have traveled many different star systems for wisdom. I know that many do not want to accept these new places, because they are not in the … Continue reading Eiharean Starseeds- Gliese

Lyran Mermaids

The Fistarians, out there in the Lyran Star System, a water world. In this water world, is a race of mermaid people. They live in a beautiful world, with floating islands, and underground caverns that they can swim through and live in.. Sustaining their life, on a life giving fruit that grows up.. High up … Continue reading Lyran Mermaids